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Bennetts of Tandragee

Bennetts of Tandragee

Posted: 17 Oct 2012 10:24PM GMT
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What was the financial situation in Tandragee in 1840s? My great great grandfather Jonathan Bennett and his brothers, William and George left for Australia then. Was his father William left to subsist or able to make a living? Are there any records of a Rennie family at this time? Records tell us that William senior was married to Anne Rennie and that the family were members of the Church of Ireland. Where were William and Anne buried and would records exist as I presume they were still alive when their sons emigrated?

Re: Bennetts of Tandragee

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 5:15AM GMT
Classification: Query
Not good, this was in the middle of the Famine years, there were other famines too but this was one of the worst.
If your family was RC you can be sure they lived a subsistant living unless possibly a merchant. His father may have died
as thousands starved to death and while this was going on the aristocrats given land after the Cromwell invasion in the 1600's the farmland was supplying England with barley, oats,
sheep, cows etc. I don't think the north was as bad in the famine years as farmers had a more varied diet. Most irish
lived off potatoe. 5 lbs. a day. being a normal consumption for a working man. There are many book you can read about
this, try Trinity College, Eneclann Genealogy Division for
County information.

English/Protestant farmers came from Scotland and the UK to farm in Ireland as a determined effort by the UK government
to out number the catholics and to provide what they called better farmers. Generally CofI folks may have been
marginally better off but not so much if also farmers.

Currently in the british telephone book for Armagh are
5 Bennett's and 1 Rennie.

An Estate where your relatives may have lived. In 1911, the 9th. Duke of Manchester hired a Scot Mr. John Stone, to lay out a private golf course on his estate Tandragee.
You can look on the website for information about the previous occupants. It is possible
that the estate has donated records to either a local library, or to PRONI in Belfast.

Griffith Valuation took place in Armagh 1863:

William Bennett, Parish of Ballymore, Townland Cargan, Poor Law Union Banbridge tenant of Duke of Manchester

16a house, outbuilding and land 6 acres 3 roods 0 perches
16b house - unoccupied - if had a renter they would pay Wm.

Matilda Bennett (all information same)

11a house only

Robert Bennett (same info)

8A house, outbuildings and land 14.0.20
8B land 2.0.10
8C land 1.3.5

There are 96 Bennetts in Omagh, 17 in the Parish of
Ballymore various townlands within this parish.

Which reminds me that one of the reasons people left is that properties had been broken down by families from father to son into very small portions through the years and often there wasn't enough land left to share. Also about this time landlord 'aristocrats' were trying to put
the land back into larger portions as more mass farming
came info style. This ended up in people being paid to leave or just thrown off the land. This is where estate
records are worth looking at so you can see what was going on. You can also get books about this as well. I don't know what reputation the Duke of Manchester might of had and what kind of landowner or how he treated his tenants.

The Parish of Ballymore was Church of Ireland and there are
no baptism records but marriages from 1846-1921.


Robert Bennet (19) m: Eliza Anne Bennett (18), Ballymore
14 Jan 1847 Fa: William Bennet/Thomas Redpath Film#101283

Betty Ann Bennett m: George Guinea, Ballymore
22 June 1852 Fa: Thomas Redpath/John Guinea #101333

Stewart Bennett m: Catherine Thom, Newry, Armagh
Fa: William Bennett/George Thom #101329 (perhaps moved or
is wife's parish which was usually where marriages occurred)

There are other Bennet's but not with a father William
just ask if you want them. Also many Rainey,Rennie & Reynet.

I looked up Tandragee a village (backside to/of the wind)on the Cusher River in Armagh, 2001 population 3,050
St. Mary's Church of Ireland and
St. James RC

Tandragee Castle was built in 1837 George Montague 6th. Duke of Manchester as the original was destroyed in 1641 Rebellion.

1901 Census: a possible?

8 Cooey, Tynan, Armagh

William Gordon 74 HofHousehold, farmer, CofI, listed as not
married but even a widower might put that

Thomas Gordon 32 nephew, farming

William Bennett 75 brother in law, Army Pensioner,


10 Corr & Dunvalley (Charlemont, Armagh)
William Bennett 70,head of household, farmer born Armagh
Sarah 71 wife, born Tyrone
Thomas Montgomery 19 nephew, born Govan, Scotland farm lab.

Both the above William's gone by 1911

10 Aghinlig (Charlemont)Armagh
Martha Bennett 76 widow (all born Armagh) also widow 1901
William James Bennett 36, son, farmer, single
Jane Glass 66, boarder widow

Burials: you can try the gravestone index on
also descriptions of towns 1837

There is also a pay website for gravestone inscriptions for Ireland although it is a UK company. Its expensive but I think you can get a short membership. Nothing for Ballymore but Tanderagee is listed. If you want the website you will have to contact me as it is a commercial website and rootsweb don't allow commercial website. (put Tanderagee in the subject)

Annette Code

Re: Bennetts of Tandragee

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 10:31AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for all that info Annette. My family was not RC. Robert Bennett who married Elizabeth Redpath is my great, great, grandfathers brother. He died in Ireland and his three brothers, Jonathan, William jnr and George emigrated to Australia


Re: Bennetts of Tandragee

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 6:09PM GMT
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Nothing to do with this family but my father's family on his mother's side are Bennett's of South Yorkshire, UK. (close to Sheffield) The family of Bennett's were farmers till about 1980 when the land became a housing estate. One daughter lived there in the new farm house till a couple of years ago. One sister still farming in her 80's with her husband and two sons, Grace lives in the new farm house built 1840.

I'm just looking up some names again as I saw the name Redpath
yesterday but not sure why, this must be it.

Eliza Anne Redpath (18) married Robert Bennet (19)
14 Jan 1847 Ballymore, Armagh LDS #101283
fa: William Bennet/Thomas Redpath
Nothing for Jonathan (John?)these seem a bit late so could easily be other people.

A George Bennett married Jenneth Anderson 18 Jan 1862
Ballynmore, Armagh
Fa: Robert Brown Bennett/John Anderson #101433

William Bennett married Mary English, Mullabrack, Armagh
8 Dec 1861 Fa: Robert Bennett/John English #101422
A John Bennett married Martha McCutcheon, Loughgall, Armagh
13 Dec 1860 Fa: George Bennett/William McCutcheon #101412

These could Robert's sons who he named after his brothers? marriages general information about Ireland and its divisions.


Re: Bennetts of Tandragee

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 5:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
Annette, I am looking for John Bennett b 1814 who married Mary Jane Maguire and Septima Watson after Mary died

George Bennettb 1818 who married Ann Gould
and William Bennett 1821 who married Jane Johnson.

Robert only had one son, Robert to Elizabeth Redpath before he died. Elizabeth Redpath went on to marry George Guinea and came to Australia.
Interesting about your Bennett relatives

Re: Bennetts of Tandragee

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 12:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 21 Nov 2012 12:08AM GMT
You need to go to for your parish records, the Ballymore Parish CofI has NO birth records only the RC, but CofI does have marriages which you have

Considering the 1922 Four Courts Fire is amazing that there
are any records left. Sometimes that is just the way it is in Ireland. I did suggest trying memorial inscriptions as you might find the parents with birth years etc. some of the gravestones are a good family tree.

Only Bennett in the gravestone index on
is in Creggan.
Publish Seanchas Ardmhaca 1972 Vol.6 No.2, pp 309332
Transcribed Kevin McMahon & Tomas O'Fiaich

You could try the Armagh County Library or Ballymore Library if there is one to see if copies are available.

The Armagh Diocean History Society Seanchas

publications: email

The Federation for Ulster Local Studies

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