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Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Posted: 11 Jul 2010 12:59PM GMT
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I am new to German research and as such could use a little help from the more polished researchers in this area. I have several records mentioning births and baptisms in "Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia. What I need to understand is exactly what each of these names is and where they are. In other words I know Posen is a city and a district, but, what is Bromberg Stadt? I can not locate this on any map I have viewed thus far or mapquest. The records are from about 1860-1890ish if this helps as I know the former Prussian state went thru many iterations over many centuries. Any help appreciated.

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Re: Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 12:47PM GMT
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Unless you want a more detailed history lesson (I'll try if you do), put simply, that part of Prussia is now Poland and Bromberg is now Bydgoszcz, not too far from Posen which is nowadays Poznan. Posen was both province and city, so what you are saying is, Bromberg in Posen province. Prussia was the state in the German Empire. Try googling Bromberg and you will find quite a lot of background. Hope this helps.

Re: Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Posted: 18 Jul 2010 10:11AM GMT
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Surnames: w.lambrecht
Hi my name is wolfgang
Bromberg is German,it is the capital of Woidwodschaft Kujawien Pommern in Poland.100KM NE from Posen&140KM South from Danzig.BYDGOSZCZ is the polish name 4 Bromberg.Look atBydgoszcz-Wikipedia(GOOGLE).I hope I was some help to you.I am looking 4 the Lambrechts around the year 1860 plus&minus.Around Alt Chrisburg,Mortung there are in Poland. Regards Wolfgang
my email is

Re: Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Posted: 29 Aug 2010 10:19AM GMT
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As stated by the other writers, Bromberg is the German name for the former Prussian city that is now Bydgoszcz, Poland.
The Kingdom of Prussia had a system of provinces and municipalities like any other government.
In your case, "Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia":

Bromberg Stadt = Bromberg City
(Provinz) Posen = Province of Posen
Prussia (i.e. Königreich Preußen) = Kingdom of Prussia

Note that Bromberg was its own kreis (Stadtkreis Bromberg) and also the center of a rural landkreis (Landkreis Bromberg) as well as a larger administrative region of the same name("Bromberg Regierungsbezirke).

The usual hierarchy of municipalities in Prussia was like this:
Königreich Preußen = Kingdom of Prussia;
Provinz = Province (e.g. Ostpreußen, Westpreußen, Posen);
Regierungsbezirke = Administrative region;
Kreis (Stadtkreis & Landkreis) = Districts (Urban Districts & Rural Districts [counties]).

These changed over time, so it can be a challenge to get an accurate picture of situation on any particular date.
These links may help:

Good luck.

Re: Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Posted: 30 Aug 2010 2:56PM GMT
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I think you know where to find the city of Bromberg now. Maybe the following map is helpful, too:

Have already heard of the so-called Poznan Project? Here http.// you can find indexed marriage records from quite a few Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran parishes in the 19th century.

Regards from Germany,

Re: Bromberg Stadt, Posen, Prussia - help defining

Posted: 30 Aug 2010 2:58PM GMT
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