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Posted: 14 Jul 2001 12:11PM GMT
Classification: Cemetery
Edited: 16 Jul 2001 11:08PM GMT
Surnames: Newman
Looking for information regarding burial of my great-grandfather, Daniel M. Newman in Hollywood Cemetery on or about June 7, 1929 ( he died on June 4, 1929). I have his death cert. and obit.
- Is there a headstone?
- Is his wife or any other member of the family buried there?
All assistance/information would be deeply appreciated.


Gail (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jul 2001 2:24AM GMT
John: Does the obituary or death certificate list a funeral director? If so, try to contact them. I have found that the information I obtain from their records is far greater than any received from the cemetery. If you post the name of the Funeral Home, I might be able to tell you if they are still in business, and what type of "luck" I have had with
obtaining records from them.


Coleen (View posts)
Posted: 30 Apr 2002 1:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
I also have a few relatives in Hollywood Cemetary. The cemetary in not predominately set up with headstones. Most are flat on the ground and made of brass with built in flower pots. They are very beautiful. I have dealt with office who is also very cooperative. I would call and inquire. The woman who works there is very friendly. Good luck!


Posted: 2 May 2002 1:12PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 25 Feb 2004 11:32PM GMT
It is known as "Hollywood Memorial Cemetery" and it is a well kept cemetery. There only draw back is they now charge for any records. It is $30.00 for the first name and $15.00 per person after that. I just sent out my genealogy form, which they will mail you first, and my money for three records.
1500 Stuyvesant Ave (908) 688-4300


Posted: 1 Mar 2011 3:34PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Klimas, Werthwein, Herfurth, Mathes, Corcoran, Keeley, O'Connor, Brelia
Hi there -

I know this thread it old but in case people are searching. I am having a horrible time dealing with Hollywood Cemetery. And, I saw an article online - "consumer rip off" piece - where a woman in 2009 was charged $70 for the first name and $30 after that!!! I have at least five relatives buried there but likely more so I'm in a quandary. Do you think I should try to find/pay someone who can go there? I live in Baltimore, MD so I could go up at some point, but not soon.

On the flip side, I also have family at Woodland Cemetery and Mary Tish, the genealogist who has made her life's work about Woodland, is amazing. She and I worked together to work out details on my ancestors buried there. Turns out that there were 3 and knew and - get this - 17 I didn't know of!!! 13 were, sob, babies and children that didn't live to see 1 years old.

So, I find cemetery records to be essential, but I am frustrated with Hollywood Cemetery.



Posted: 1 Mar 2011 9:03PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello Alexa,
I "googled" Hollywood Cemetery in Union a little while ago because I wanted to find a map of the cemetery hoping to see where my parents are buried because I am going to a memorial service there tomorrow, and I would like to visit my parents' grave. I happened to see your post and I'm sure someone from Hollywood will be at the memorial so if there is something you would like me to find out for you, I will be more than happy to do so - no charge.

Elaine Del Vecchio


Posted: 1 Mar 2011 9:33PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Elaine -

Oh, wow, that would be amazing and so kind and generous of you!

I would love to find out the members of the Werthwein family buried at Hollywood and/or any more specifics on their interment records.

I know that my 2nd Great Grandmother Bertha Werthwein (nee Rau; Race or Rose - we don't know! DOD 5/25/37, Date of Interment 5/28/37) was buried there so any details you could find there would be wonderful (or even photos of her grave).

I know also that Jacob Werthwein (DOD 12/15/56, DOI 12/17/56) and his wife Helen (nee Bergmann) Werthwein (DOD 5/11/61, DOI 5/15/61) are there, possibly near Bertha (or each other) but I don't know any more than that.

And, in general, there are other Werthweins that I believe all to be at Hollywood, specifically:
- Frederick Werthwein (my 2nd Grandfather, Bertha's husband, likely died 1937 - 1939 so that's a key one for us to find out)
- August Werthwein Hochstaedter (daughter of Frederick and Bertha)
- A baby Werthwein, born 1890, died 1891, likely a Fred or Frederick Woerthwein/Werthwein

In general, I believe it to be the main resting location of the Werthwein family. (We also have Herfurth and Mathes family members, but I am less sure if they are in Hollywood.)

I appreciate your offer and have NO expectations for results - I understand you are already there for a memorial service (my condolences) and looking for your parents' graves. So, please don't feel any obligation but I do appreciate you taking the information just in case.

You are a wonderful person to reach out to me!

Thank you -

PS You don't know the Werthwein family, do you? My grandparents, Chris and Rita, lived in North Plainfield and I always heard about Del Vecchios. I thought they may also have had some daughters that were my mother's age or around there - my mother and her sisters were Kathy, Joan, Claire and Patty Werthwein. Just thought I'd ask! :-)


Posted: 1 Mar 2011 10:11PM GMT
Classification: Query
So glad you saw my message. I left a phone message on someones' phone also named Alexa Corchoran so I guess it's not you. I will print the E-mail and bring it with me so I have the information with me. Hopefully I will at least find out how you can obtain the information you are looking for and hopefully at no cost to you. It was so ironic that I wound up on the site just by googling Hollywood Cemetary and see your message posted today! I read another post stating to contact the Funeral Home but maybe you don't even know the name of the funeral homes.
Also I don't know anyone from North Plainfield and DelVecchio is a very common name in New Jersey. I'll write a post tomorrow to let you know what happened.


Posted: 1 Mar 2011 10:18PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 1 Mar 2011 10:34PM GMT

Thank you so so much! I actually just got home from picking my girls up at school and got the voicemail, so you found me! You're a good sleuth there yourself!

I thought the funeral homes were a good tip and I'm trying to get in touch with them for the three I know about. It's slow going! I can't even get obituaries from here (MD) for the Star Ledger in NJ, so it makes it tough to find out much.

I appreciate *anything* you might find out - thank you SO much!



Posted: 1 Mar 2011 11:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
You're welcome, Alexa. I hope I can find something out for you tomorrow even if it's instructions as to how to go about it the most cost efficient way. lol - a sleuth I am.
I have a "way" of finding out information and I enjoy doing it. I'll post a reply and give you a call. Ironically I just saw on the local news that a man got killed yesterday right at the exit on the Garden State Parkway - Exit 138 for Hollywood Cemetery. A tire came off a car going northbound and went through his windshield and killed him instantly but his daughter in the passenger seat was saved.
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