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Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 1:39AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: chidgey townley flatau
Lydia was born 17th March 1863 in London. She travelled as a baby with her mother Ann Lydia Chidgey (nee Townley)and paternal grandparents,to New Zealand in 1863. Her parents separated about 1868/1869. I believe she was taken to live with her father Cornelius Chidgey (a carpenter) in Melbourne in Aug 1869. He abandoned her to State care on 31-Dec-1870. She left the Ward system in Feb 1878. After that I can find no trace of her or her father.

I have tried several name variations... Chidgey, if you can't read/write could have been recorded in many ways but have come up with nothing.She may have been known as Henrietta-maybe Hetty, Ettie-because her mothers was know as Lydia Chidgey rather than Ann Lydia.

Lydia's mother,younger sisters and maternal grandparents, uncles and aunties all made their way to Australia via New Zealand and lived in Victoria (Melbourne), SA (Adelaide) and NSW (Sydney & Orange). My hope is that they were looking for her. Lydia's sister recorded her as being 53 when their mother died, but she wasn't included in the death notice,so I'm thinking that she didn't really know if Lydia was alive at all at that time maybe just hoped that she was.

Can any help find out what happened to Lydia?


Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 4:20AM GMT
Classification: Query
In 1882 a Lydia Chidgey married Charles Henry Cox in New Zealand #1297. And in 1909 there was a death for Cornelius Chidgey age 91 #3528 in New Zealand.
Might not be who you are looking for but it is an unusual name. They may have returned to NZ.

Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 4:47AM GMT
Classification: Query

I better put this here first ( although I found it after doing all the research below.....:-))

I found a few things that may interest you....Cornelius was a witness in a murder inquest in 1870:

from a quick read ( its long article ), it seems Cornelius used an alias of NEAL or NEIL - you will find the article quite amazing for its detail - if not for the shock it will give you!

I also found in 1796, a James and Cornelius CHIDGEY were bricklayers living Marmaduke St London - they became bankrupts.
I also found your Cornelius in the censuses, living with his parents, Cornelius, bricklayer b 1815 and Sarah..along with siblings. I found your Tree on Ancestry and didn't find your Cornelius' parents, so thought you might like to know all that info is available.

Chidgey passenger arrival 1897:

plus you can see your early family getting the ' Freedom of the City"....I can email this directly if you are interested:

London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1925 about Cornelius Chidgey
Name: Cornelius Chidgey
Residence County: Middlesex
Admission Date: 5 May 1795
Master's Name: William Chidgey - a citizen and cooper
Father's Name: James Chidgey - bricklayer in the parish of St George in the East

James was b 1781 and was the son of Cornelius and Christiana, nee DOWSETT who married 01 May 1780 - both could sign their names

You will also find an article about Saul FLATAU's father Will - they were Jewish:

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. :Friday 6 November 1896

That Cornelius was b 1756 and died 1824

actually there is quite a bit in the papers fr the FLATAU family

going back to NZ...I found a marriagae for a Lydia to a Charles COX in 1882 -But I think its the sister to your man

these are their children - looking very promising

1885/19559 Cox Ruby Henrietta Lydia Charles Henry
1883/8242 Cox Eleanor Lydia Charles Henry
1889/14003 Cox Effie Cora Lydia Charles Henry
1894/16783 Cox Douglas Cornelius Lydia Charles Henry
1898/12329 Cox Marjorie Fiona Lydia Charles Henry


1906/3704Eleanor Cox William Joseph Robinson
1913/8679Effie Cora Cox James Winchmore McLean
1916/955 Zoe Marie Armstrong Douglas Cornelius Cox
1928/8880Marjorie Fiona Cox Cecil John Christian

1951/35591 Cox Ruby Henrietta 65Y
1962/33598 Cox Douglas Cornelius 67Y

I'll send this off and keep looking for Lydia Henrietta - and Cornelius, alias NEAL/NEIL!


Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 5:19AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for this.

The Lydia Chidgey who married Charles Cox was my Lydia Henrietta's aunt ie sister to Cornelius Chidgey, LydHen's father. The Cornelius Chidgey who died in 1909 aged 91 was LydHen's grandfather ie her father's father.

The search for LydHen isn't made easy by the fact that her aunt and grandfather have the same name as herself and her father & both Lydia's were born wihtin 4 years of each other!



Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 5:45AM GMT
Classification: Query
Found a marriage for a Lydia Henrietta GRACE to James BURKE in Vic. When she died, the parents names were given as Cornelius GRACE and Lydia CHIDORY. She had been widowed for many years so maybe the informant didn't know her family background - i am wondering if she had been adopted by a GRACE family.

Name: Lydia Henrietta Burke
Death Place: Northcote, Victoria
Age: 79
Father's Name: Cornelius Grace
Mother's name: Lydia Chidory
Registration Year: 1944
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 5328
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1865

I presume you knew that Cornelius had an alias??


Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 5:50AM GMT
Classification: Query
Goodness Jocelyn you've come up with such a lot in a short space of time... it took me much longer to find the bits and pieces I know!!

I'd come across the article about the murder trial-I do love trove-so was aware of the possibility that Cornelius might have been going under the name of Neal/Neil/Neale/others? He abandoned LydHen just after the trial & I wondered whether he was implicated in some way with respect to the murder but the newspaper article doesn't suggest that. The article also says he was living in Prahan, he had an aunt who lived there, so perhaps that is where he & Lydia were staying. LydHen's State Ward papers say her father Cornelius was thought to have gone to Sydney (from Melbourne). He may have left LydHen in the care of his aunt MaryAnn Brace but she was sick & died in early 1871, so it may have been the aunt who was unable to care for her.

I'm working on the Chidgeys with a lady in NZ who has a lot more info that I have on the Chidgey ancestors, I'll pass your other info to her.

You're right about the Lydia who married Mr Cox. She was Cornelius's younger sister.

Cornelius's parents & siblings settled in NZ. I've seen the death certs of both parents. Cornelius is recorded as alive in abt 1894 when his mother died & dead in 1909 when his father died. However, I'm thinking he may not have been in contact with his family after he left NZ in 1868/69, so recorded on his mother death cert as alive because his siblings hoped he was but dead on his father's death cert because he was the oldest male & settling the will may have been hard if they claimed he was alive but had no knowledge of his whereabouts. I haven't had any luck finding a copy of the will.

Thanks for your efforts



Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 5:57AM GMT
Classification: Query
Great - now you have mentioned the BRACE aunty, I think you will find the marriage and death clues I just sent you will be your lass- GRACE/BRACE.....

Let me know what you think of that


Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 6:08AM GMT
Classification: Query

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)
Monday 12 June 1944

BURKE.-On June 11, at 302 High street, Northcote. Lydia Henrietta, of 9 Flett street, Preston, beloved wife of the late James, and loved mother of Harold. Val, Bert, and Hazel, aged 79 years.

Now I'm trying to find the births of the children - or anything!


Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 6:32AM GMT
Classification: Query


Name: Harold Alan Burke
Gender: Male
Electoral Year: 1924
State: Victoria
District: Batman
Subdistrict: Preston
with wife Queenie Harriet - at Collins St Preston - he was a bricklayer!!
They must have divorced as Queenie is living at Abbotsford in 1931

Name: Harold Alan Burke
Gender: Male
Electoral Year: 1936
State: New South Wales
District: Darling
Subdistrict: Broken Hill
now with Hazel Linda - Occ: a Skimper at 70 Cummins St

Name: Harold Alan Burke
Gender: Male
Electoral Year: 1980
State: New South Wales
District: Riverina
Subdistrict: Broken Hill
at 353 Gossin St- a bricklayer - no wife, but what looks like children living in the same street. Wife was still live 1958..anyway, this can be checked on NSW BDM


I wonder if the LHB's death notice is referring to Hazel as daughter-in-law rather than daughter....

Must get home - have rushed this, so it needs some more thinking applied!


Re: Lydia Henrietta Chidgey whereabouts after 1878?

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 7:31AM GMT
Classification: Query
I'm all of a quiver now!!

How did you find this?

I am soooo pleased Lydia Henrietta was able to make a life for herself. I felt sure she died on the streets unknown in her teens....

Thankyou so much.

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