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info in the Barnett family in South Carolina

info in the Barnett family in South Carolina

Posted: 23 Nov 2000 4:59PM GMT
Edited: 28 Feb 2004 1:12AM GMT
i have traced my family to Henry Arthur Barnett and
Flora Mahaffey .. I know Henry H Barnett was wither his father
ot grandfather .. they lived around greenville SC .. I would
Love any info

Barnette's of Greenville,SC

Posted: 26 Nov 2000 9:31AM GMT
Edited: 27 Jun 2001 2:49AM GMT
I am searching the Barnett / Barnette's also. I was at New Liberty Baptist Church on Hwy 25 in Northern Greenville County last Wednesday searching for for my gggrandfather, James R. (Street) Barnette. I found a Henry H. Barnette b.May 5, 1842 d.May 8, 1901 wife of Jane Chiles b.Oct. 16, 1845 d.July 1, 1932. However, I did not find James. I don't know if this would be the Henry H. you are looking for, unless he was possibly married twice.What are the other Barnette's you have info on or searching for? I would gladly share info.


Posted: 26 Nov 2000 10:41AM GMT
Edited: 28 Feb 2004 1:12AM GMT
thank you so much for the information you sent me !!
the only information i have so far is on my great grandparents
Hnery Arthur Barnett wife Flora Mahaffey
then info you sent me on Henry H is his father
Is there any chance you spoke to my aunt Helen Harris there in Greenville?
I know she spoke to someone there who is researching the family.
i do have a United Daughters of the Confederacy certificate showing Henry H was
a Sargent in the Tennessee Calvary and his daughter
Elizabeth Barnett Leawrence was inducted into the UDC chapter
in Greenville in 1926. IF you come across anymore PLEASE let me know and i will of course
do the same

Thank you
Carol Chambers

Barnett / Barnette's

Posted: 26 Nov 2000 5:25PM GMT
Edited: 27 Jun 2001 2:49AM GMT
Hi Carol,
Sorry, it wasn't me that talked to your Aunt.
However, maybe I should, she may be able to give me some hints as how our Barnett's may be connected. There is no doubt in my mind they are related, but how I don't know. Most of the SC Barnett's are from the Marietta, Cleveland, Slater, New Liberty, Cross Plains and Glassy Mountain area,in which all are in the Northern Greenville County area within a 5 mile radious. There is a group of Barnett's from Spatanburg area with no relation to mine, they seemed to have migrated from the middle of the state in the 1700s.I would like to talk to your Aunt. You can email me with her number or email me with your email address and I will give you my number for her to contact me.
Keith Dorn
Lyman, SC
Posted: 26 Nov 2000 6:25PM GMT
Edited: 28 Feb 2004 1:12AM GMT
my email is

Barnetts in South Carolina

Posted: 28 Nov 2000 3:28PM GMT
Edited: 4 Dec 2001 11:49PM GMT
My great-grandfather was Irvin Yancy Barnett. He was born May 31, 1813, in South Carolina. I do not know the location. He died May 19, 1903. He had four sons. William Ezekial was my grandfather. He died before my birth. My grandfather, was born March 12, 1849. He died September 24, 1924. Yancy's other children were sons Asa (1823-1897), James (1808-1863). The daughers were: Lucinda Davis. Pansy McClure, Elvira, Sharah Ann Herman, Eliza White. Yancy's mother was Mary Ann Trobough - born in 1821. I do not have the location, although I have been told she was of Holland Dutch lineage. Yancy's father was Ezekiel (1777 - 1871). His mother was Olive Montgomery. The birth information I have for her is incongruent with the other information that I have provided in this letter. Maybe this information will be of some help. Let me know!
Posted: 30 Nov 2000 8:12PM GMT
Edited: 27 Jun 2001 2:49AM GMT
So far I have not ran across those names. I am going to hold on to them. There could be a link. Thanks, Keith

Barnett Name

Posted: 3 Dec 2000 11:10AM GMT
Edited: 28 Nov 2001 3:01AM GMT
Hi Keith, I too am related to the Barnetts. I am a Barnett Blood. I was told by my grandparents my relatives are out of Ky, Tenn., NC, SC area and Ok, Tx, Ga as well. Could we be related???? I have Barnett names and other relatives I am related to . I was also told I have Cherokee blood in my on my G-Grandmothers side. I know I do everyone ask me all the time if I am Native American I guess it really shows. hehehehe Oh well just curious I guess to see if you or others could be related to me as they never really would talk about there family. Happy hunting Deborah :-)
Posted: 3 Dec 2000 5:35PM GMT
Edited: 27 Jun 2001 2:49AM GMT
It's possible there could be a relation on the SC line. What were some of your names from SC?
Keith dorn

Barnett name

Posted: 4 Dec 2000 2:01PM GMT
Edited: 28 Nov 2001 3:01AM GMT
Hi Keith, I really don't have a clue, I do know that I am related to Browns, Barnetts cause I am a Barnett, Perryman, Downing, Taylor, Moore, they were all native american. and lived all over from NC, SC, FLa., Ky, Tenn, Ala., Ga, Tx, and Ok some even in Calif too. Who knows your guess is as good as mine, I only have names Oh and there was even a Mississippi there too. Sorry I couldn't be of any help! :-( Happy hunting Deborah
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