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Scottish Clan Research and Events

Scottish Clan Research and Events

Posted: 7 Dec 2001 11:38PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: MacNeil
Dear All:

The purpose of this message board is to provide information
on the Scottish Clan. Surname Research should still be
posted on the Surname message board or mailing list.
The Clan mailing list and message boards are gatewayed
together so this message will be relayed over to the mailing
list This Clan board and mailing list are intended to cover
subjects that would normally be considered off topic in the

We used the list from the “Great Hall of the
Clans” as our guide to the Clan list. The Lord Lyon has
referenced this site from their site so it has some degree
of acceptance from an official source. That was also the
guide to the spellings of the Clan name.

The Clan mailing list and Clan message boards are
for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest
in the Scottish Clan and their Septs. Acceptable Topics
include searches for Clan ancestors; discussions
of Clan history, culture, food, language, coats of arms,
tartans, and major events that changed the course of
the Clan.
Current events such as the main Clan gathering,
rebuilding of the Clan Castle, news from archives or
museums; and notices of Clan gatherings and meetings
from the official regional and international Clan
Associations are also encouraged.

I’ve suggested some threads so you can easily post directly
under that topic/thread for easy follow-up. Please feel free to add
other topics or major threads

These threads include:
A: Admin /General
B: History
C: Associations notices
D: Tartans
E: Coats of Arms
F: Heraldry
G: Castles ( sub threads)
H: Culture items
I: Chieftain Notices
J: Clan Gathering or meetings
K: Archives or Museums with Clan Info

No Flames, No Politics, No Religion, No Selling

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Board Admin

BTW: Many thanks to our Lady Elaine, and Vicki for
their patience and assistance in getting this all
set up!! It took many hours of work.

BTW: A very special acknowlegement must go to the
beautiful maiden, Margaret that married me so
many years ago in Ayr and celebrated with the family at the
at Burns Hotel at Brigadoon. She thence gave us 4 children
and 7 Grandchildren that are the most important things
in my life. She has also encouraged me to pursue my interest
in Scottish Genealogy and History and for that I will be
forever in her debt.

2 sites for Scottish Clan Research

Posted: 11 Mar 2002 4:24AM GMT
Classification: Query
Two sites that may be of interest to those conducting research into Scottish Clans. The first is a 'how-to' guide full of suggestions on how to best approach the special type of genealogy research that exists for celtic ancestors - and it is written by respected professionals Myra Vanderpool Gormley CG, Rhonda R. McClure, and Julia M. Case.

Irish, Scots-Irish, Scottish

SCOTLAND. Tombs of the Dundee Howff. The Howff -- gardens of the Grey Friars Monastery destroyed 1547-8. Granted to the township as a place of burial by Mary, Queen of Scots in 1564.

Used by the incorporated trades as meeting place for Howff until 1776. Sepulture discontinued 1857. History, surnames, links, resources, inscriptions, photographs.

Enjoy your journey!

Charlynn Helms
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