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Posted: 19 Jun 2008 4:47PM GMT
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Looking for information re death and burial sites William J. KELLY or KELLEY and his wife Sophie and descendants, if any. Sophie died 12 Apr 1933 at Driggs. William owned a farm at or near Driggs in 1930, and was still alive in 1941 at which time he would have been 74 years old. Also need to know Sophie's maiden name.

Thank you


Posted: 23 Jun 2009 3:46PM GMT
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Surnames: Kelly
In 1910 William and Sophie were living in Grovont, Uinta Co., WY.
William J., b. IA, 43, general farmer.
Sophie, b. IA, 46.

In 1920 William and Sophie were living in Victor, Teton Co., ID.
William J., b. IA, 52, stock farmer.
Sophie S., b. WI, 57.
Louis Erickson, hired man.

I don't think they had children but these are the only two censuses I can find them on.

Sophie Silwood Kelly b. 1883, d. 1933, buried Aspen Cemetery, Jackson, WY. Source: Special Collections & Family History, Brigham Young University Idaho, . (Don't know if her maiden name was Silwood or not.)

A William Kelly b. 24 Jan 1867, Ear Co., IA d. 11 Dec 1955, Victor, ID, Father-James Kelly, Mother-Laura Waywood, Spouse=1st Nettie Banze, married 1898, div 2nd-Sophia Siwalt, married 1908, d. 1943 [1943 must be typo]. Source: same as above.

If Sophie and William were married in 1908, Sophie was 44, therefore, it's unlikely they had children.

Contact the Teton Valley News, 208-483-2420 or about obituaries. Successful Searching!


Posted: 23 Jun 2009 3:58PM GMT
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The correct web site for the info from Brigham Young University Idaho is


Posted: 24 Jun 2009 6:46AM GMT
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I know you may have the below background and only acts for death and burial information, I had to do the background to FULLY identify these two people to verify information so that I don't find the wrong ones. I also found this person "might" be the same person as for whom the town of Kelly, Wyoming was named. You may already have known that.

The image of the 1910 Census for Grovont, Uinta County, Wyoming, enumerated 6 May. (NOTE: GROVONT, Wyoming)
Additional information helpful to the search:
William J had indicated second marriage, Sophie first marriage, number of years married indicated by boh was "0". The record in the database of Brigham Young University "might" be wrong. It could be a typo, misread of "0" into an "8". As evidenced by the date of death on the same source, which indicated "1943", when evidence shows her date of death was "1933".

This couple is listed twice in the 1920 Census, both images reviewed.
1920 Census for Victor, Teton County, ID, owned the property.
Willam J. Kelley, 52, born in Iowa to father born in Indiana, mother in Vermont, Farmer.
Sophia S, 57, born in Wisconsin to both parents born in Germany
Louis Erickson, born in Utah. hired hand, 31.
--Census enumerated on 20 January.

1920 Census for Election District 15, Lincoln County, Wyoming, owned the property.
William J. Kelly, age 53, born in Iowa to father born in Indiana, mother in Vermont, no employment.
Sophie(or Sophia, handwriting difficult to prove either) S, age 57, born in Wisconsin to both parents born in Germany.
--Census enumerated on 13 May.

With the above, the 1900 Census for Antelope, Kimball Co, Nebraska
William Kelly, born January 1867, 33, Single, born in Iowa to father born in Indiana and mother in Vermont. Cattle Dealer. (NOTE: CATTLE DEALER).

The 1880 Census for Center, Cedar County, Iowa.
James Kelly 30, born Indiana
Laura, 28, born Vermont
John W, 3, born Iowa
George 1, IA.
--All census appear to agree John born in IA, to father born in Indiana and mother in Vermont. It also appears to confirm his parents were James and Laura.

The Idaho Death Index 1911-1951 on
Sophia Silwood Kelly, died 4 Dec 1933 in Driggs, born 6 June 1863, certificate # 085440
--This date is different than the one you have. I also found a version of the death listing on the BYU site, it showed 04/12/1933. Note, the dates are reversible, 4/12 or 12/4. The listed date on one of the databases is not accurate, the actual death certificate would have the actual date. I NEVER trust database entries.
--As you can see, the other "researcher" had her born in 1883.

Now, if you haven't before, (I suspect you already have), look at the locations of Driggs, Victor, in Idaho; and Jackson Hole, and Lincoln County in Wyoming. They are all in Teton County, either Idaho or Wyoming, and very close. So, you might also want to post in Teton County, Wyoming.

The Aspen Cemetery in Jackson Hole, Teton Co, WY.
--INCOMPLETE listing.

Now, as far as his farm land. Go to:
Click on Search Land Patents.
Enter State of Wyoming, last name Kelly, first name William, Search
There are five listed, three are William J, of which two are in Teton County. Click on the first Teton County listing, for 1913.

You can see he obtained 40 Acres. Click on the tab for Legal Land Description. Note: Township 42-North, Range 115-West, Section 10, NENE quarter. In the 6th PM (6th Principal Meridian)
--In the other purchase, it was in the same area, parts, SWNW, SENW and SWNE.

Go to:
Enter the above land locations.
In the next window, you'll see locations. Click on "Switch to TerraServer".

In the next window, Click on the largest block for Size, and switch from Aerial Photo to Topo Map. SAVE THIS WINDOW as you just read the below. You can go to the sites below later.

Now, in the new window, you will see Kelly, Wyoming. Finding a William J. Kelly purchasing land in that area was somewhat startling. Then, I found:
The town name was originally Grovont (the name of the town where William Kelly lived in the 1910 Census). This site says the name of the town was changed to honor billy Kelly, a local sawmill owner and farmer.
Wikipedia:,_Wyoming Also see footnote 1, which leads to pictures about the slide and also names the town, named after William J. Kelly.
Also: The 1900 Census identifies William J. Kelly as a Cattle Dealer, this site: Shows: "His neighbor, William J. Kelly, established a cattle ranch, but made his living as a cattle broker, buying and selling cattle for export."

NOTE: WHILE THIS IS VERY INTERESTING, THERE IS NO PROOF THIS IS THE SAME WILLIAM J. KELLY AS THE ONE YOU SEEK. You MUST look for more information to confirm or eliminate this connection.

Now then, back to the topomap.
In this window, you'll see it is divided into red squares, they are the sections.
Now where you see the word "Kelly", move down into the red square just below the name, and then one to the left, now left click in that square. Now, in the next window again left click in that square.

Now, you'll see a red square having the number 10 inside. This is Section 10. In his land purchases, he obtained land in section 10, in the NENE quarter, SWNW, SENW and SWNE.

So, look at this red square of Section 10. Divide it into quarters (half vertically and half horizontally). In the top right corner divide it also into quarters. The NENE purchase would be in the top right corner. The SWNW, divide the section into quarters, then in the bottom left corner divide it into quarters. This land would be in the top left side of that area. You can then figure out how to do the other two. In his two purchases, he had 160 acres, all in 40 acres each.

For further information on this person, I'd look at Teton County. Contact the town of Kelly.

Ron Bestrom


Posted: 25 Jun 2009 8:13PM GMT
Classification: Query

Thanks for the information. William was my 1C3R. There is nothing in family records to indicate that the town of Kelly may have been named for him. The obituary of his uncle John B. Kelly with surname spelled Kelley, who died 20 Aug 1949 in Jackson, Teton County, Wyoming mentions a nephew “Bill Kelley” resident in the Teton Basin, Idaho. Uncle John B. Kelly was also a cattle broker.

William J. Kelly (aka John William Kelley) 24 Jan 1867-11 Dec 1955 was born in Center Township, Cedar County, Iowa, the oldest child of James Kelly 6 Nov 1839-29 Feb 1896 and Laura Heywood 8 Apr 1846-7 Apr 1941. James born in Indiana, Laura in Bristol, Vermont. James and Laura are buried in the Wittemburg Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa.

I see the 1900 census entry for William in Antelope, Kimball County, Nebraska, as provided by, indicating that he was married for two years. If there were any children of his marriages, they are not named in the census entries.

I appreciate the method available to see a topographical map of the location of land ownership in Wyoming for an individual.

Yes, the only way to resolve the discrepancy in the dates of death of Sophia is through reviewing a copy of the death certificate.

Thanks for your help.


Posted: 25 Jun 2009 8:16PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for the information. I had been able to determine the answer to my questions since my post to this board in July 2008.

Silwold is the correct spelling of Sophia’s maiden name. Sophia was the third child of Henry Silwold Apr 1822-20 Oct 1901 and Charlotte “Lottie” Depping Dec 1883-DOD unknown, both born in Prussia. The family removed Illinois to Wisconsin in 1855 and Wisconsin to Iowa in 1866 where, with the exception of Sophia, all members lived for the remainder of their lives. Sophia was last counted in the 1905 Iowa State Census of Newton, Jasper County, Iowa. She and William Kelly married 30 Sep 1909 in Glenns Ferry, Elmore County, Idaho according to the Idaho Marriages, 1842-1996 data base, the marriage record found in the Fremont County, Idaho Courthouse, Volume 2, page 351.

William J. Kelly (aka John William Kelley) 24 Jan 1867-11 Dec 1955 was born in Center Township, Cedar County, Iowa, the oldest child of James Kelly 6 Nov 1839-29 Feb 1896 and Laura Heywood 8 Apr 1846-7 Apr 1941. James and Laura are buried in the Wittemburg Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa.

While the 1900 Federal Census entry for William Kelly in Antelope, Kimball County, Nebraska indicated that William had been married for two years, I have found no record of the Nettie Banze named in the Special Collections & Family History, BYU.

Thanks for your help.
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