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Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 11 Jan 2012 4:27AM GMT
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Does anyone have any information on any of these people -

Wilhelmus van Lieshout born 4/4/1851 died 22/9/1918
Mother: Johanna Maria van Lieshout
Father: Unknown
Wife: Adriana Swinkels born 22/8/1866 died 4/9/1912
Children: Catharina Maria, Johanna Maria, Marinus, Johannes Martinus, Maria, Antonia, Petronella, Wilhelmus, Lucia, Adrianus. All van Lieshout

We are tracing the van Lieshout line and are stuck on Wilhelmus as we have no info about his father and only his mothers name.

Re: Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 6:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
Here is the actual birth record of Wilhelmus and it is a little difficult to read the actual age of Johanna the mother, but i beleive the way he writes his V's that it reads Vier en Dertig = 34 years old. So she was probably born in 1817. Johanna was not married, and the father is not listed.

I couldn't find a Johanna Maria born from 1815-1817, but there was one born in Erp, on 9 May 1814. So she would have been 37 not 34 when she had Wilhelmus. It is possible they had her age wrong as she wasn't there when they supplied the information. If thats the case, then as luck would have it Johanna Maria was herself also a product of an unwed mother, father not listed.

The Mother is listed as Maria Hendrik, the birthdate seems to be 9 May 1814 born at Erp, Noord Brabant. The record is in French and my French isn't so good perhaps someone else can translate.


Re: Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 4 Mar 2012 9:17PM GMT
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Thank you so much! We have received a little information through the family that Wilhelmus's father was a van de Leeuw and Johanna Maria later married him. We have found a marriage certificate for them dated a year after Wilhelmus was born. We still have no proof that this was his father but it gives us some more info on Johanna Maria.
Thanks again for finding the original certificate

Re: Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 5 Mar 2012 2:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
So I am assuming that you are referring to this marriage:
Bruidegom Cornelis de Leeuw
Geboorteplaats Sneek
Geboortedatum 23-04-1809
Vader bruidegom Sijbren Willems de Leeuw
Moeder bruidegom Janneke Jans Dekma
Bruid Joanna Maria van Lieshoud
Geboorteplaats Erp
Geboortedatum 03-09-1815
Vader bruid Peeter van Lieshoud
Moeder bruid Wilhelmina Janse
Soort registratie huwelijksakte
Aktenummer 33
Diversen Akte bevat meer info, weduwnaar van Wilhelmina van Oeffelt
Plaats Uden
Datum huwelijk 10-07-1852
Periode 1852
Deel Huwelijksregister Uden 1852
Toegangsnr. 50 8036
So Johanna Maria who is the daughter of a Peter van Lieshout and Wilhelmina Janssen gets married on 10 Jul 1852. Again we dont have the birthdate matching with the birth certificate of Wilhelmus. If that is the right Johanna Maria, then I had the wrong Johanna Maria in an earlier post wher eI thought that she was also a product of an unwed mother and father unknown.

The problem I have here is that I looked up the original marriage certificate and there is no mention of "erkenning" of the groom to the child Wilhelmus that the bride was supposed to have given birth to a year before.

Erkenning doesn't mean that the groom acknowledges that he is the biological father, all it means is that he accepts to be the legal parent of the illegitimate child of the bride. It doesn't seem right to me that the child isn't mentioned at the marriage. I don't think we have the right Johanna Maria van Lieshout here.

The marriage record of Cornelis van Leeuw and Johanna Maria van Lieshout can be found here:

Re: Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 26 Dec 2012 6:39PM GMT
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Surnames: wilhelmus van lieshout 1851
Hopes this helps, according to my cousins in Holland, Wilhelmus was given the right to use the de Leeuw name, by the Court System there. Cornelius and Johanna had 3 daughters, Wilhlemina (died at a young age) Petronella my dads grandmother, married Leonard De Witt of Little Chute, and Maria wife fo Geerardus v/Heeswyk of Kimberly
Wilhelmus right father is unknown. Maybe the Church records could have something?

Re: Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 2:12AM GMT
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Thank you so much for that! My family has said similar things about Willhelmus and I am glad for some information supporting this.

Thanks again :)

Re: Wilhelmus van Lieshout 1851

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 6:25AM GMT
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Glad I could help, I found out about Wilhlemus about a year ago, through a cousin in Holland. He is into genealogy also and have been a great help. Feel free to contact me--Dan
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