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The Salley Family

The Salley Family

William Jack Salley (View posts)
Posted: 7 Oct 2000 1:47PM GMT
Are you into Genalogy? The History of The Salley Family, that is . . and decendants of Henry Salley, who left Switzerland for the American Colonies 265 years ago.

The "Salley" Family:
The history of the Salley Family started with Heini Sali, born in 1690, and wife Mariah Von Arx [German-speaking] and five (5) children. The Swiss Family migrated form Zeglinger, Switzerland to the American Colonies in 1735, where they changed the spelling of their surname to Salley. Henry Salley, Sr., and family, settled in the Orangeburge Township district of South Carolina [later known as Salley, South Carolina] and secured a 200 acre plantation. Henry Salley, Jr., born in 1723, was married in 1784 to Ann Friday, at the age of 61. Secured a plantation on the Goodland Swamp in the Orangeburg district and had six children, the youngest one was born when he was 74 years old.

As a Salley descendant I have traced all of my ancestors [grandparents] and hope to see and visit Salley, South Carolina someday. Best, William "Jack" Salley

Plantation Info

LS (View posts)
Posted: 10 Oct 2000 6:48AM GMT
Do you have more info to share on the 200 acres secured by Henry Salley, Sr. or the plantation on Goodland Swamp, secured by Henry Salley, Jr.

Plantation Info

William Jack Salley (View posts)
Posted: 10 Oct 2000 10:53AM GMT
Question: Info to share on the plantation acres secured by Henry Salley, Sr. and Henry Junior on Goodland Swamp in Orangeburg District, South Carolina, 1735-1804.

One of many interesting Salley land transactions taken from the South Carolinian [microfilm/200 frames reel] Library of records.

14 Sept. 1814 - Survey and plat of 217 acres for Uriah Salley , Orangeburg District, South Fork of Edisto River, on Goodland Swamp. Bounded Ne, NW, and NE land. SE by land belonging to the Estate of Henry Salley, deceased, and SW and NW by Uriah Salley's land. Surveyor - Josiah Kilgore.

Note: The town of Salley, South Carolina, was founded by, and named for Dempsey Hammond Salley, a Confederate veteran.

Leila Frances Salley Givens

Susan Breedlove (View posts)
Posted: 19 Nov 2000 5:00PM GMT
I have the book "A History of the Salley Family 1690-1965" by Olin J. Salley. This seems to be the source of your information on Hans Salin coming from Switzerland. I am the granddaughter of Leila Salley. Her father was Dallieuce "Scrap" Salley, then John Angus Salley and John Johnson Salley. Leila's sister Eunice still lives in Salley SC and I have been there several times. What is your connection?

John Martin Salley

William Jack Salley (View posts)
Posted: 19 Nov 2000 6:55PM GMT
My Salley Family descendants started with John Martin Salley. He was born March 26, 1788 at the home of his parents on Goodland Creek, in Orangeburg District, South Carolina. He was the third son of Henry Salley, Jr., who was born in Switzerland in 1723. His mother was Ann Friday, the daughter of John Friday, Sr., born in Switzerland. John Martin Salley married Elizabeth Pou in 1812.

The John Martin Salley family moved from Orangeburg to Alabama in 1828. John Martin was elected Sheriff of Lowndes County, Alabama. Benjamin Franklin Salley was his fourth son, born July 18, 1828. Benjamin Franklin Salley was my great grandfather.

Leila Frances Salley Givens

Susan Breedlove (View posts)
Posted: 20 Nov 2000 10:34AM GMT
We obviously come from the same stump, that of Hans Salin and Anna Biedermann. Then we branch off from 2 of their sons. Your GG is Heini(Henry JR) and my GG is Martin dob 05/12/1730. The Salley research is pretty extensive on the Martin branch. Do you have a copy of the book "A History of the Salley Family?" If you want to go to Salley I would suggest that you go the Saturday after Thanksgiving for the annual Chitlin Strutt. A town event and many of the "old" clan return to their roots. The town is very small and rural. My mother grew up there. Will be glad to assist you in your search if you would like.

Salley Clan

William Jack Salley (View posts)
Posted: 20 Nov 2000 12:53PM GMT
Thanks Susan. Yes, most of the information that I have came from the book "A History Of The Salley Family" (1690-1965) by Olin Jones Salley, along with the Supplement 1 by Dorthy K. MacDowell in South Carolina. A few Salley stories, origin, and name lists from many descendants. I have a very extensive Salley Family Tree list. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like any of this information.

The name Salley, says an early English writer, signifies a "field of Sallows" (Salin willows), and there is a village of the same name in the Parish of Gisburne, County of Yorkshire, England.

Sally forth,

William Jack Salley

Salley Family Tree

Posted: 23 Jan 2001 11:35AM GMT
Edited: 4 Dec 2002 5:40PM GMT
Hi, My name is Barbara Bracker, I am of the Salley clan. My Grandmother resides in Walterboro South Carolina and her name is Kizzie Salley. She was married to my Grandfather Fletcher Salley who passed away years ago. Do you have any information on this??? Can you also let me know where I can pick up a book on the Salley's??? ThankYou.

Salleys in Walterboro, SC

William Jack Salley (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jan 2001 2:38PM GMT
Barbara Bracker -- There are 21 Salleys listed in Walterboro, SC today. Along with your Grandmother Kizzie Salley, who was married to your Grandfather Fletcher Salley, b. Nov., 1900, d. Feb., 1963.

A History of The Salley Family, 1690-1965, by Olin J. Salley, who died in 1965. This 349 page book was published by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC in 1977 1982. Salley Family Historical Committe, 113 Gregg Ave., Aiken, SC. 29801. Salley Supplement 1 was later published by Dorothy K. MacDowell.

No listing though, for Fletcher Salley in this book of Salley decendants. Possibly your great-great grandfather, if you know his full name. Sally forth...

William Jack Salley
Posted: 24 Jan 2001 6:47AM GMT
Edited: 4 Dec 2002 5:40PM GMT
Thanks for your input. I have another question that you may be able to help me with. Before my Grandfather Fletcher married Kizzie he was married to my mothers mother. Her name was Irene Adams. She had 8 children for Fletcher before she died in the mid to late 30's (I'm guessing). I hear she was from the Irish decent with really long hair. If you have any answers to this one, please help me out.
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