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PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

Teena Phillips (View posts)
Posted: 8 Sep 2002 5:30AM GMT
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All these folks born 1869-1884 in Mercer area, Bell Co, TX
Except for Drucilla,Isaac,Olive born Florence,WilliamsonCo.

Parents William Clemit Phillips, Amanda Melissa Conaway

They married Deora Adkins, Nancy Mae Condra, John G. Denson, W.M.Oscar (Billy) Brooks, Florence Ratliff, James Edward Myers, Benjamin Lew Fewell, F. Adkinson, Laura Lindsey, Will Parmer, Thomas Obediah Lindsey, Annie Laurie Wood, Ned Adams and Charley Rice.

Somebody's gotta know these people.

Re: PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

Rondina Muncy (View posts)
Posted: 2 Feb 2003 5:25AM GMT
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Since one of my lines is Phillips and I do so much research in Williamson I took a look at the books I have. Checking the Williamson County History and the Burnet County History (since families migrated back and forth), I find no evidence of any submissions. I suggest you verify this information with census data first. Good luck.

Re: PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

Posted: 2 Mar 2003 5:53AM GMT
Classification: Query
I think you mis-read my post. I didn't say I couldn't find them.
I've found all of them, that's how I know how long and where they were and who they married and their children. I have about 40 census on them.

But nobody knows them. No church's (and they were quite religious), no obits, very few burials, and those just 2 miles NE of Williamson in Bell and a couple in Marble Falls, no newspapers, no slaves, no history articles, no divorces.

You would think with 21 children and a 40 year span in the same area - SOMETHING would turn up.

Arrived in Sabine, TX Dec 13, 1839. Recvd 640 acres the next day. Lots of tax lists 1840-50. 1850 bought 277 acres and on Panola Census. In Burnet by 1853. 1860 and 1870 Burnet, 1880 Bell, no 1890, 1892 head dead, 1900 Williamson, 1908 wife dead, but children still found 1910, 1920, 1930.

I appreciate your looking into the two books, but I had already tried that too. The head of this family William C. Phillips is my brick wall, which is why I have so thoroughly researched him as he was born in KY and I don't know his parents names, but I do know all his siblings and who they married and their children

He even had a ranch called Phillips Place in Florence, Williamson Co, TX. Drucilla (his daughter) married Thomas Lindsey and had 3 children in the ranch house. Her son Dail Henry Lindsey took it over and I have been in contact with Dail's son, Dail Ellis Lindsey that was born in the house Jul 23, 1939. He told me that it was housing deer in 1958. So it's gone. That brings me to just 6 months short of 100 years I know about these people in Texas. Pre-census Texas. At the moment I'm working on a William M. Phillips of Sabine 1839 being WC's father. I even have a photo of WC's grave. A magnificent iron structure with PHILLIPS weaved in iron on the gate - all standing as straight as the day installed 1892.

I posted the message with all those names, because if that's someone else's family too, they would recognize the string of unusual names immediately. I've been researching 44 years, but my main line W. C. Phillips stops in Sabine 1839. I've had extreme success on all other lines. So I'm frustrated. Somebody's gotta know these people!

Since you research PHILLIPS and Burnet and Williamson Counties, I can't resist posting a couple generations. Maybe you'll stumble on something. I'll be grateful.
Teena Phillips

Descendants of Mr. Phillips

1 Mr. Phillips b: Abt. 1794 in KY or VA d: Abt. 1839 in KY or TX?
. +Miss Harrison b: Abt. 1799 in VA m: Abt. 1822 in Virginia or Kentucky d: Abt. 1844 in TX
.. 2 William "Pap" Clemit Phillips b: Mar 14, 1824 in Kentucky Wayne, Lincoln Co? check 1840 census d: Aug 3, 1892 in Florence,Williamson, TX Crabbitt in another bible
...... +Eliza Jane Smith b: 1825 in ,Lawrence or Copiah, Mississippi m: Abt. 1845 in ,Sabine, TX d: Bet. Jul 1860 - Jul 1868 in Check Llano or Burnet, TX
....... 3 Mary Jane Phillips b: 1846 in ,Sabine, TX d:
....... 3 John H. Phillips b: 1848 in ,Sabine,TX d: Bef. 1860 in TX
....... 3 Hugh F. Phillips b: Feb 22, 1850 in Liberty City, Gregg, TX (Feb 22, 1851 on tombstone) d: Aug 14, 1875 in ,Burnet, TX
........... +Elizabeth "Betty" V. Atwood b: Jun 10, 1851 in No kids to this union m: Dec 14, 1870 in ,Burnet, TX d: Jul 3, 1875 in ,Burnet, TX
....... 3 James Slaughter Phillips b: Feb 22, 1850 in Liberty City, Gregg, TX d: Sep 16, 1923 in Miami, Gila, AZ 1900 Matagorda Co
........... +Mary Catherine King b: May 27, 1855 in ,Burnet, TX stone says 1855 m: Dec 24, 1871 in ,Burnet, TX d: Jul 21, 1896 in Blessing, Matagorda, TX akaDeming's Bridge Cemetery
....... 3 Mahala M. Phillips b: Dec 1850 in ,Panola,TX d: Bef. 1869 in ,Burnet, TX
....... 3 Sarah Jane Phillips b: 1853 in ,Panola or Burnet, TX d: Abt. 1867 in ,Burnet, TX
........... +George W. Smith b: Abt. 1841 in Missouri m: Abt. 1866 in TX d:
....... 3 M. Elizabeth Phillips b: 1855 in ,Burnet, TX d: Abt. 1869 in ,Burnet, TX
....... 3 Manerva Emmaline Phillips b: Jul 1860 in Llano, Burnet,TX d:
........... +David Andrew Eudaley b: Sep 1854 in Overton Co,TN? m: Abt. 1879 in Probably Blanco Co, TX d: in In 1860 TN census with Andrew and Sarah SMITH.
.. *2nd Wife of William "Pap" Clemit Phillips:
...... +Amanda Melissa "Mandy" Conaway b: Nov 23, 1842 in ,Franklin, Tenn m: Aug 8, 1868 in Burnet Co. TX d: Jun 17, 1908 in Florence,Williamson, TX
....... 3 William F. Phillips b: Jun 28, 1869 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Abt. 1938 in McDade, TX
........... +Diorah Atkins b: Abt. 1871 m: Abt. 1889 d: Abt. 1900
....... 3 Jesse McClure Phillips b: Jun 10, 1870 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Feb 6, 1956 in Glen Cove, Coleman Co, TX
........... +Dora Jeffries b: m: Abt. 1890 d:
....... *2nd Wife of Jesse McClure Phillips:
........... +Nancy Mae Condra b: Oct 1871 in TX m: Jul 21, 1892 in Williamson Co, TX d: in 1910 Grayson Co, ED 104 checked -no Phillips
....... 3 Nancy Ann Phillips b: Sep 8, 1871 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Abt. 1952 in OK
........... +John G. Denson b: m: Abt. 1890 d:
....... 3 Martha Susan Phillips b: Oct 28, 1872 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: 1961 in Entire family from bible-children and spouses-no Willie
........... +W. M. Oscar "Billy" Brooks b: Abt. 1869 m: Sep 8, 1889 in Williamson Co, TX d:
....... 3 George Washington Phillips b: Jul 2, 1874 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: May 1933 in Winters, Runnels, TX
........... +Florence Ratliff b: Mar 13, 1883 m: Abt. 1903 d: Jun 27, 1972 in All info (beyond names) about children from bible.
....... 3 Delorus Phillips b: Jan 6, 1876 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Feb 13, 1939 in Kaymay, Wichita, TX
........... +James Edward Myers b: Jan 26, 1870 in Austin, Travis, TX m: Jan 1893 d: Jul 20, 1946
....... 3 Damaris Phillips b: Apr 12, 1877 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Jan 27, 1936 in Briggs, TX
........... +F. Adkinson b: Abt. 1874 m: Abt. 1897 d: Abt. 1936
....... *2nd Husband of Damaris Phillips:
........... +Benjamin Louis Fewell b: Jul 19, 1875 m: Abt. 1900 d: Jul 19, 1957
....... 3 Benjamin "Frank" Franklin Phillips b: Jun 16, 1878 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Jan 19, 1967 in (Judy Tompkins greatgrandfather)
........... +Laura "Bell" Belzara Lindsey b: Dec 5, 1878 in Grimes Co, TX m: Dec 24, 1899 in Bell Co. TX ?? d: Nov 5, 1976 in Temple, TX
....... 3 Drucilla "Callie" Caroline Phillips b: Nov 25, 1879 in Mercer area, Bell Co., TX d: Abt. 1944 in Lollar, TX
........... +Will Parmer b: Abt. 1875 m: Abt. 1899 in Probably Florence, TX d:
....... *2nd Husband of Drucilla "Callie" Caroline Phillips:
........... +Thomas Obediah Lindsey b: Aug 4, 1883 in Grimes Co, TX m: 1910 in Florence, Williamson, TX d: 1982 in Florence, Williamson, TX
....... 3 Isaac Newton Phillips b: Jul 8, 1881 in Florence, WIlliamson Co, TX d: Aug 27, 1960 in Wingate, Runnels Co, TX
........... +Annie Laurie Wood b: Feb 8, 1890 in Belton, Bell Co, TX m: Sep 2, 1906 d: Dec 18, 1968
....... 3 Olive Jim Phillips b: Aug 19, 1884 in Florence, WIlliamson Co, TX d: Jan 4, 1974 in Death date-bible.
........... +Ned Adams b: Abt. 1880 m: Abt. 1903 d: Jun 18, 1914
....... *2nd Husband of Olive Jim Phillips:
........... +Charlie Rice b: Abt. 1881 m: Abt. 1918 d: Abt. 1990
.. 2 Lucy Elizabeth Phillips b: Feb 17, 1825 in , , KY d: Jun 21, 1907 in Daffau, Erath, TX 1850 census Williamson Co?
...... +Owen W. Slaughter b: Feb 17, 1821 in Nr Crooked Creek, Lawrence, MS m: Abt. 1841 in ,Sabine Co, TX d: Feb 17, 1905 in Hico, Hamilton, TX 1860 Owen BastropCo pg306
....... 3 James Henderson Slaughter b: Dec 14, 1843 in , Sabine, TX see pic d: Aug 21, 1922 in Hico, Hamilton, TX
........... +Mary C. Martin b: Abt. 1845 in see pic m: Abt. 1866 in prob Milam Co, TX d:
....... 3 John Milton Slaughter b: Oct 1846 in ,Sabine,TX d: Nov 7, 1915 in Hico, Hamilton, TX
........... +Mary "Mollie" Lucinda Sutton b: Abt. 1848 m: Feb 2, 1869 in , Bell, TX d:
....... 3 Emily Jane Slaughter b: Mar 14, 1848 in , Sabine, TX d: 1919 in Poteau, La Flore or Lefore, OK
........... +Francis Marion "Frank" Bizzell b: Feb 13, 1842 in NC m: Dec 21, 1865 in , Bell, TX d: Jan 13, 1928 in Midland, Midland, TX
....... 3 Sarah "Dink" Elizabeth Slaughter b: Aug 25, 1851 in , Williamson, TX d: Jan 8, 1923 in Thurber, Eastland, TX
........... +Miles S. Turner b: Jan 2, 1841 in Spartanburg District, S.C. m: Aug 13, 1868 in , Bell, TX d:
....... 3 Mary Ann Slaughter b: Oct 1854 in Troy, Bell Co, TX d:
........... +Daniel A. Williams b: Abt. 1852 m: Aug 8, 1880 in , Bell Co, TX d:
....... 3 Lovenia "Lou" Slaughter b: Jan 6, 1857 in , Bell Co, TX d: 1941 in Hico, Hamilton, TX
........... +Patterson C. Shipp b: Abt. 1855 m: Oct 7, 1875 in , Bell Co, TX d:
....... *2nd Husband of Lovenia "Lou" Slaughter:
........... +Tadwell Powers Sutton b: May 6, 1850 in TN m: Nov 23, 1882 in ,Bell,TX d:
....... 3 Rufus E. Slaughter b: Feb 1861 in , Bell Co, TX d:
........... +Annie Lee Gregory b: Abt. 1863 m: 1886 in , Bell Co, TX d:
....... 3 Annie Lee Slaughter b: 1863 in , Bell Co, TX d:
........... +William Henry Hardy b: Abt. 1861 m: Jan 22, 1881 in , Bell Co, TX d:
....... 3 Ella E. Slaughter b: Dec 1866 in , Bell Co, TX d:
........... +Charles A. White b: Abt. 1864 m: Jan 3, 1884 in , Bell Co, TX d:
.. 2 Nancy Phillips b: Jun 10, 1826 in KY Matt 1860 Hopkins Co, pg 131 d: Oct 13, 1903 in Beaukiss, Williamson, TX
...... +Matthew F. Jordan b: 1814 in NC m: 1843 in ,Sabine, TX d: May 23, 1867 in West Point, Lowndes Co, MS
....... 3 Elizabeth Hattie Jordan b: Feb 5, 1844 in LA d: Jun 14, 1911
........... +William Payne Tuttle b: Abt. 1827 in ,Wayne, KY m: Jan 1, 1859 in ,Williamson, TX d: Bef. 1889
....... 3 Louisa Aven Jordan b: Sep 18, 1846 in TX d: Aug 6, 1926 in Harris Co, TX-never married
....... 3 Martha Jane Jordan b: Dec 12, 1848 in TX d: Sep 25, 1918 in Listed as Jane on 1850 Sabine census
........... +Asa Whitmire b: m: Dec 30, 1872 in ,Williamson, TX d:
....... 3 James Jordan b: Abt. 1850 in TX Not on 1850 Sabine census d: Bef. 1860 in Not on 1850 Sabine census
....... 3 Philip Jordan b: Abt. 1850 in TX Not on 1850 Sabine census d: Bef. 1860
....... 3 Henry Felix Jordan b: Dec 23, 1851 d: Apr 22, 1929
........... +Mary E "Mollie" Minor b: Apr 10, 1857 m: d: Jan 2, 1901
....... 3 Carella Cora Jordan b: Abt. 1858 in TX d: Abt. 1960
........... +J. C. Marley b: m: Sep 17, 1873 in ,Williamson, TX d:
....... 3 Charles Morgan Jordan b: May 28, 1861 in TX d: Oct 11, 1920 in ,Williamson, TX
........... +Elenora Clifton McWilliams b: Apr 1871 in TX m: Jan 1, 1893 in ,Williamson, TX d: Aft. 1925
....... 3 William Moses Jordan b: Apr 1864 in ,Williamson, TX d: 1942
........... +Dola Bright Edge b: Jul 1866 in Atlanta, GA m: Jan 15, 1885 in ,Williamson, TX d: 1965
.. 2 John R. Phillips b: Bet. 1829 - 1831 in KY 1870 - 45 John's listed d: Aft. 1860 in 1850 Age 21 living with sister Lucy Phillips Slaughter
.. 2 Emeline B. Phillips b: 1834 in KY 1850 TX Sabine cen show Emeline w/sis Nancy d: Bef. 1855
...... +J. M. Oliver b: 1822 in Giles Co ?, Tenn. m: Sep 14, 1854 in ,Williamson, TX d: Abt. 1877 in J.M. Oliver on 1860 Bastrop Co. page 285-5slaves
.. 2 Mary "Maza Mosey" Phillips b: Bet. 1834 - 1839 in KY d: Abt. 1880 in 1850 Age 11 living with sister Lucy Phillips Slaughter
...... +William Kanaman b: Abt. 1829 m: May 27, 1855 in ,Williamson, TX d: Bef. 1860
....... 3 George Kanaman b: 1853 d:
....... 3 William C. Kanaman b: 1856 d:
....... 3 James K. Kanaman b: 1857 d:

Re: PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

Rondina (View posts)
Posted: 2 Mar 2003 6:40AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Phillips
In the Burnet County History, Vol 2, p. 246, there is mention of Robert L. and Mary M. Phillips, both born on the Phillips Ranch west of Marble Falls. There children were Wendal Lee, b. 20 Mar 1904, J. R., b. 2 oct 1908. These are the descendents of John Rufus Phillips of Llano County and Susan Alice Tate of Nacogdoches County. John's father was Benjamin M. Phillips m. Melissa Crownover. The only thing I caught was the ranch match up with your location. I will continue to look in Williamson County next.

Re: PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

Teena Phillips (View posts)
Posted: 3 Mar 2003 7:06AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for that info, but I have proven that the John Rufus Phillips line isn't mine. It's a shame. Especially since I have a John R. and the marriage to Tate would have been perfect.

I searched for Phillips Ranch too as it is the only tangible thing other than names (William James John) that I have.

That's why I posted Delorous,Demeris,Drucilla. Those names are different enough to be noticed. Poor old WC wants me to find his father, I know he does. I have a framed pic of him and 2nd wife Amanda. I talk to him all the time. Just step up to the Information Window please and tell me the KY county!

His sister Mary "Mosey" Phillips married William Kanaman in Williamson Co May 27, 1855 had 3 sons and 1860 census in Williamson has no husband and the same James R. brother living with her and then disappears. Actually I think the first son from previous marriage as census says born 1853.
Well, not dissappear, but with no 1870-1910 index - TX is a big place. Can you verify which ED's cover 1870 Williamson?

Re: PHILLIPS, Delorous, Demeris, Drucilla Caroline, Isaac Newton, Olive Jim, Jesse, Benjamin Franklin, William F, Nancy Ann, Martha Susan, George Washington

Posted: 16 Nov 2003 6:46PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lindsey
Hello Teena,
I had posted a tiny bit of info that might have helped you, but I think I had put it in the wrong place! I wont retype it, but if you look up T O lindsey it should come up. It is on this Williamson co board.
You might already know the info though..

Kim F

Re: PHILLIPS family

Gayle (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jul 2004 1:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 9 Jul 2004 11:31AM GMT
Surnames: Phillips, Edwards, Wroe, Gayle, Whitehead, Hall
In case you might want these...

Dolores Phillips (first cousin to the actor Dan Blocker) m. Rufus Merrill Laurence, Jr. b. 1920 (TX).

Thomas Phillips m. 5-19-1803 Susannah Edwards, b. 1778. She is the dau. of John Edwards b. 1748 and Susannah Wroe b. 1748.

Amaranth Lowndes Phillips m. Matthew Gayle b. 2-17-1797. He was from SC. His parents are John Gayle, Jr. and Nancy Whitehead. Her parents are Joseph Philllips and Patsy Hall. Children are: Phillip Heustis, Ameranth, John, Zena Ray, Mary Arthur, Francis Swepstone, and George Washington.

They all go through the George Washiington lines. Either through Augustine or Mildred.

I am sending this because I share a few of your surnames and maybe it will help you in some way.

Best of Luck,


Re: PHILLIPS family

Teena Phillips (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jul 2004 4:15AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 10 Jul 2004 12:15PM GMT
Sorry Gayle, these people are totally unrelated to any of my people. In a 100 years, we never had a Thomas Phillips.

My original post (the one you responded to) shows ALL of their spouses. That parts complete.

Re: PHILLIPS family

Posted: 29 Aug 2010 9:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hope you are still doing research on the Phillips Family. I may have contacted you several years ago, if not I am Benjamin Fewell and Damaris Phillips granddaughter. I have several pictures you maybe interested. I am very interested in adding to my research and would be happy if I could help you. Thanks Lizzymay

Re: PHILLIPS family

Posted: 1 Sep 2010 1:55PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have not been on Ancestry in a year. What are the odds I would sign on 2 days after your post!

I also have a new Sony Vaio and Win 7 and can't load up my 6000 person genealogy. I last used Win 2000. Family Tree Maker (FTM) tells me I need to go thru the steps of buying their software for Vista and load my genealogy into someones Vista computer. Then XP and load. Then Win 7 and load. It beats retyping it all. Apparently FTM had to completely restructure their software when Vista arrived.
So this may take a while.

But pictures of Ben Fewell and Demaris Phillips, I would be insane for. So happy to meet you Lizzymay. I am also at I have one picture of W.C. Phillips and Demaris mother (her name escapes me at the moment). It's 8x11 and just a head and shoulder shot. Demaris's mother is W.C.'s 2nd wife. I descend from his 1st wife Eliza Jane whom he married in KY. W.C. raised 22 children between his 1st wife, his 2nd wife's previous 3 children, and then he and the 2nd wife had I think 11 children.
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