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Sodha famly Tree

Sodha famly Tree

Posted: 25 Mar 2000 2:54AM GMT
Edited: 14 Jan 2002 8:44AM GMT
I am sending this message out on an impulse to get to know some of the Sodhas around the world. I have travelled a bit around Europe and North America and have looked up the local phone directories to see if there were any Sodhas around. Guess what, there is generally one in every country. Wouldn't it be nice if we had access to names and ancestory of all of them to see how far we have come along the branches of the family tree. Who knows, when you visit Norway, you can come and see me. Iknow there is only us in Norway.

Kind regards,

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Mounesh (View posts)
Posted: 6 Dec 2001 10:50PM GMT
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My name is Mounesh Sodha, I live in Los Angeles, Cali...



Re: Sodha famly Tree

Anand Sodha (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jan 2002 5:56AM GMT
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Hi Naren,
you are putting great effort to build history of Sodha family.
I belong to Lohana comunity.Our forfathers were from village Dhanfulia, near Junagadh.
Let me know if I can contribute in your task.


Re: Sodha famly Tree

Posted: 14 Jan 2002 8:49AM GMT
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Thank you for your response.

So far, I have is an immediate faily tree going back to my great grandfather. I am afraid even that is not quite complete as the younger generation keeps multiplying and it is difficult to keep track.

I am open to how we can improve. Any ideas?

P.S Is your dad's name Naval?

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Ravi Sodha (View posts)
Posted: 26 Nov 2003 10:36AM GMT
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Hello Naren, I am Ravi Sodha from Switzerland, born in Tanzania. I have Sodha history going back to my father's grandfather with a complete tree. We are from Dhrafa, near Jam Jodhpur. I also have a first cousin in the US who is Naren Sodha!

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Mukesh Sodha (View posts)
Posted: 18 Dec 2003 3:29PM GMT
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Surnames: Sodha

I am Mukesh Trambaklal Bhurabhai Tulsi Sodha. Now in Birmingham UK.

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Neha Sodha (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jan 2005 7:25PM GMT
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Hi, We are related. Naren Sodha is my uncle. I am Jennifer Neha Sodha, daugher of Natwarlal Sodha. My father was also born in Tanzania. You said you have a family tree, would you be able to send that to me?

Neha Sodha

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Ravi Sodha (View posts)
Posted: 14 Dec 2005 10:20AM GMT
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Hi Neha.
Indeed we are related!
This is what I have:
There was one Devji --- Sodha born in Dhrafa, near Jamnagar Gujrat, India. sometime early 1800s
Devji had several sons: Amongst them were
Mulji Devji, born 1847
Ravji Devji DOB unknown
Praghji Devji DOB unknown
Vasanji Devji DOB unknown
I think there was one more but I don't know the details.
Mulji Devji had two sons
Jivan Mulji born DOB 1903 (my Dad!)
Bhagwanji Mulji DOB 1908 (your grandfather)
Jivan Mulji had the following childen
Lilavatiben DOB 1928 (now deceased; she had 5 children all alive)
Dhirajlal DOB 1932 (now decreased. He had 3 children all alive)
Muktaben DOB 1934 (living in UK; 3 children)
Arunaben DOB 1936 (living in California; 2 children)
Jayendra DOB 1945 (living in India one child)
Urmila DOB 1947 (living in UK - no children)
Saroj DOB 1949 (deceased; 2 children)
Neela DOB 1950 (living in Ohio; 2 children)
Ravi DOB 1953 (living Switzerland, 2 children)
Bhagwanji Mulji had several children
Labhuben DOB unknown (living Tanzania 2 children)
Muktaben DOB unknwn (living Kenya 3 children)
Narottam DOB unknon (living UK, 1 child)
Manjulaben DOB unknown (living UK one child)
Lakhiben DOB unknwn (living UK 2 children)
Natwarlal DOB unknown(living USA; 1 child)
Naren FDOB unknown (living USA 1 child)
Rashmiben DOB 1950 (living UK, 1 child)
I hope I have not forgotten anyone!
Dhirajlal Jivan (i.e. my elder brther) has 1 son Bhavesh
Bhavesh DOB 1966 has one son Harsh DOB 1998.
I hope this is useful.
Best wishes

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Posted: 17 Oct 2007 12:50PM GMT
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Surnames: sodha
Hi there. my name is rupin sodha and i'm from leicester in the uk.
I want to construct my family tree and therefore thought it would be good to speak to some sodha's around the world to collect some date.

any details about your family and where they came from in india would be good.

i have my fathers name, granfathers name and great granfathers name.

they came from a village in india near Shapur.

Re: Sodha famly Tree

Posted: 8 May 2008 11:11PM GMT
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Surnames: sodha
hi rupin,
am dipen sodha and also looking for some details of my born and brought in east africa where as my dad in africa too.its true that we have our ancestor in shapur but to be honest weare basically from mendeda , a small place near junagadh and very near to shapur too. so iu can really be help ful to mee i ould be glad to find more people too.
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