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Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Posted: 19 Nov 2002 7:28PM GMT
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Edited: 16 Dec 2002 7:36PM GMT
Surnames: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

I am looking for Juan C. Chavez who was born in Socorro sometime before 1880ish, he married Lisaida Ruybal and they 7 children: Eliacim, Solomon, Edna, Ernest, Rufina, John and Estella Ida.Eliacim was born in 1901, Estella was born in 1917, i don't know about the others. Estella married Samuel Santiago Van Wagner II in Arizona, but they both grew up in socorro and knew each other. Samuel's father was Samuel Santiago Van Wagner, he was also born in socorro. I know very little but if any names sounds familiar please any information would be great.

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Danielle (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2003 2:40PM GMT
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Just a few updates.
Juan Chavez was born in 1878, in peralta New Mexico. His father is Teodosio Chavez (A methodist minister and farmer) his mother is Rufina ?, he had 3 sisters, Arcenia, Adelia and Zara, he was the youngest. Juan was also a methodist minister. Juan married Lisaida Ruybal, she died in 1927 of pnemonia. Their children in order are: Eliacim, Edna, Solomon, Ernest, Estella, Rufina and John.
Estella was born in 1917 and she married Samuel Santiago Van Wagner in 1938. Samuel was the son of Samuel Santiago and Rebecca Chavez. Samuel Sr. was the son of Charles VanWagner and Manuella Varella.
If anyone has any information i'd love to hear from you.

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Posted: 21 Mar 2003 8:58PM GMT
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Edited: 23 Mar 2003 7:19AM GMT
Surnames: Chavez, Chaves, Ruybal, Baca, Van Wagner
I am John E. Chavez, son of Ernie, grandson of Juan C. etc. etc. As you know the Van Wagners and Chavez families are intermarried (my uncle is Sam II Van Wagner, my aunt is Eunice (Van Wagner) Chavez. Lisaida (Ruuval) my grandmother, born in Conejos CO, was daughter of Ruybal & Manzanares.

PLEASE contact me. I have traced the Juan C. Chavez line back many centuries and am now actively trying to follow other threads/branches. I have a LOT of family data, in particular a spreadsheet with loads of family info. I used to live in NM and spent a lot of time in NM archives researching family history (and church, NM, Spain history). I have been to Trujillo, Spain ("Chavez-ville" !!) and my sister will be going to Chaves, Portugal in a few weeks. I will gladly the extensive family data I have.

I now reside in Chula Vista CA (San Diego area).

?? How are you connected to Juan C. Chavez, Samuel (I) Van Wagner and his wife, "Prima" Rebeca (Chavez) Van Wagner ??? I need more specific data on Rebecca - I may have linked her family back many generations - not sure.

John Ernest Chávez

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Posted: 11 Aug 2003 7:37PM GMT
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John; Can you tell me something about Sam Van Wagner and his lineage? I've been seeing his name for years but have never been able to figure out who he was or where he came from. Thanks, Carl Van Wagenen (

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Posted: 12 Aug 2003 1:59AM GMT
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Edited: 1 Oct 2003 7:22PM GMT
Samuel Santiago VAN WAGNER (b. approx. 1875 in NM) was the son of Charles VAN WAGNER (b. approx. 1837 in NY - probably an ex-Union soldier at Ft. Craig near Socorro NM) and Manuela Barelas of NM.
Samuel VW was a Presbyterian minister in NM, and later AZ and Calif. - he attended the Presbyterina Theol. College of the Southwest, Del Norte CO some time prior to 1900. He married Rebeca Chavez (of my extended family). Two of their children married married my (Chavez) aunt and uncle. Another Van Wagner child married the son of another Presbyterian minister, Jose Celestino Rodriguez.
Samuel VW died in 1971 in the San Diego CA area where he and his wife resided late in life.
The surname Van Wagner, shows up in various ways: Wagner, Waggoner, Van Wagoner, Van Wagenen, etc.
I'd be interested in hearing more about your surname, as I suspect that it has the same origin.

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Carl Van Wagenen (View posts)
Posted: 12 Aug 2003 7:04PM GMT
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I think I may have a connection or at least a very possible coincidence. Try this one for size:

Charles E. Van Wagner, born ca1837 (that's all I have, but that is the date that I show so it's quite remarkable. He was the eldest of five children, (2) William A. Van Wagner, b ca1839 (3) Margaret A. Van Wagner, b ca1841, (4) Theodore Van Wagner, b ca1843, and (5) James M. Van Wagner, b ca1847.
They were the children of William H. Van Wagner, b 10/1814, buried 12/13/1862 age 49-3 at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY, and Susan A. (?).In 1850 census they were in Poughkeepsie with their children but I don't know what happened to the after that.

Now here's an interesting tidbit. William H. VW had a younger brother named James Mott Van Wagner, b 7/8/1817 who was a rather famious Congregational Minister who resided most of his life in Sedalia, Missouri. He apparently was a fire and brimstone clergy and made quite a reputation for himself until his death in 1906.

There are a number of VW's who became clergy, but this is a rather close coincidence, don't you think? Did you ever hear of any these names? I've got much, much more (I've been researching the family for 24 years).

Regards, Carl

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Danielle Van Wagner (View posts)
Posted: 12 Aug 2003 9:14PM GMT
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Hello Carl,
This sounds very interesting to me since I am also a relative to Samuel Van Wagner, and once looked at the family you are describing as a possibility for Charles. Do you know anything about Charles E. Van Wagner? Or the rest of his family? all I know is what I was able to find on the 1850 and 1860 census reports. Also their were 3 Charles Van Wagner's who signed up in New York for the civil war, one died, one ended up in Tennessee and the other ended up in New Mexico were his widow Manuella collected his pension.
It seems like a very possible link dosen't it? Please let me know if you know anymore.
All the best

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Carl Van Wagenen (View posts)
Posted: 12 Aug 2003 11:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Danielle,

Most interesting and you've given me some things to work on. I can't say as I have any firm answers yet, but give me a little while to see what I can come up with.

Great to meet you. Carl
Did you check out my website yet ?

Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Carl Van Wagenen (View posts)
Posted: 18 Aug 2003 6:36PM GMT
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In the 1930c at 430 C Street, Brawley, Imperial County, CA, Samuel Van Wagner, age 53, b NM, parents born NY, a church minister, with wife Rebecca age 46, b NM, parents born NM, and 5 children, all born NM.
1. Ruth age 20
2. Esther, age 18
3. Samuel Jr, age 14
4. Charles, age 12
5 Priscilla, age 10.

Do you happen to know the spouse names of any of the girls?


Re: Chavez, Ruybal, Van Wagner

Posted: 18 Aug 2003 7:09PM GMT
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Edited: 1 Oct 2003 7:22PM GMT
Yes, many are my aunts and uncles. In addition to NM they had lived in AZ, and later CA - Samuel I died in CA.
Ruth, now deceased, married Luis Salgado, their children live in CA; Luis is still living as far as I know.
Esther - not sure.
Samuel Jr. - we call him Sam II, resides in Calif. - as does his son Sam III. Sam II married my aunt Estela Chavez, now deceased, they had 3 children (my cousins) all living in CA.
Charles - deceased, died some time around 1940 or before. His widow Virginia is still living.
Priscilla, married Jose Rodriguez (whose father and grandfather were also Presbyterian ministers in CO and NM). They have three children all living in Calif.
You left out Sam I's daughter Eunice, who was married before 1930, she married Eliacim Chavez, my uncle, now deceased; Eunice is still living. Her children are all deceased. Eunice and her husband Eliciam Chavez probably lived in Brawley during that same 1930 census.
(Please do not attempt contacting the children or spouses of Sam I, they are now elderly - some of them, and I also, do not wish them to be disturbed).
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