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Help with translation please 1898

Help with translation please 1898

Posted: 26 Feb 2013 11:11PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have an old script document from 1898 written in "old" German language from my gr gr grandfather. Is anyone able to translate this for me?

Re: Help with translation please 1898

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 6:45AM GMT
Classification: Query
This is a decision by the county court at Eperjes (in former Sáros county of Hungary, today Presov in the Slovak Republic) dated November 12, 1898, which orders changes in the land records ("Grundbuch") for the property at address Hanusfalu No. 32 comprising (farm)house, garden and fields (main property and two parcels of land). The changes in the land records were required because in a sales contract in the USA, a Martin Hudak had agreed to sell his 3/6 (three sixth ... is this 1/2? Or does it say 3/5) interest in the property to a Johann Szmetana and his wife Marie nee Hudak. The measures ordered by the court were that (1) the entry stating that Andreas was not of legal age yet, be deleted and (2) his interest in the property be transferred to Johann and Marie, with the purchase price of 100 florins being highlighted. The sales contract between the two parties had been signed in Pittsburgh on February 18, 1897, and was notary-certified and super-notarized by the Consulate.

At the time of the court decision, both seller and buyer were away. Johann and Marie Szmetana lived as "tenants in America," while Andreas Hudak lived in Gronsburg (not sure of my reading).

The rest of the decree lists persons and entities receiving copies of the court decision, and what was expected from them, if anything. The court also ordered that a German translation be provided of the American sales contract.

The scanning of the document left out several lines between the end of page 1 and start of page 2. More is missing than could be guessed. For instance, the paragraph regarding the number one copy of the decision seems to refer to a person with name Theodore Oszvald.

The decision states that the identity and legal age of Andreas Hudak were supported by a birth certificate of Hanusfalu.

The town of Hanusfalu is likely the place that had the official name Taponyhanusfalva. There was another town named Hanusfalu in neighborig Szepes county. However, since the court and land records were located in Eperjes, and one copy of the decision was going to the Tax Office in Giralt (a district capital in old Sáros county), one may safely assume that the Hudak family home was the Hanusfalu in old Sáros county.

Someone with Hungarian language skills needs to look at the entry at the end of page 2 of the decision, and provide you with the gist of it.

Re: Help with translation please 1898

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 3:02PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you so much for the translation. I think this will help me to find my gr gr grandfather's birth record and his parents names.

Yes, the bottom of the page is missing as my scanner is too small for 11x14 legal size paper. I'll have to get a proper scan of these documents.

Re: Help with translation please 1898

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 6:46PM GMT
Classification: Query
The Hungarian bit at the bottom of the second page is an attestation of the accuracy of the translation.

I think fritzkoe mis-wrote Martin where he meant Andrew -- the Hungarian original makes no mention of a Martin. And I think the denominator of the fraction is an 8, but it could possibly be a 5.
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