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Mac 3, relationship calculator still very flawed

Mac 3, relationship calculator still very flawed

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 4:34AM GMT
Classification: Query
I just don't know why the old versions could find all the relationships and the new versions won't. I'm talking 10 years ago or more with early FTM, it would even find that my wife is her own 4th cousin. The new version doesn't have a clue.

Worse, it can't even find common ancestors among two individuals. It gets short cutted by finding the 1st cousin of the husband of the 2nd cousin, which isn't even a blood relationship. Its like it finds that and just gives up on everything else.

Sadly even the report where you can check the box, find all relationships, it won't find them. Very disappointing. I live in a small town where everyone is related more than once. I enjoy discovering those relationships and FTM for Mac just fails. From what I've read, since syncing to the web, which is very cool, the program has given up some of what made it great. FTM 16 was the best version. Sad to see things go backwards.

Re: Mac 3, relationship calculator still very flawed

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 3:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi, I have a paternal first cousin who had a child with a maternal first cousin - how can I relate them on the tree? Also I mistakenly deleted my mother in law so she no longer shows on the tree how do I connect her to her parents - if I re-enter as my husbands mother it doesn't connect her to her parents so I want to connect her to her parents which are already on the system! Hope that makes sense?

Basically when you go to add a person how can you tell the system they are already on there?

Re: Mac 3, relationship calculator still very flawed

Posted: 27 Mar 2014 12:34AM GMT
Classification: Query
On your first question, make sure the cousins are entered into their correct family group, attached to their mother and father. Then enter a relationship between them showing them as spouses/parents, and add their child.
You can select the type of relationship (friend, partner, married etc) but FTM calls a relationship between man and women that create a child as a spouse, married or not.

To connect persons to others already in your database, you use menu Person>Attach/detach Person and select the correct attachment.
If you already have a person in your index, never add them again. Make the person your focus person and then attach them where they belong.
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