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Henry Dorsett IN>IL

Henry Dorsett IN>IL

Posted: 10 Dec 2000 2:18AM GMT
Edited: 19 Aug 2001 1:52AM GMT
My ggrandfather was Henry Dorsett who married Alice Weddell, I believe, in English,IN which may be near Anderson. Alice Weddell's mother was,I was told, a Lafoon who came from KY Henry and Alice had a pair of twin boys who died in infancy. Their daughters, Mary Emmaline and Myrtle Annette Dorsett, were born near the turn of the last century. Do any of these names sound familiar to anyone? I'd sure appreciate your help.


Posted: 20 Dec 2000 11:29PM GMT
Edited: 18 Aug 2001 6:14AM GMT
I would have to dig out the information that I have gathered to check on the names you have listed, but I had a cousin who was a Colonal in the army who was from somewhere in IL. If this name is familiar, contact me, and I shall dig out the information that I have compiled.
Posted: 21 Dec 2000 3:35AM GMT
Edited: 19 Aug 2001 1:52AM GMT
I don't understand your message...if what name is familiar? My Dorsett relative was my great-grandfather, Henry Dorsett, married to Alice Weddell and father to Mary Emmaline and Myrtle Annette Dorsett. Henry was a railroad foreman and the family lived in English and Anderson Indiana, Litchfield IL and Clarksdale,IL. That's really all I have so far. I hope it's enough to get started in learning about that side of my "roots".


Posted: 27 Dec 2000 3:20AM GMT
Edited: 18 Aug 2001 6:14AM GMT
I'm sorry, the name I was wanting to know if it might be familiar is Harold Dorsett. He was a Colonal in the army when I had last knew, about 1965. I do think that I have the wrong link here though, and I apologize. I have found some of my family links though, and hope you do the same.


Posted: 27 Dec 2000 11:18AM GMT
Edited: 19 Aug 2001 1:52AM GMT
Thank you for your email. I have just begun researching the Dorset line which would be the paternal side of my grandmother's family. I have been rather successful with my Harris line but since I am in such early stages I am printing out any emails I receive re Dorset to go into a folder to be answered if/when I have a few more concrete "clues" to, perhaps, share. At this point the only Dorset name I have is that of my great-grandfather, Henry Dorsett, who was a railroad foreman and who lived in Indiana, Oak ? (something) Missouri, Litchfield IL and Clarksdale IL near Taylorville in the central part of the state of Illinois. He married Alice Weddell who was from English Indiana and they had two daughters, Mary Emmaline (my grandmother) and Myrtle Annette. Both of them died in Taylorville,IL in the early 1980's. Since Dorsett is not nearly as common a name as Harris I do hope I'll be able to find some basic ties to other Dorsetts, Dorsets. Keep me in mind if you make any discovereies which link to IN>MO>IL. Good luck in sleuthing for Dorsetts (Dorsets)!

Marian Alice Andrea Harris (known as Andrea)

Henry Dorsett

Posted: 31 Dec 2000 10:18AM GMT
Edited: 9 Jul 2001 11:17PM GMT
Dear Andrea, English, IN is on Rt37 about 30 mi. south of Martin and Laurence Cos. I think you'll find Henry's boyhood in either of those couty's early census if you know his birth date. Those Dorsetts moved from Chatham Co. NC about 1840 and Henry was a popular name with them going back to Francis's son b. about 1765. I hope you're near a good library with census indices. J.E.Cox

Re: J.E. Cox response re Henry Dorsett

Posted: 31 Dec 2000 10:49AM GMT
Edited: 19 Aug 2001 1:52AM GMT
Thank you so much for your response. I am going to try to obtain the census online.Henry must have been born around the mid 1800s. His daughter, my grandmother,Mary Emmaline Dorsett, was born in 1888 and died in Taylorville,IL in 1980. I mainly use online resources since I'm wayyyyy out here in the middle of the Pacific Hawaii. You've given me three points of info I didn't know that I expect will be very helpful.Happy New Year to you and your family! Andrea Harris
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