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Swartzfager family

Swartzfager family

Jen Swartzfager (View posts)
Posted: 29 Apr 2000 3:29PM GMT
I am looking for any information on my family. I do know that they are from the Clarion area. My grandmother's name is Doris Swartzfager( I think her maden name was Wolford) her husband was John Swartzfager. they had 7 children, one was William Thomas, who is my father. I don't know much about my family and that is why i am asking for any information you might have.
thanks, Jen.


Posted: 3 May 2000 5:50PM GMT
Edited: 29 Nov 2001 7:47AM GMT

My great grandmother was Mary Magdalena Swartzfager, died in Elk (Clarion Co) in February 1870. She was married to Michael Kiser. So far I can't find any more relations to her, nor can I find her grave. I know where Michael is buried, but she is not on the marker.

There is another group of Swartzfager's in Elk, but they are not related to me. I also am having difficulty finding them.

I don't remember the name Wolford in my line, but I'll look, just in case.

Good luck.

Linda Kiser Miller


Vi (View posts)
Posted: 5 May 2000 11:15PM GMT
I have been looking for Swartzsfager for so long and I could not even find the name any were just when I thought the name had been lost all together I found this tonight on the message board. It was so good to see this name pop up!!!! I will start with my grandfather Andrew Lee Matney his mother Frances Fern Swartzsfager born in 3-11-1888 in Tacoma, Wastington died 9-10-1943 in Jacksonville, Or. Her father William M. Swartzsfager born 4-6-1842 in Northfield, Minn. died 9-27-1935 in Klamath Falls, Or. his wife Chatlotte LeRue. William M. Swaetzsfager's father John Wm. Swartzsfager and mother Marg Straighter? This is all I know about them or the LeRue. I hope we can help each other out and to find what we are looking for!! I hope to hear from you!! Thank-you Vi


Vi (View posts)
Posted: 5 May 2000 11:56PM GMT
I was happy to see Swartzsfager on the message board tonight. I thought this name was lost. I will have you the run down on my Swartzsfager's. I will start with my grandfather Andrew Lee Matney his mother Frances Fern Swartzsfager born in 3-11-1888 in Tacoma, Washington died 9-10-1943 in Jacksonville, Or. her father William M. Swartzsfager born 4-6-1842 in Northfield, Minn. his wife Charlotte LeRue. John Wm. Swartzsfager married Marg. Straighter. This is all I know on them. I hope we can help each other to find what we are looking for!! I hope to hear from you soon!! Thank-you Vi


Posted: 6 May 2000 1:03PM GMT
Edited: 29 Nov 2001 7:47AM GMT
Hi Vi,

I only know of one Swartzfager, my ggrandmother Mary Magdalena, who married my ggrandfather, Michael Kiser, about 1860. They lived in Clarion, PA area (Elk, Shippenville). She died in February 1870. She is listed on the 1870 Clarion Census according to another researcher. They had 4, possibly 5 children: Clara, Priscilla, William Jackson, and my grandfather Henry Edward. There could have been another child born in 1869 (Martha). There are other Swartzfager's in Clarion (some in the cemetery), but they are supposedly no relation.

Any help would be appreciated.



Vi (View posts)
Posted: 6 May 2000 5:44PM GMT
Hi Linda, Could you please e-mail to me the other names you have that are in Clarion cemetery? Do you know if any of your Swartzsfager family went to Oreg? For William M. Swartzsfager children were C.G. Swartzsfager of ashland, Or., J.W. Swartzsfager of Kalsmath Falls, Or. and Fannie Swartzsfager Matney of Ruch, Or. On his death Certificate it tell's his father and mother's name,but no place of birth. This is all I have on them. I hope to hear from you again soon!! Maybe we can together with this Swartzsgater name and maybe just maybe we can come up with something on this lost family!! Vi


Posted: 7 May 2000 8:35PM GMT
Edited: 29 Nov 2001 7:47AM GMT
I only have a few pictures of Swartzfager tombstones:

Nelson B. Swartzfager, b. 1878, d. 1913.
C.C. Swartzfager, b. 1840, d. 1905; and his wife Esther A., died January 20, 1897 aged 53 yrs, 7 mos and 6 days.

If I go back to the same cemetery in June or if I see any others, I'll take photos and names.

My Mary Swartzfager died in Feb 1870 in Elk, but I can't even find her tombstone. She may be buried with her husband, Michael, but she's not on his tombstone.


Vi (View posts)
Posted: 7 May 2000 9:06PM GMT
Thank-you for this information on the Swarzsfager's. I will onmpile this information that you sent to me with my Swartzsfager file. That would be great when you go back to the same cemetery that you get names and pictures of the tombstones!!!! Did you get in contected with the people that take care of the burial sit they do keep records, maybe you could find her that way. Did I send to you my Swartzsfager family information? If not let me know. Could you snail mail me just a copy or do you have a scanner that you can e-mail pictures? I have a scanner, but I do not have it hooked up as of yet. It will be nice when I do! I do have some pictures of Swartzsfager family that my mom give to me. I hope to hear from you again! Thank-you Vi


Jamie (View posts)
Posted: 13 Jun 2000 9:32PM GMT
My mothers maiden name was Swartzfager.
Her Parents where Kenneth Helen Swartzfager of Oil City Pa.
Kenneth's parents where Martin Ida Swartzfager.
My family was from in and around clarion Co. If this is the same family
please, please let me know if you find them in your this has become a dead end for me at this time.
Thanks so much, Jamie
Posted: 18 Nov 2000 11:01AM GMT
Edited: 21 Oct 2002 5:08AM GMT
I have a book by Jean Houpt that details a few of the Clarion County Swartzfager branches. Jean has Kenneth listed as the son of Martin B. Swartsfager and Ida Best. Martin's parents are listed as Daniel H. Swartsfager (b. 11-19-1853, d 5-3-1931) and Willimenia (Minnie) Detrich (b. 1854, d. 11-6-1938), buried in Phipps Cemetery, Ashland Twp., Clarion County. Daniel's parents are listed as Francis Swartsfager (b. 3-25-1813 in Germany, died 12-28-1888 in PA) and Jerusha (b. 10-5-1818 in PA, died 4-5-1878).

From my own research, I believe Jerusha's maiden name to be Huffman (based on Daniel H.'s death certificate). I believe Francis' father to be Charles, based on census records.
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