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New FAMILY tree limb

New FAMILY tree limb

Posted: 17 Jul 2002 3:11AM GMT
I am from the Ibarrondo of San Sebastian Puerto Rico from el barrio de
Guajataca Collazo, my father name is Luis Ibarrondo-Fuentes my grandmother’s name was Lydia Fuentes Cardona and my grandfather name is (Cisco Ibarrondo) 2 Nov.1912 to 1 May.1970. His legal name was Francisco Ibarrondo Bientos. I was told that his father name was Antonio Ibarrondo who came from (Vasco Spain) with his father Tomas Ibarrondo and Three brothers Angel, Donato, Rufino, a 4th brother Jose who stayed back in Spain and A 5TH brother was born in PR. Bernardo Ibarrondo. My Great grandfather Antonio had 14 children, Rafael, Alf redo, Alfonzo, Antonio, Angel Homero, Thomas, Milagros, Ana, Luz Maria, Ping, Encarna, Gloria, Jasinto ½ brother and Francisco who had 9 children. Quiero y ESPERO SABER MAS DE USTEDES somos todos familia my
E-mail is IBSTORM1@HOTMAIL.COM my address is.



Posted: 11 Jul 2003 2:34AM GMT
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Re: New FAMILY tree limb

Posted: 31 Jan 2004 3:59AM GMT
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Edited: 3 Feb 2004 1:29AM GMT
I really don't know how you are sure that thomas de ibarrondo was the father of rufino, donato and bernardo. prove me that bernardo was born in pr. I can prove you that Rufino Ibarrondo was born in san sebastian, PR and that his father was not thomas but juan de dios ibarrondo and his mom was cecilia lopez. I have to recognized that you were right when you said that we are from san sebastian, not from las marias because mi aunt filomena ibarrondo was refering to marcos ibarrondo, but she did not know that rufino ibarrondo was born in s.s. the problem was that our ancestors used only one name instead of two. the real name of rufino was juan rufino ibarrondo lopez but he always used rufino. my aunt was wrong telling me that rufino was 104 years old, now she said that bernardo was the one who died when he was 104 years old. well, I do not have a record and I have no idea where donato or bernardo were born because my aunt said the were born on las marias and my grandfather told me that donato was born in spain. for me thomas is not donato's father but juan de dios ibarrondo and cecilia lopez. I think I am right so for me my great-great-grandfather was juan de dios ibarrondo who was also father of bernardo. I got the proof from rufino's birthday record and social segurity. he was born in san sebastian, but he used to live in mayaguez with my aunt filomena ibarrondo and her father marcos ibarrondo. I really enjoyed all the information you can provide me and I will request a lot of ibarrondo's ss death records to tell you exactly who fathered who. i really appreciated all the contributions all ibarrondo has made to this site. I also was told that ibarrondo is only one family but how come filomena never met your grandfather nor considered him her family....maybe because all ibarrondos dispersed around PR and NY. I can tell that when there are problems the ibarrondos like to segregated themselves because I have seen that since I was a little girl. my uncle felix ibarrondo bonilla had a lover named gloria lamberty and they had 2 sons silverio and heriberto ibarrondo and they were given up for adoption because felix already had a wife and 7 children iraida, raul, ricardo, alfonso, migdalia, liz, ramon, maria and one daughter who died baby. thank you dear cousin. love from ny
Posted: 4 Feb 2004 11:46PM GMT
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Edited: 7 Feb 2004 9:40PM GMT
Surnames: Angel Ibarrondo from Yauco, PR
Dear karen r. ibarrondo:
I have to tell you that maybe there were more than two rufino ibarrondo because the rufino who was my uncle he is not the son of thomas ibarrondo nor brother of angel nor antonio. the rufino related to my family in mayaguez for whom i got his birth certificate was son to juan de dios ibarrondo and cecilia lopez and he was born in san sebastian, pr , not spain as people keep saying. anyway maybe angel was cousin to donato and bernardo but my family never knew no antonio nor angel but i really believe what your mom told you that angel escaped from his abusive father and end it up in yauco. i know a few ibarrondo that have acted the same way separating from their families. i have not legal evidence about were bernardo nor donato were born maybe they really came from spain, but who can prove it? good luck and nice talking to you.
mary ibarrondo

Karen R. Ibarrondo

Posted: 3 Jan 2005 2:17PM GMT
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Surnames: angel ibarrondo from yauco
I have good info on angel ibarrondo email me at

Re: New FAMILY tree limb

Migdalia Ibarrondo (View posts)
Posted: 29 May 2005 11:41AM GMT
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Hi, I was reading your Info. when doing some Ibarrondo search . I have been interested for years in knowing my ancestral background. I too have family in San Sebastian , PR. in el barrio Cibao. My grandfather was Rufino Ibarrondo and his father was Juan Bautista Ibarrondo. I have been told alot as a child that my family was from the Basque region of Spain. I will be in Puerto Rico for two weeks this summer gathering info. on my people in San Sebastian . I have one great-aunt left there Virginia Ibarrondo and i'm talking to her. I would love to hear back from you . I believe we are cousins!

from Delaware , Migdalia

Re: New FAMILY tree limb

Katherine Ibarrondo (View posts)
Posted: 25 Aug 2005 2:55AM GMT
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I am also an Ibarrondo. My father is Miguel Angel Ibarrondo, he resides in Puerto Rico. I never really got to know my family, but I would love to get in touch with any relatives. All I know is that my father's father was from spain. I would really like to learn more.

Re: New FAMILY tree limb

Posted: 16 Nov 2005 1:53AM GMT
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Posted: 22 Jul 2010 5:15PM GMT
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Soy fernando Carmona te acuerdas de mi? por favor llama-me @ 270-352-4346. Quiero saber como etas todo contigo... Cuidate


Re: New FAMILY tree limb

Posted: 17 Sep 2010 8:40PM GMT
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Hi Luis,
I am also from the Ibarrondo family. I was born in Ponce Puerto Rico on 8/02/1978. My mom is Leticia Torres Irizarry and my Dad is Miguel Angel Ibarondo. I dont know much about my dad and his parents/grandparents but am very curious to find out more. Maybe you and i are somehow related =).

my email is:
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