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Missouri Cherokee Indians

Missouri Cherokee Indians

Quohadi (View posts)
Posted: 16 Mar 2002 2:10PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Everyone!
Please feel free to post your queries on Cherokee ancestors whom resided in the State of Missouri in this system. You may also include any records or data that may help others in their research such as wills, birth/death records etc.

Many Blessings!

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Posted: 20 Mar 2002 10:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 28 Jun 2003 10:46AM GMT
Surnames: Burton/Burden Dunivent Fraizer
My family lived in the Clifton Hills area...

The Dawes tribunal that convined in July 1896 at Moberly Mo.

at first issued "denial" after sworn depositions..

Then demurred..had #646 Issued to Greatgrandmother..then taken away..because her people would not stay on Indian Nation ..

Went back and forth to Missouri..

GGGrandfather James Bartlett Burden aka Burton
was marched from Tn..then escaped but not his wife
he traveled to Ok..but feared staying..looking for his wife and child she carried..
Need to find listing of those placed under US control in beginning of March.

Have Nat. archives deposition's..of uncle Anderson Burton

"The air hangs heavy from the Pines..
Each night I long for what I left behind..
Sweetwater from my well..
Not this endless hell..
We have walked three seasons now
Once we were many,Now we are few..
There is no more we can do..
I long to hear the creak in my cabin floor..
I want to be home once more"..
My Great great Grandmothers lament..

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Kelly (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 2002 12:11AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sherrill, Marler,
I am searching for ancestors of Mary Ellen Sherrill (1/2 Cherokee blood) and her sister Rachael Sherrill. Mary Ellen was born in Arkansas circa 1854. Rachael b. 1857 ?
They were sent to Missouri during the Civil War we believe for protection. Their mother's name was Morning Star. There father was a man named Sherrill. Both women grew up in MO and married men with the last name Marler. Mary Ellen's death certificate does not give a name for her parents. They were residing in Reynolds Co. MO with John Wesley SHerrill and Alexander Sherrill. on the 1870 Census. IF you have any information on any of these families please contact me.

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Glenda Vance Stadley (View posts)
Posted: 23 Mar 2002 6:39AM GMT
Classification: Query
My family was from around the northern area of Missouri. I have found many of them. Hess, Mills, Lewis, Vance, all from the Government Land Grants site. Many Cherokee, ect. relocated north and west long before the Trail of Tears, as was my case. The sad part is many stayed behind believing the best of what was to come. Now we all have the sorrow of split nations who refuse to respect those who went before. It doesn't mean the blood is a different color. Our ancestors scattered like seeds in the wind, but we can all come together again if we perservere.
Even if your immediate family didn't have grants or purchase land, sometimes they located where in-laws did.
Good Luck!
Glenda Vance Stadley

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Posted: 23 Mar 2002 4:47PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Jun 2004 11:00PM GMT
My husband's 2nd great grandmother was Serilda, her last name is unknown to us. She was born ca 1812 in IN according to the census. She married Payton/Peyton HENRY, he was born also ca 1812 in KY. Some of their children were born in IN and some in ARK. They were in Carroll Co, ARK in 1850 and in Pulaski Co. MO by 1860. Family stories are that she is full blooded Cherokee but we have not been able to prove this. Does anyone have any info on this family? Ruth

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians Marler -

Posted: 24 Mar 2002 8:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Nov 2003 5:19AM GMT
I also am trying to trace ancestry of the Marler family, which married into the Smith family in the area of Conway Missouri. Family stories relate that they had come to Missouri and later to northern Arkansas from Kentucky because "someone," also called the "government" came and took away the horses they raised -- they had no more horses and came west to start again. They were Cherokee, probably of mixed blood. Reading between the lines, I assume that their lands and property were seized, and they were forced to leave, and settled in the Conway, Missouri area. One of the Marler boys married one of the Smith Girls, and that branch moved later to what is now Rogers, Arkansas. I will post the specific first names as soon as I have a chance to dig into my information again --- just wanted to get this posted. Will be delighted to share all the information I have and hope anyone else will do the same. I am descended from John Flem Smith, a brother of the girl who married the Marler boy. The two families were extremely close according to family stories, and other family members later followed the Marler branch to Arkansas, going farther south to the Van Buren area.

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Posted: 30 Mar 2002 3:54PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 20 Jul 2003 12:59AM GMT
Surnames: Chandler
In response to Glenda Vance Stadley. I understand your Native American ancestor lived in Grundy Co, MO later dying in Kansas.

I, too, have a supposedly Cherokee gg grandmother Elizabeth Chandler Winger who lived in Grundy Co, MO. Elizabeth was born in Tennessee in 1839 and came to MO when abt. eight/nine. Her parents have been listed as Russell Mack Chandler and Matilda Nelson. She may have had a brother Elcania Chandler. A relative also living in Grundy Co. may have been Joseph Chandler. Elizabeth died in Grundy 1924, and all our family has is an oral tradition that she was Native American.

Any connection to your Native American? Have your run across any info on my Ellizabeth?

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Glenda Vance Stadley (View posts)
Posted: 1 Apr 2002 5:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
Well, the name doesn't ring a bell, but then again I'm trying to locate their relatives and friends too. Most of the Native Americans tended to band together any where they went, so they were most likely in the same part of the town or camp. I am just now checking into the type of area they may have lived in there. My research tells me it was most likely a not so nice area there, the boats which passed by mentioned some pretty sad housing for these folks. I'll keep an eye out for a connection.=)

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Posted: 3 Apr 2002 5:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 20 Jul 2003 12:59AM GMT
Surnames: Chandler
Glenda, thanks for your info you sent me. However, I don't think that my Elizabeth Chandler Winger was ever in St. Louis, but I certainly will look there now. Cheryl Kemp

Re: Missouri Cherokee Indians

Posted: 26 Apr 2002 2:37AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 28 Feb 2003 7:22PM GMT
Seeking info for Nancy Brown, wife of Stephen Shelton. Father was John Brown. Mother was also named Nancy. Stephen & Nancy were on the Harmony Township, Washington County Census for 1830. Nancy was born about 1811 according to family records.
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