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Sarah Sreenan m. Edward J. Brennan

Sarah Sreenan m. Edward J. Brennan

Cathy (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2000 7:13PM GMT
Sarah Sreenan/Shreenan married Edward J. Brennan, probably in Albany NY in 1870's-1880's. Part of the family later moved to California, other part moved to Missouri. I have much information about some of their children, but would like more.

Mary SREENAN, of Glasgow, Scotland,

Jane Dumont (View posts)
Posted: 30 Jul 2000 8:04PM GMT
This information came from the Somebody's Link, a part of the Roots Web "Missing Links" newsletter. This is not my line but it could be yours!

o My sister's neighbor left her a Bible that she would like to place with someone who would appreciate it. The Bible was
printed in 1884 and has ornate gold tooled leather, metal latches, many pictures, and is very large and heavy. It contains family information about Charles WIGMORE, of Homestead, Pennsylvania, and Mary SREENAN, of Glasgow, Scotland, who were married 11 September 1883 and had children whose names and birth dates are listed.
Janene States

Re: Sarah Sreenan m. Edward J. Brennan

Posted: 9 Oct 2002 5:30AM GMT
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Edited: 4 Mar 2003 4:41AM GMT
I know of a Jack Sreenan out in California, Lake Tahoe area. I am granddaughter of Pete and Irene Sreenan of Beloit Wisconsin. I know their parents came over from Ireland, through New York. James Joeseph Sreenan is my father.( He had brothers, Ed, Pat(Hugh), Jack, Joe, and one sister Katy Ann) I am the youngest of 5 daughters, and have an identical twin sister. I believe all with the name Sreenan are related? I personally don't know of Sarah, but have extensive family here in the Chicago area, and may be able to get some info.

post of Mary Margaret Sreenan

Posted: 24 Nov 2002 4:21AM GMT
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Edited: 7 Mar 2003 3:28AM GMT
Surnames: Sreenan
Where in Ireland did your Sreenan grandparents live?
My Mother Anna Sreenan was from Newbliss, Co Monaghan.
Born in 1904 to Hugh Sreenan and Katherine McKevitt Sreenan. immigrated through NY in 1929.

Re: post of Mary Margaret Sreenan

Posted: 25 Nov 2002 5:54PM GMT
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Edited: 4 Mar 2003 4:41AM GMT
I believe it was my Great, great grandparents that came over from Ireland, although I don't know from what area, or what date. My Grandparents, Irene Heagney and Pete Sreenan were from Darlington Wisconson, (both died before I was born in 1964) and grandpa Pete's parents were also from Darlington, Wisconson. My father was born in 1923, and passed in September of 1998. My fathers sister, KatyAnn Porter, of Janesville wisconson (passed in February of 1999) had done a geneology study of our family, and sent us a copy. We will try to locate it, and pass it on to you. I believe all Sreenans are related, and it is great to be able to communicate this way.
Sincerely, Mary M. Sreenan

Re: post of Mary Margaret Sreenan

Posted: 26 Nov 2002 1:53AM GMT
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Edited: 7 Mar 2003 3:28AM GMT
Surnames: Sreenan
Thanks. Peter is a family name. Mom's brother Peter Sreenen was in the Guarda in Co Sligo. He was born in Monaghan. Grandfather Hugh had a brother who moved to Cork. I believe he was Peter also.

Re: post of Mary Margaret Sreenan

Posted: 29 Dec 2002 8:17AM GMT
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Edited: 30 Dec 2002 3:14AM GMT
Surnames: Sreenan

I was doing a search for "Sreenan" on the web and found your posting. I was very excited to see it. Sreenan is a very unusual name (even at home in Ireland).
My father is James Sreenan who was born in AghaBog Co. Monaghan in 1919. I believe his father was called "Patick Sreenan". My grandfather passed away when my dad was only 6.

Patrick Sreenan (My grandfather) had 5 brothers and 2 sisters.
The boys were named Hugh,Michael,Thomas, Edward and Peter.
The girls were Ellen &Mary.

I know Hugh married a McKevitt girl.
Peter Sreenan moved to Cork and had a shoe shop because my dad tells me that his uncle would kindly send him shoes every Christmas.

My maiden name is Geraldine Sreenan. I was born in Ireland in 1970 and moved to the USA in 1996.
My Father just turned 83 and my mother 71, I go home to visit them in Co. Kildare at least once a year !!
I myself got married a year ago and went home to Ireland to celebrate.

Re: Mary SREENAN, of Glasgow, Scotland,

Posted: 1 Mar 2005 5:07PM GMT
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I have just recently joined and I am building a family tree for my wife. Her mother is Agnes Sreenan b1918 in Glasgow. Agnes's father was Hugh Sreenan b1872 in County Monaghan, Ireland and Hugh's father was James Sreenan born abt.1851 and married to Catherine McPhillips.
I believe that James had a brother called John Sreenan b1870. Their father was either a Hugh or Patrick Sreenan.

Agnes is the youngest of six daughters: Mary, Catherine, Ella, Jean, Margaret (Peggie) and Agnes.

Could this be the same family?


Bobby Whitelock

Re: Sarah Sreenan m. Edward J. Brennan

Posted: 31 Mar 2005 1:06PM GMT
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Tthomas, John, James, and Edward Brennan, brothers moved to the St Louis area in about 1865-1870 from New York. Several of the brothers worked for rail road companies.

John later moved to Pittsburg Kansas and had a son named Edward. Does this fit with your information?

Re: Sarah Sreenan m. Edward J. Brennan

cburdt (View posts)
Posted: 5 Apr 2005 1:51AM GMT
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Surnames: Sreenan, Bohres, Brennan
These sound like the same family members. I have some additional information if interested.
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