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Andrew Christy in North Carolina

Andrew Christy in North Carolina

Posted: 5 Sep 1999 10:24AM GMT
Edited: 21 Aug 2001 3:01PM GMT
I am researching my Christy heritage. My 3rd greatgrandfather, Richard Christy was born in Iredell County NC in 1790, married in 1823 to Nancy Downs in Rowan Co NC. My 4th greatgrandfather, Andrew Christy was born in 1745 in Rowan Co NC(?)My 5th greatgrandfather Andrew Christy Sr was born ? and died prior to 1790. He was awarded 260 A of land on Grants creek on 10 oct 1783, State grant #628. Andrew Sr does not appear on the 1790 census however his two sons Andrew Jr and Joseph do appear along with "Widow Christy". My problems are several. I am stuck with finding additional information regarding Andrew Christy Sr.
My questions are as follows regarding Andrew Christy Sr:
1. Does anyone have any information regarding his marriage? Was it to Ann?. Where? When?
2. Does amyone have any records of any other children besides Andrew Jr and Joseph?
3. Does anyone have any clues as to whether Andrew was born in NC or did he migrate from elsewhere? Where?
4.Does anyone have any records that might lead me to his place of birth?
My questions regarding Andrew Jr are as follows:
1.Does anyone have any records that might lead to his exact date of birth?
2.Does anyone know of any records of his marriage? Where?When? To whom?
3. He is listed on the 1800 and 1810 census for Iredell Co NC and on the 1820 census for Hendricks Co IN. Does anyone have information regdarding the route of migration from NC to IN?
I will appreciate any assistance and will be happy to share any information that I have.
Thank You Raymond A Christy

Andrew Christy

Posted: 19 Sep 1999 12:53AM GMT
Edited: 29 Dec 2001 8:05PM GMT may have some info that
would help you. He is the one who has done the


cathy (View posts)
Posted: 3 Oct 1999 12:46PM GMT
Raymond if you have a Sam or Samual, Cass Everly
or Ada Louise Christy in your ancesty you may
contact me at

christy family

Posted: 8 Oct 1999 9:48AM GMT
Edited: 21 Aug 2001 3:01PM GMT
sorry cathy but i don't have those christys that you listed but i do have a lot of information on a christy line beginning circa1735 with andrew christy. i will be happy to share that with you and perhaps we can uncover a common line

Christy Family

Cathy (View posts)
Posted: 8 Oct 1999 3:37PM GMT
I would be greatful. I seem to have hit a
dead end. My great grandmother was Hannah
Jane Welden she had twin sisters Amma and
Dmma (one died in her 30's from Cancer. Her
brothers name was Charles. She married Cassie
Everly Christy. His parents were Sam Christy
and Martha White. She had four children Harry
Otto, Inman Farrel (pass away at 2 months),
Ada Louise and Aaron Wayne.

Thank you
Cathy Evans

Andrew Christy

Posted: 12 Jan 2000 10:06AM GMT
Edited: 10 Aug 2003 3:53AM GMT
Greetings Cousin! I am also a descendant of Andrew and Andrew Sr. I have hit the same dead end in my search as well. I live in Indianaplis and plan to make a trip to the cemetary where Andrew Jr. is buried in Bloomington, Indiana. If I learn anything from my visist I will be happy to pass it along. My fourth greatgrandfather was Andrew Jr's son, John Christy. It is my speculation that Andrew traveled to Indiana with John and his wife when they were married in 1816. I base this speculation on the fact that John and Lucinda Brown were married in Rowan county, NC in 1816, and their first child was born in Owen County, IN in 1817. Andrew died and was buried in nearby Bloomington, IN in 1822. Please let me know if I can be of any more help, and if you have gained any furher knowledge of the Andrew or Andrew Sr, please pass it on to me. Thanks, Brian Christy


Cathy (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 2000 8:34AM GMT
Since your reply I found a few more names maybe
you will reconize.
Samuel Christy born in Indiana Feb 5, 1831
died in Chanler Ok. Oct. 29 1894 married Martha
White born Ireland Feb 6 1831 died in Garrett Ark.
Nov 5 1924. One child I know of Cass (Cassie)
Everly Christy born in Iowa in 1871 died in Hot
Springs Calif. 1959. Cass married Hanna Jane
Welden on Dec. 6 1893 in Kansas. Their children
were Ada Louise, Harry Otto, Aaron Wayne, and
Iman Farrel who died young.
Hope this clears thing up


Cathy (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 2000 8:45AM GMT
I also have a Christy from Indiania. His name
is Samuel born Feb 5 1831 and died in Chanler Okaloma
Oct 29 1894. Do you think there could be any

Christys in Indiana

Posted: 17 Jan 2000 1:45PM GMT
Edited: 10 Aug 2003 3:53AM GMT
Cathy, I am not aware of a familial tie to Samuel Christy. I will do a little research to see if I can find one. There were a number of Christys in the sate at that time, with roots to several parts of the country. Thanks for your response. Brian Christy

andrew christy

Posted: 26 Jan 2000 2:16PM GMT
Edited: 21 Aug 2001 3:01PM GMT
brian-- i do have some information about andrews' burial and a copy of a newspaper clipping regrarding it. i also have copies of his will and the probate. i will be happy to send you these by snail mail as i do not have a scanner. let me know if you would like this information. raymond christy
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