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Dorcas Batchelder Grafton, MA 1753

Dorcas Batchelder Grafton, MA 1753

Diana Ayers (View posts)
Posted: 7 Mar 2000 2:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:08PM GMT
Surnames: Batchelder, Batcheldor, Batcheller, Tarbox, Bartlett, Baker
Dorcas was born Feb. 12, 1753 in Graton, MA to Mark and I believe Dorcas P. Bartlett. I am not sure because the spelling of Batchelder is varied Batcheldor, Batcheller. I know there are two Marks and one of them had a father named Ebenezer and a mother named Sarah Tarbox. I am trying to sort this out with dates etc. Mark married Dorcas Bartlett May 13, 11738 and Mark also married Priscilla Baker Mar. 10, 1763 in Grafton, MA. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Ebenezer Batchelder

Carol Brewer (View posts)
Posted: 9 Mar 2000 1:09PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:09PM GMT
Surnames: Batchelder, Kimball
Ebenezer was born in 1670, died in 1747
married Sarah Tarbox on Dec. 29, 1699. My
line continues throught their son Ebenezer, who
was born on Nov 24th, 1710 in Wenham, Mass.who
married Jerusha Kimball in 1740. Their son,
Captain John was born in Wenham, Mass on Aug. 16,1755.
He married Elizabeth Batchelder (cousin?)on
May 17, 1780. Elizabeth was born in 1759 and
died in April 1825. I can trace the name until 1870.I would be interested in
the information that you have.

Ebenezer Batchelder

Diana Ayers (View posts)
Posted: 15 Mar 2000 7:16AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:11PM GMT
Surnames: Batchellor, Millet
I received a message from a David B. Tuttle regarding the Batchellor name and various spellings. His e-mail address is
You might want to contact him about your Elizabeth. John and Sarah had an Elizabeth born 1675 who married a Thomas Millet of Ipswich, MA. Hope he can help you.

Ebenezer Batcheller

Betty Bachellor Barrow (View posts)
Posted: 24 Mar 2000 7:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:14PM GMT
Surnames: Batcheller, Batchelder, Dennis, Goodale, Davis, Warner, Dickenson, Dickinson, Fantinge, Tarbox
I may as well jump into the fray with what I think are some more names and dates for this particular branch of the family.
I believe the Ebenezer who was born in 1670 was the son of John Batcheller and either Mary Dennis or Sarah Goodale. John was born in Salem MA on 20 Jan 1638 and is listed #7 in Pearce's book about the Batcheller/
Batchelder family. John served on the jury of the Salem witch trials. He died 17 Nov 1698 in Wenham MA.
John had at least 3 siblings that I know of.
Mark who died 19 Dec 1675
Elizabeth who married James Davis
Hannah d. 1 Mar 1668 and married John Warner

John's parents were Joseph and Elizabeth Dickenson. Joseph was born in 1603 in Canterbury England and was a Tailor. He died 10 Sep 1675 in Salem, Essex, MA. They emigrated in 1636 to Salem, but later settled in Wenham MA. He is #2 in Pearce's book. He was deputy to General Court in Boston.
Elizabeth parents were Robert and Susan (?) Dickinson.
Joseph's parents were Mark and Mary (Fantinge)
I believe Joseph had at least one sibling, Joshua whose wife's name was Fnu and they had a daughter Mary.

Back to the Ebenezer who married Sarah Tarbox. I don't know what happened to his line, but I'm descended from his brother, John who married Harriet Tarbox in 1702. This John was born 13 Jan 1666/67 in Wenham MA.

For the person who was looking for Mark Batcheller/Batchelder. I have at least 3 Marks in my research. Joseph's father who married Mary Fantinge and lived in or near Thenington England? Joseph and Elizabeth had a son named Mark who died 19 Dec 1675.
Joseph and Elizabeth's other son, John had a son named Mark who was born in May of 1668, but died at the age of 10.
I hope this helps someone.

John Batchelder

Posted: 24 May 2000 9:23AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:15PM GMT
Surnames: Batcheller, Dennis, Goodale
according to my grandmother's research I am descended from John andJoseph Batcheller
she says that Mary Dennis was John's first wife she died in 1665 he later married Sarah Goodale on 5/4/1666 so i believethe children you note were Sarah's
we are descended from a David Batcheller (1673 to 1/29/1766) also a son of John and Sarah do not know her documentation for this
she also notes that John's brother Mark died in 1675 in the King Philip war
she has Joseph as having died in 1647
other than notes from my gmother research as part of DAR membership i have no documentation for any
thank you for your info it helps immensely

Ebenezer Batcheller

Diana Ayers (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jul 2000 3:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:18PM GMT
Surnames: Batcheller, Vantings, Fantinge, Tarbox, Bartlett, Rawson, Rice, Swan
According to the Batcheller genealogy p. 349, that I obtained from the Lane Memorial Library, John, Ebenezer's father was baptised at First Church of Salem Jan. 20 1638, not necessarily born that same day. Salem now Wenham is the place of John's death. I also have several sources that Joseph was born 1604 in Canterbury, County Kent, England and married Elizabeth Dec. 22, 1628 in Canterbury. They arrived in America on the ship William and Mary in June of 1635 with one child and 3 servants. I also have the spelling of Mary's last name as Vantings not Fantinge. As for Ebenezer, he married Sarah Tarbox of Lynn, MA Dec. 29, 1699. Their son Mark, born Mar. 2, 1706 in Wenham married Dorcas Priscilla Bartlett May 3, 1739. Mark died Nov. 29, 1794 in Grafton, MA. Their daughter, Dorcas married Artemas Rawson of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Nov. 25, 1779 in Upton, Worchester, MA. Their son, Artemas Rawson Jr. married Dorcas Rice Feb. 3, 1816 in Paris, Oxford, ME. Their daughter, Ann Elisabeth married my GGGGrandfather Ebenezer Swan Feb. 4, 1855 in Lynn, Essex, MA.
If you tell me where you got your dates and spellings, I would appreciate it or if you want more info on the Ebenezer line, let me know. Thanks Diana

Joseph Batcheller's parents

Betty Bachellor Barrow (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jul 2000 5:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:21PM GMT
Surnames: Batcheller, Fantinge
Ralph Johnston sent me the information about Joseph and Elizabeth's parents' names and the spelling he had was Fantinge. He also has his birthyear as 1603. There is a book by Frederick Clifton Pierce titled Batcheller Genealogy written in 1898 which I understand has much of this history. I've not been able to track down a copy of the book, but I'm sure that some of the larger libraries in Massachusetts may have it.
Also, there is a web site that has some interesting historical info. It is
It is a site by Jana Wellman Ulrich. It's pretty cool.

Benjamin Batcheller

Betty Bachellor Barrow (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jul 2000 8:13PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:24PM GMT
Surnames: Batcheller
I'm trying to find info about another branch of Joseph's Batcheller's family. The line goes:
Joseph b. 1603 Canterbury England
his son, John b. ca 1638 Salem MA
his son, John b. 13 Jan 1666 Wenham MA
his son, Benjamin b. 1714 Wenham MA
his son, Benjamin b. 1748
This Benjamin has 14 children, the youngest was Ebenezer Burnap Batcheller who was born in 1800 in Vermont and moved to Ohio. He died in Putnam Co Ohio in 1870.
Does anyone know the names of the other 13 children?
I have a fairly good tree above and below this Ebenezer (and there are lots of Ebenezers in this family) and would be willing to share information.

Benjamin Batchellor

Diana Ayers (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jul 2000 6:31AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Nov 2005 1:22PM GMT
Surnames: Batchelder, Batcheller
e-mail the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, NH and ask them to send you pgs. 349-352, #7 of the "Batchelder,Batcheller Genealogy" by Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1898, Chicago, IL. They also have the corrections nade to the Pierce book from family information. Lane's address is They faxed me the pages I needed. You might need more pages, but they can tell you and help.

Let me know how you did and if I need to make additions or corrections. You might also want to look up David B. Tuttle on Gen Forum. He has a lot of information on this family as does Patricia Flint. She is also in the Batchelor Gen Forum. Good Luck

Re: Ebenezer Batchelder

Posted: 2 Nov 2005 3:17PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 3 Nov 2005 12:48PM GMT
Surnames: Batchelder
According to my mom, the Batchelder line I come from was 4 brothers that came from Canterbury Kent England in 1636: Joseph, John, Ebenezer, and Mark (not in order of age). As best I can tell at the moment, Ebenezer had a son he named Ebenezer. This 2nd Ebenezer may be the one you're asking about. My line of Batchelders settled in MA, NH, and VT. Possibly we could help each other out here, as I'm stuck on some of these people as well.
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