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Nyhus Family

Nyhus Family

Posted: 27 Dec 2000 12:11PM GMT
Edited: 8 Sep 2001 10:55PM GMT
hi, Interested in researching Nyhus family
tree. My great-grandfather Ole Nyhus came to
Minnesota in 1800's with his father. Lived first
near Fillmore Co., then Lac qui Parle Co.. Then
moved to North Dakota. Will share research info
I have with anyone interested. thanks Carol

Nyhus History

sue sherette (View posts)
Posted: 15 Jan 2001 7:15AM GMT
I am researching family history and I would like to find out the location(town) where my Gr. Grandfather Hans Peter Nyhus was born in Norway. His birthdate was March 10, 1850. He married Marte Johannesdatter (born April 1, 1853), she was from Vardal, Oppland, Norway. I would like contact with anyone who might have any information on the location, possibly someone in Norway? Thank you, Sue
Posted: 15 Jan 2001 6:17PM GMT
Edited: 8 Sep 2001 10:55PM GMT
Hi, My branch of Nyhus's came from Ostre
Toten, Norway near Lake Miosa. Since the
name Nyhus means New House in Norwegian, at
least this is what I was is a name that
is seen in all regions of Norway. I wish you
luck with your search and if I can be of any
help please ask. Carol

Nyhus family

sue sherette (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 2001 5:15PM GMT
Hi Carol,I am gathering family history info and wanted to print a booklet.We went to Norway in 1999, but I did't know where my Gr.Grandpa came from. Do you know how to find an ancestor in Norway? Did you check relatives in Hatton or Portland,N.D.? Sue

Nyhus Family

Posted: 17 Jan 2001 5:34PM GMT
Edited: 8 Sep 2001 10:55PM GMT
As far as I know my Great-grandfather
Ole Jorgenson Nyhus was the only one of his
family to move to North Dakota and he lived
near Berwick and his son Leonard Nyhus lived
in Rugby and grandson Lester was superintendent
of schools in Devils Lake.Ole's father had me
perplexed for a long time..I couldn't dig
up a death cert. for him in N.D., S.D., or Minn
then had Forrest Brown from St. Olaf College
do a search for me and he found out where they
had come from in Norway and then Jorgen
had moved BACK to Norway and died there.So no wonder
I couldn't find him!! have you found your
great-grandfather's death certificate?? or Obit??
Lots of times they will list where they came from
in Norway..Otherwise there are the Lags..something
like Sons of Norway..they usually have a
genealogist...if you have an idea of the region
I might be able to find the address of the right
lag for you... Is it Oppland?? Let me know
if I can help you further. Also used to keep
in touch with a gal from southern Minnesota
who was researching Nyhus's...I can see if I can find her
address for you...maybe you are from her branch??
Take care!! Carol

Nyhus History

Sue Sherette (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jan 2001 5:49PM GMT
Hi Carol, I didn't know there were so many People with the Nyhus Surname. My Gr.Grandmother Marte Johannesdatter came from Vardal, Oppland, Norway. That's what was on a family history sheet that a relative had done. Gr. Grandfather Hans Nyhus immigrated to the U.S. in 1883 and Gr.Grandmother Martha came with the four children in 1884. They lived and died in Polk County, Minn. Where do you find the Lags? I could look them up or do you have to go to a geneologist? I haven't been very helpful to you on your search. I suppose you did a Nyhus people search? I think it is so exciting when I find a clue or link to my anscestors. I have not had much luck with just looking at the different web sites for family history. Most you have to pay a fee and I suppose I might have to in order to get somewhere. I did have a pleasant surprise about a year ago, on this same message board a relative was looking for "us" and I happened to see it and answered her. I never thought about checking the obituary or the death certificate. I will have to try that. The Court House for that is about 30 miles away, so will have to do that next week. I live in Minnesota, do you also? I have had my computer about a year and sometimes I don't use it that much, (mostly to E-mail)but now I am curious to see if I have a responce to my messages. Thanks. Sue
Posted: 19 Jan 2001 6:31PM GMT
Edited: 8 Sep 2001 10:55PM GMT
Hi, Sue, Contact me at : give you my
name and address there. Thanks Carol

Ole Nyhus

Lynn (View posts)
Posted: 15 Feb 2001 2:25PM GMT
I saw your message on the Nyhus message board and was wondering if you still have contact with any Nyhus's? My son's Grandmother on his fathers side was one of Ole's daughters.

I have listed that Ole was born in Norway looks like his fathers name might have been NUB Nyhus also of Norway died 1867?. Ole married Clara Nundahl born 5/5/1889 died 1/15/1945. Ole's moms first name was Bertana born in Norway 7/31/1849 died 1938 or 1939.

Ole worked at peterson Greenman Auto in St. Paul, MN.

I have question about a grandson of Ole's. Could you be of assistance?

Ole Nyhus

Posted: 15 Feb 2001 4:54PM GMT
Edited: 8 Sep 2001 10:55PM GMT
Hi, Nice to hear from you but my Ole Nyhus was
married to an Ingeborg Teigen. You might try
Sue Sherette?? She has had a couple of messages
regarding Nyhus's in Minnesota. I am not
related to her either but she is very actively
looking for family in Minnesota and maybe
she is one of your relatives. Wish I could help
you!! Sorry! Keep in touch if you think
I can be of any help!! Carol

Ole Nyhus Norway/North Dakota

Lynn (View posts)
Posted: 16 Feb 2001 8:02AM GMT

Please see my message to Carol Litke on 2/15/01. I have contact with a daughter of Ole Nyhus who came from Norway and lived in North Dakota and then southern Minnesota. Do you think this is the same line? I know there is a book of the family history, but I have not seen it yet. If you think there is a connnection, please respond by message board, as my email is down. We are also in Minnesota.
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