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Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Edward Kirsten (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jan 2005 2:22AM GMT
Classification: Immigration
Surnames: Kirsten, Wissinger, Klein, Biglin
For those with Kirsten ancestors from Germany, let me suggest checking the village of Tanneberg in the Kingdom of Saxony - about 12 miles north of Chemnitz. There were at least five generations of Kirstens born in Tanneberg and many others in surrounding towns. In 1825, August Kirsten (b. 1803) left Tanneberg and settled in Glauchau where his ten children were born. His son, Edward Hermann Kirsten (1841-1917), immigrated to the US in 1869. For those who think their Kirsten ancestors originated in Tanneberg (or near by villages)in Saxony, let me suggest the book, "The Kirsten, Wissinger, Klein and Biglin Families: 1650-1997" by Edward Kirsten. It is available at the Family History Library, Library of Congress and most of the major genealogical libraries in the US. It should be available through interlibrary loan.

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

eileen jobling (View posts)
Posted: 1 Dec 2005 10:01PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: rudston ,biglin ,palmer, beech ,smith ,walker
hi i live near malton north yorkshire in england
i too am descended from the biglin family my mother was eileen betty biglin born 1928 in sculcoates in hull her father was sidney rudston biglin born 1906 in sculcoates his father was walter earnest biglin your henry johns brother i believe my walter was born in hessle in 1865 when peter and betsy ran the admiral hawke public house. i have read about you before on message boards but did not have any info before anyway have you ever thought of looking into the rudston side of the family .it is looking very interesting as i believe we are somehow connected to the rudstons of hayton if so there is a pathway to the royal family. yours sincerely eileen jobling.

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 3:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kirsten

My grandfather's family comes from a hamlet, Engelsdorf, in Leipzig. He was born in 1911, and his father was Karl Kirsten, uncertain of his birth year but could find out as my grandfather is still alive. Unforunately the book you listed is not available in Canada. Do you have a list of Kirstens and their birth years? My grandfather has a list of Kirstens 10 generations back to approx. 1750. I'd be interested in trying to match up some of the names.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 3:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kirsten
My branch of the Kirsten family arrived in the US in 1869 from Glauchau, Germany. The emigrant ancestor was Edward Hermann Kirsten (1844-1917) who was born in Glauchau. The father of Edward H. was August Kirsten who was born June 4, 1908 in Tanneberg, GER and was a weaver. The previous five genrations of Kirstens were also born in Tanneberg with David Kirsten (1650-before 1734) being the earliest traceable member of the family.

While I visited Tanneberg and the surrounding towns in July 1995, Mr. Manuel Aicher (Dietikon, Switzerland), a professional genealogist, visited the area twice for me and provided extensive reports from the parish in Beerwalde where the records for Tanneberg were located.

There are about 100 Kirstens listed in my genealogy but no indication that any of them emigrated to or from Engelsdorf. I can mail you a photocopy of all the Kirstens in my index but I doubt that would help you.

The small village of Tanneberg (1995 population was about 200), is located north of Mittweida and Mittweida is located north of Chemnitz. I would guess that the best chance of locating further ancestors would be to travel to Engelsdorf and attempt to locate the church your ancestors attended or engage a profession genealogist. Also, a Google search for the Leipzig/Engeldorf telephone directory might be useful to determine if any Kirstens live in the area today. If so, you might wish to write directly to them or to the parishes in Engeldorf (most have records that go back to the 17th-18th centuries) to see if someone might be willing to search the parish archives for a fee.

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT ( might also have some microfilmed records for Engelsdorf. Good Luck!

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 31 Dec 2009 4:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you for your post regarding the Rudston family. I followed the Rudston family back to William Rudston (b. ca. 1780, d. 1841. William Rudston was listed in the 1822 East Riding Directory as a blacksmith residing in Hessle.

The reference in my book indicated: "Mr. Gerald Charles Rudston has traced this family from William and Mary (Robinson) Rudston to the present". Mr. Gerald Charles Rudston lived in Hessle in 1996. This quotation was from 1997 so he may have condsiderably more genealogical information today. Regards Ed Kirsten

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 11 Sep 2010 8:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rudston
Did you get any further in tracing this line of the Rudstons? I have this branch marked as Strays - I can't fit them into any of the main lines.

Peter Freeman

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 11 Sep 2010 1:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rudston, Biglin
Peter Biglin (1836-1897) married Betsy Rudston (1834-1887)in the Parish of St. Paul, Sculcoates on Sept 8, 1856 and both s9igned the parish registers. Betsy was the daughter of John Rudston (1809-1852)and Elizabeth Carlill (1815-1868)who were married on Mar. 4, 1868 in Hessle parish.John was a blacksmith and with Elizabeth they had five additional known children.

John Rudston (b. 1809) was one of the four known sons of William Rudston (b. ca.1780, d. 1841) and Mary Robinson. The other sons were: Robinson (c.1806), William (c. 1807), Thomas (1811-1811) and Thomas (1813-1814).William was also a blacksmith residing in Hessle.

In the late 1990s when my book was published, a footnote indicated that further information can be obtained by writing a Mr. Gerald Charles Rudston in Hessle as he has followed this family from William Rudston to the present. Beyond the above, you would likely have to rent the original microfilms from your local Family History Center (see

Hope this is helpful.

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 12 Sep 2010 10:31PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rudston
Thank you for the prompt reply. I've only recently joined up to Rootsweb, so I will have missed this if you gave details earlier - but what is the title of your book? It might be useful to get hold of a copy.

The details you give are, basically, what I already have. I take it the date of 1868 for the marriage of John Rudston and Elizabeth Carlill is a typo for 1833? For this marriage I stopped looking after Betsy (or Bessy) and Margaret Carlill Rudston; I was more interested in working backwards.

I found the names of the 6 children of William Rudston and Mary Robinson, including a Robinson and a Thomas who died in infancy. There is some doubt about the second son they christened Thomas, since I have him marrying Ann Wilson at Kirk Ella in 1840.

The earliest confirmed appearance of William in the records is October 1804, the date of his marriage in South Cave. It may be of course that his family was Methodist or otherwise Nonconformist; I have come to realise that it is a mistake to ignore that possibility, especially in the 18th century, and especially in some rural areas where Methodism took an especially strong hold. The alternative is that he came from outside the East Riding; I have noted Rudstons who moved north to Teesside, presumably connected with the fishing fleets, and perhaps came back to the Hull area as mariners.

I was wondering whether to move this post out of the Kirstens-of-Tannenberg thread, where I doubt it really belongs, but I'm learning all this as I go along...

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 4:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kirsten
I've confirmed my oldest known relative with the Kirsten surname to be Johann Gottlieb Kirsten born 1772, uncertain of the exact place of birth, but it should be in the Saxony region. My branch of the Kirsten family stayed in/around what is the modern Free State of Saxony until the 1950's.

He is 7 generations back from myself, I'll post them all once I have correct spelling confirmed as the writing is in older German script. Johann may be spelt differently. Johann, Gottlieb, Frederich are used for first and middle names through the 5th-8th generations, 1770's to 1880's.

Does anyone else have Johann Gottlieb Kirsten b. 1772 in their records?

Re: Kirsten's in Tanneberg, Saxony, Germany

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 9:08PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kirsten
In response to your query, I have the following Kirstens with the first or middle name with Johann, Gottlieb, Frederich.

Frederich August Kirsten, b. Nov. 4, 1838 in Glauchau.
Frederich Ferdinand Kirsten, b. Oct. 10, 1841 in Glauchau.

Gottlieb Kirsten, b. Feb. 15, 1778 in Tanneberg (father of August Kirsten).*
Gottlieb Kirsten, b. Feb. 27, 1737 in Tanneberg.

Johann Kirsten, b. March 20, 1717 in Tanneberg.
Johann Gottlieb Kirsten, c. Feb. 21, 1763 in Erlau.
Johann Gottlieb Kirsten, b. May 21, 1799 in Tanneberg

Gottlieb Kirsten, c. July 20, 1710 in Tanneberg (?).

The dates listed were obtained from Mr. Manuel Archer (Genealogical Research, Dietikon, Switzerland) who visited the Ev-Luth Church in Beerwalde (in 1994 on my behalf) which is the location of the church registers for the Ev.-Luth Church in Tanneberg. His report was 40+ pages long.

Prior to Mr. Archer’s visit in 1994, I wrote to the Ev.-Luth Church in Beerwalde (in Sept. 1992) and the Pfarrer responded listing all the Gottlieb Kirstens in the Tanneberg Archives. The letter from the minister listed Gottlieb Kirsten, father of August Kirsten, as born in 1772 (no month or day provided). This is the closest I can come to providing a 1772 date for the first/middle names listed in you query.

If you need further information, please contact me privately at
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