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mtDNA Haplogroup I

mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 29 Jul 2010 8:02PM GMT
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Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 22 May 2012 5:54AM GMT
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Edited: 22 May 2012 12:57PM GMT
Surnames: Rose, , Swango, Harris, Osborn, ,
I just received a test result of I-4 through my mothers side. My tree is public and I am happy to answer any questions that might help you. The side of my tree this I-4 relates to is the Rose/Swango etc. My family has always claimed to be mostly "gypsy" with a couple Jewish lines. I have never found anything that conflicts with this family story and the 1-4 result doesn't seem to conflict either. We have many connections to the "Woods" family that arrived in Wales around 1740---many were then sent to Australia and the American Colonies. My immediate family is from Wolfe County, KY and Washington and Floyd County, Indiana. This is a rather rare group and the other families I see with it---I consider related "cousin" families. Harris, Osborn, etc.

Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 22 May 2012 2:56PM GMT
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I have seen a few possible connections which could fit with my I4 mtDNA Haplogroup. A Scottish-Scandinavian connection is most predominant one so far. What I have been able to ascertain it is an old haplogroup with very small and geographically diverse population. Considering where it originated, the idea that it might connect with "gypsies", Jews or some other Eastern/Central European groups does make sense.

My direct mtDNA line is: Robinson (Scot-Irish), Yates (Scot-Irish), Eller (German), Miller (German), Triplett (English), Gray (English), Wells (English), and Bowers (English 1735).

Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 22 May 2012 11:58PM GMT
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I was pleased to see a post about the 1-4 designation. I'm not sure in anyway that I have information that pertains to you directly, but others may stumble upon this at some point.

However, it does lead you down the rabbit hole of world history.

The Shumate family, when seen along side families that moved from NC/VA to PA and KY, appear to be a variation of the Schumacher/Shumake/Shoemaker/etc families.

The Shumate I am familiar with relates to the Harrison and Standly (Stanley) families. This should be a public link to her photograph and tree.

Sarah Carmichael Schumate:

An internet search of "Harrison, Evansville, Indiana" should bring up various tidbits about who the Harrisons were.

A similar thing can be done with the name "Stanley" in Virginia news archives. This will often yield stories about the "Stanley Tribe" or "Stanley Clan."

It was tradition in the families I am speaking of (pre-1900/1920) for the father to arrange the first marriage. Because of this, there is a very high rate of 2nd and 3rd marriages. I am familiar with many of the names you listed as cousins and in-laws of step parents.

Robinson, Miller (sometimes seen as Muller), Gray, and Wells.

I am familiar with the Bowers name through the study of comparing folk history to "accepted" world history. I also happen to have a close friend who is a Bowers/Stuart. Many his his gg grandparents generation were listed a quadroons.

The I-4 designation for my family came about quite by accident. My grandmother, a Rose/Gluck-Click, from Eastern Kentucky started showing the somewhat typical signs of aging when she hit her early eighties. She was getting more and more forgetful as time went on but there was no evidence or suggestion of early Alzheimer's. After about a year of tests it was determined by a few doctors in Florida that she had a variation of Lewy Bodies Parkinson's Disease.

One piece of information given by a doctor, during several DNA/blood tests, was that she "...had an ancient and uncommon blood workup..." This seems consistant with the I-4 type.

I am in no way qualified to suggest what the I-4 type means as far as ethnicity or origin is concerned. But I assume if enough families with this designation speak publicly about their direct families---common denominators will appear.

The work I do revolves around the first known families of Eastern Kentucky. I work with a group of names that averages around 20,000 at any given time. Where are they believed to be from? Where did they move? What history accounts for their various moves at these various times? Who did they marry? Etc, etc.

In the families I am speaking of there are a few interesting findings.

1..Many of the German people that went from NC to PA were Hessian soldiers.

2..Many of the Irish were actually from Northern Ireland---making it far more likely that they were actually "Scots."

3..Many of the "Scots" came here under Oliver Cromwells reign---during the Jacobite era. This means our "Scottish" distant grandparents could have really been from any of about 10 countries.

4..The earliest members of all these families often come from Wales or The Netherlands. The Welsh are genetically linked to Spain. And at this time in Dutch history you could have been Spanish, "Norman", "Germanic" etc.

5..There are also many lines that came over with the French Hueganauts...but are clearly not "French."

Again, I don't believe I have the answer and my opinion changes daily. But these are the 5 things I have run into over and over and over.

What kind of people come from somewhere...but aren't actually from there????

History gives us about 10 answers to this question. Maybe the full answer is in the I-4 label.

Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 23 May 2012 1:42PM GMT
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I used to think my Shumate line was one of many Shoemaker variations, but came to find out that Shumate was the Anglicized version of De La Chaumette. They originated in south central France, sailed through various places before settling in Virginia when they changed their name to Shumate.

My Miller line was Mueller before reaching America. Mathias Mueller was changed to Matthew Miller.

I have two distinct Bowers lines. One line is Scottish and the other line is from Bayern, Germany. The I4 Bowers line is Scottish.

The other Bowers line which is not I4, is from Bayern, Germany. Their original name was Bayer/Beyer which was Anglicized to Bowers. They fled Germany in order not to fight in the English army, they immediately signed up to fight for the Americans when they finally settled in Rowan Co. Their gravestones are still at the Bowers Meeting House and they are in half English and half German.

All of my lines are chopped full of Scot-Irish. A great deal of people with colonial Appalachian roots are the same. These were the backwoods fighters who whipped the British. I have scores of ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.

My Blevins line is from Formby, Wales. Direct male Blevins descendants in that line tested E1b (formerly E3). The Welsh are an interesting group because they lived in an isolated pocket for an extended period of time.

French Huguenots started off as basically French but eventually became an enclave of religious dissidents from various lands as they fled periodically from the Church into various lands.

I don't have any knowledge of Lewy Bodies Parkinson's Disease on either side of the family. I will have to ask my direct female descendants if they have any information about any similar occurrences.

It is good to meet another I4 distant (or maybe close) cousin. Drop me a line at if you want to share trees.

Best regards,

Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 23 May 2012 1:48PM GMT
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(Buddhapup was my old account, I use this one now)

Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 23 May 2012 3:45PM GMT
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I would be interested in seeing more of your tree. I'm going to post a little more here, publicly, just for others that may be on a similar search. The De La Chaumette information is curious.


Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 23 May 2012 4:09PM GMT
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Here's one more tidbit relating to the Welsh aspect of the family. I've been e-mailing back and forth with the head of a Welsh Romani family organization. Their goal is to try and track down where their families went (as we seem to wonder where ours came from).

This e-mail is a little difficult to read but it has a few pieces of info that seem to coincide with the Welsh/Scot/English that I am familiar with...

I think this should be interesting to Blevins family members also as they seem to be genetically connecting to the Evans family with increasing frequency.


March of 2012

Very interesting what you say about the Romani fokendi in your region, mm all i can tell is about the o Wesenenge Kalo - the Welsh Gypsies
The nav - or sir names are very distinct and traditional here in Cymru Wales and there are only so many. most are the same as the English Romanichal Gypsies, ie Bowell ,Lees, Hearns, Locks, Woods, Lovells, some are the same as Welsh navs such as Roberts, Evans, Griffiths due to marrying into the local Welsh communities in the late 1600s 1700s. The Sipsi Cymraeg Welsh Gyspies spoke three languages, Deep Romani, Welsh and English, they would have definately took there puro chib - deep speech with them when deported, however if nobody else rokred or spoke the tongue they would not have used it with strangers such as Gaje or Non Gypsies. Even up to the 50s the our puro chib deep tongue was spoke here however its mainly died out now. Welsh Romani was the last of the old deep Romanes to have been spoken in Europe. There are two names on your list that are Romani nav or names, Cooper and Lee. The coopers are English gypsies and the Lee,s are both, there is the Welsh Lee,s and the English Lee,s both are related anyway.

Be interesting to expore your findings if we can assist you in anyway as we know Roms were transported to Australia and the US and never seen again. The our roms were great fiddle players and i believe traditional laments and gillia was trapped for many decades in the appalacian mountains from what i here. mm

Hope to hear from you on your thoughts Shane

Best Wishes


Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 2 Aug 2012 10:33AM GMT
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Surnames: Bowers
Ann Bowers, 1735-1798, DE, USA is an I4.

Re: mtDNA Haplogroup I

Posted: 2 Aug 2012 11:56AM GMT
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Edited: 2 Aug 2012 2:02PM GMT
That is correct, Ann Bowers, my 7th great grandmother, on my direct maternal line is an I4.
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