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[Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

[Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

wright (View posts)
Posted: 20 Dec 2001 8:14AM GMT
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Edited: 27 Jul 2005 4:36AM GMT
Geneaology of family and wanting to know about my great grand father charles who was a US Naval Soldier that migrated during the storm in 1889 in apia ..Curious to know where he originated from ...I am striving to know and had a difficult time looking up his naval records because he was gentlemen of (Color) So they called it during that period... African American to be more precise Thank you ...During the Civil War movement it it difficult to trace records of men of color so Here I am on My Journey ..Any relatives or Info is Much Ablige....

Much Alofa...

Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Manaia (View posts)
Posted: 21 Feb 2006 9:28AM GMT
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Sale or Charles WRIGHT:
b. About 1889 , Samoa, Pacific Islands
m. About 1913 Malie,Upolu, , Samoa, Pacific Islands
Father: VAO

Tautiaga SALUSALU or FAAMAU (sic)
b. About 1891 , Samoa, Pacific Islands
Father: Faamau SALUSALU
Mother: Faafoi VUI

b. 1914 Pesega,Upolu, , Samoa, Pacific Islands


Father: Charlie WRIGHT
Mother: Tautiaga SALUSALU
Pati Salanoa Wright
Piva Aumatagi Wright
Pita Tagoai Wright
Aleki Wright
Faitafa Wright

Data per IGI. No FAAMAUSILII found, yet there is FAAMAUSILI as a first and/or last name.

b. About 1877 , Samoa, Pacific Islands
m. About 1900 , Samoa, Pacific Islands
William Saipaia BANSE

How do you pronounce the first name - "Sale"? And is there an English word equivalent to the name "Sale"?


Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Christine Liava'a (View posts)
Posted: 25 Feb 2006 2:13AM GMT
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Sale (Sar- lay) = Charlie = Charles

Wilhelm Banse born 5 Sept 1880 in Hanover, Germany , died 30 Cct 1901 in Apia- Imperial Chief Post assistant and Government Secretary , buried in Tufiopa Cemetery, Apia

Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Posted: 27 Feb 2006 3:31PM GMT
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Hello Christine:

We'll keep it quiet for now till I can gather more info re which came first? Sale? Charlie?

As always, Sofua,

Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Posted: 7 Jun 2010 12:32AM GMT
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ummm id thid pita by any weo this is my great grandfather also

Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Posted: 3 Sep 2010 10:09AM GMT
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Surnames: Wright

Wow this is great. My name is Margaret Wright and my grandfather is Pati Salanoa Wright, my dad's name is Sale Salanoa Wright. I never knew of my grandfathers siblings, nor his parents. I thank you Manaia for this very important information that you've posted, and i look forward to meeting more of my family members.

Soifua ma ia manuia :)

Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Posted: 25 Jan 2012 4:07AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Faamausili , Wright
Hi All,

Now i am confused, but very informative.

Charles must of had more than 1 wife.
Our geneology which is also on here and still been searched.

Greatgrandmother : Siolosega Williams Faamausili ( malie)
Dad: Faamausili Utupo Williams
Mum: Faasalauta

Married to my,
Greatgrandfather : Seuseu Charles Wright ( German )
Sisters: Margaret, Evelyn ?, Katarina
Brothers: Aviga ?, Vincent

Thats all I'm aware of.

Children: Faalepo, Aviga, Osooso, Asovale, Peter,Utupo, Siauiluga, Poutu, Salale

I am the grandaughter of Osooso Seuseu Wright Vaotuua from Malie/Afega.

Sale is the Samoan translation for Charles but they then added it to be Salale.

This is pronounced Sah-leh or Sah-lah-leh

Margaret is a very common name within our family
NOt sure how the Faamausili is linked.

Please advise on more.


Re: [Charles Sale] WRIGHT m. Tautiaga FA'AMAUSILII

Posted: 20 Oct 2013 11:35PM GMT
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Edited: 5 Nov 2013 8:32PM GMT
Surnames: Faamausili Banse

Thank you for sharing this information.

I am particularly looking for more information about Wilhelm Banse, who was married to Tautiaga Faamausili, and their only child and son also named Wilhelm Banse (born 1901).

Wilhelm Banse (My grandfather's father) married Isabel Fruean, and my Grandfather was the eldest son from that marriage - hence his name Wilhelm Faamausili Banse.

Any further information on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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