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looking for Arrudas from Hawaii

looking for Arrudas from Hawaii

Rachel Arruda (View posts)
Posted: 28 Feb 2000 10:39PM GMT
Hello. I am just beginning to search for family members. Most of the Arruda family still lives in Hawaii (the big island)today. However, my grandfather, Edward, lives in Western Washington. Edward was born on the big island in 1920. I believe he had 3 siblings, however there might be more. They lived on a sugar plantation. If you by chance know or are related to my grandfather, I would love to hear from you and be able to pass your names along to him. Reuniting with some old family members would be a great surprise for his upcoming 80th birthday! Thank you very much!

Some more info. about my family

Rachel Arruda (View posts)
Posted: 24 Mar 2000 4:24PM GMT
I found some more information out about my family that might trigger some information with some of you. My grandfather, Edward Arruda has one brother, Frank, and one sister, Elizabeth, both of whom have passed away within the last 5 years. Also, I found out he grew up in Hilo, Hawaii. He is full blooded Portuguese, along with his mother and father. His parents also died around 1955-1960. Hopefully this information will bring about some new information. Thank you.

Arruda From South Brazil

Jebert Francisco Cunha de Arruda (View posts)
Posted: 11 May 2000 9:28PM GMT
I"m write in Portuguese, ok?
Eu moro em Balneário Camboriú (Camboriú Beach), Sul do Brasil e minha família mora na Cidade de Fortaleza, Estado do Ceará, Nordeste do Brasil. Meu avô (Grandfather)é CRISANTO JOSÉ DE ARRUDA. Meu pai chama-se FRANCISCO CORREIA DE ARRUDA.

Arruda Family in Hawaii

Posted: 3 Jun 2000 12:46PM GMT
Edited: 2 Feb 2002 7:42AM GMT
Hi Rachel. I am curious if we may be related, possibly. My great grandparents were Mary August Arruda and John Veriato. They were from Portugal or the Azores but most say from the Azores. They traveled by sea to Brazil and then Hawaii, they had two children John b.1915 and Deolinda b.1917. Deolinda or Linda was my grandmother. Mary August and John parted ways and Mary August went on to remarry and had many other children. My grandmother Linda was born in Hilo, Hawaii. She had half brothers and sisters whom I really know very little about other than hearing a name or two now and then but the names I know of are Eddie, Elizabeth, Jane, Lillian, Harriet? and then of course her brother John. I know there are others. Elizabeth passed away within I think the last 6 years. My mother Carolyn (Elizabeth's neice) spoke of Elizabeth often. I have contact with Jane whom I found about a year ago and she says she cannot find her brother Eddie. She doesn't know where he is and has been gone a long time and would like to find him. Could this be the same family do you think?

Arruda Family

Allison Speaks (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jun 2000 3:51PM GMT
Hi,my mother is from the Arruda family in Hilo, Hawaii. She 1 of 16 brothers and sisters. My grandfather was Emanuel Arruda and my grandmothers name was Mable. Most of them still live in Hilo, but my mother lives in Michigan (Manuelleen Arruda-Law) and has a brother who lives in Oregon, Dayton Arruda. My Aunt who still lives in Hilo has done an extensive family tree dateing back to the 1700s I think. As soon as I can get her e-mail address, I can give it to you if you would like.


Arruda Family

Rachel Arruda (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jun 2000 4:44PM GMT
Thank you for the information Allison. I would really appreciate that family tree information you have, I wouldnt be surprised if there was at least a few crossovers with realitives. My grandfather grew up in Hilo. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Arruda Family in Hawaii

Rachel Arruda (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jun 2000 4:47PM GMT
The information you provided I havent heard in my family. HOwever, I will copy and send your reply to my grandfather who would better be able to say if there is any relation. Thanks for your reply though and I will respond as soon as I hear and know more.

Arruda Family

Allison (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jun 2000 7:04PM GMT
I will write my auntie tonight and have her e-mail me the info for you. Just talked to my mother, she said alot of people were taken in hilo in 1959 when the tidel wave came. Then the family moved to Mt View. in hawaii. She also said that my grandfather had relatives on Kaui. I will write back soon

Arruda family in Hawaii

Posted: 6 Jun 2000 7:24PM GMT
Edited: 2 Feb 2002 7:42AM GMT
Hi Rachel,

I received more information about my Arruda family. Arruda may possibly be my great grandmother's married name. Her maiden name may be Silva. Her children are John, Edwin, Elizabeth, Jane, Helen, Jacob, Harriet and Linda. We do have two different families, no connection. I'm sorry but wish you much luck in finding your ancestors.

Best wishes,

Arruda Family in Hawaii

Rachel (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2000 10:06PM GMT
Thank you for the note. I appreciate your quick responses. I too wish you luck in connecting with your ancestors. Thanks again.
Rachel Arruda
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