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Denmark Relatives

Denmark Relatives

Leslie Edna Gade (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jan 2001 1:19PM GMT
I am just interested in talking to some other
Gades and seeing how closely we are related. I
live in Canada and my Grandpa Niels came from
Denmark. His full name was Niels Christian Gade,
and I believe his mothers name was Anine. Please
email me...even if we aren't CLOSE relatives,
I would love to get to know people.

Denmark relatives

Posted: 25 Feb 2001 8:33AM GMT
Edited: 30 Mar 2002 8:34PM GMT
Leslie, I beleive you and I are related.
Your grandpa Niels is my dads brother. If
I remember correctly your dad is Steven.
Feel free to contact me.


Leslie Gade (View posts)
Posted: 26 Feb 2001 1:51PM GMT
Yes I would like to get in contact with you! What is your email address? I couldn't figure out how to contact you through this thing. My email is PLEASE write soon! :) And yes my dads name is Steven.

Gade pronounciation

Dean Gade (View posts)
Posted: 17 Mar 2001 12:46PM GMT
My family has always pronounced our name, godee. My grandfather was Rev. Edward Herman Henry Gade and his family seems to have lived in MN. He married a Mueller, descendent of a Bergt.

Gade Pronunciation

Posted: 25 May 2001 4:06PM GMT
Edited: 20 Jan 2003 10:05PM GMT
I have visited with a cousin in Germany, that is of the Gade family, and in Ebstorf, the name is pronounced "Ga-da" with a short "a" sound.Actually I would compare it to the "o" sound in dog. I was quite surprised. we pronounce it Gay- Dee. Long a and long e.


Dean Gade (View posts)
Posted: 25 May 2001 10:32PM GMT
Seems the Gades couldn't make up their minds on how to pronounce the name. I've been told our pronunciation (Like: got tE )is Danish.

Re: Denmark Relatives

Posted: 9 Jul 2001 6:51PM GMT
Surnames: Gade
My fathers name was Herman Jens Marinos Nielson(not sure about spelling) came to USA 1923. Brother Chris in 1921. Chris changed last name to Gade ,married Huldie(Family name) because name was same as another.. Father Herman John Gade, marries Hazel .Mothers name was Anne. I will call my mom and find out exact spelling and his fathers name. His father remarried and had another family. May have relatives from 2nd family in Thief Falls,Mn.

Re: Denmark Relatives

Posted: 31 Jul 2001 3:24PM GMT
Surnames: Gade/Nielson
Grandfather:Gustaf Neilson/Grandmother:Anna Marie Peterson Neilson(Maiden name may be the same as married)
Copenhagen--Children:1-John 2 Christain 3-Goodman 4- Margaret 5-Malechild died young 6-Herman Jens Marino(My Father)
Gustaf remarried and moved to Jutland had more children
Anna had brother Christain Neilson who moved to Theif River Falls Mn. (Brother's Chris & Herman changed name to Gade in early 20's Herman John & Chris Gade both lived & died in USA)

Re: Gade pronounciation

Posted: 31 Jul 2001 3:32PM GMT
Surnames: Gade/Nielson
My Father's name was Herman Jens Marino Nielson. Changed it in 1923 to Herman Gade when he came to USA. Brother's Christain,Goodman, John and sister Margaret. Mother's name Anna or Anne. Father Gustaf. Anna had brother Christain Neilson the moved to USA to Theif River Falls Mn. Gustaf remarried & lived in Jutland, Denmark.
We always pronounced it GADE (G ADE)

Re: Gade pronounciation

Dean Gade (View posts)
Posted: 1 Aug 2001 6:26AM GMT
Sounds closer. I now have a brother living in Middle River MN which is about 20 miles from Thief River Falls.
I'll check with him. Always meant to ask my father to write down all he knew about our relatives. I only know as far back as my grandfather: Edward Herman Henry Gade.
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