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Recording names of locations in Canada

Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 28 Feb 2010 11:56PM GMT
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Edited: 1 Mar 2010 3:38PM GMT
I am in need of assistance understanding how to enter the names of locations in Canada please.

I know Canada has territories and provinces, but how do you record these? Also, are there "counties" within each province or territory? I have searched for these answers without success.

I have many family members who lived in Trois-Rivieres, so how would you list this location? How do I find out where a specific place is located? There are a couple places, at aleast I'm sure they are places, that I have come across in my research but I have no clue where they are geographically.

Re: Recording names of locations

Posted: 1 Mar 2010 2:59PM GMT
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You can search for Canadian Geographical names on the NRCan website…

The results will tell you what province and what county the community is in, today.

If you do not have the correct spelling, this website will not help. In which case a GOOGLE might.

Provincial road maps have alphabetical indexes, or search features (partial spellings) which might help you find a similar name. To find these, just GOOGLE on the name of province and keywords… road… map

Trois-Rivières is a city on the St Lawrence River, west of Quebec City. Today Trois-Rivières is in the Maurice region.

If you consult the census listings for Trois Rivieres…

there are listings for Trois-Rivières the city and Trois-Rivières the county.
If you consult the actual census listings, the info at the top of the page will tell you where the census was taken… Province, County, community, although it might be written as District and Sub-District.

The agricultural schedules of earlier census should give you an exact address (lot and concession in Ontario) and tell you how much land they owned and all kinds of neat farming info.

Re: Recording names of locations

Posted: 1 Mar 2010 5:54PM GMT
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This is all very helpful, thank you very much.

When I enter a place into my program I put as much as I can into that field. For instance, when I enter a location for the US it might look something like this "This Town, That County, That State" with exception of Louisiana, it has Parrishes. How do you enter the specifics of a location? As in England and Ireland, I know there it is said "County This or That" unlike here where it is "This or That County". Which way is it said in Canada?

I am trying hard to get this right since a great deal of my family is from France by way of Canada to the US.

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 7 Mar 2010 6:34AM GMT
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Check this site (has not been updated for years, so there may be some mistakes) for an explanation of the mess caused by the Ontario Government's amalgamation a few years ago.

Before this crap, the order IN ONTARIO would be:

Town>Township>County>Province (eg. Belle River, Rochester Township, Essex County, Ontario).

Today, Belle River is called Lakeshore, Essex County, Ontario. Lakeshore being the name of the new "town" made up of smaller communities (former towns, eg. Belle River, South Woodslee, St. Joachim...) HOWEVER, a letter should still be addressed to Belle River, Ontario, as these former towns still have separate rural post offices. How's that for confusing??

In the past, larger cities would not be in a township, so the order would be City>County>Province eg. Windsor, Essex County, Ontario.

When the Ontario Government ordered this amalgamation, there was not much consistency. Most larger cities kept their name. Chatham became Chatham-Kent (adding the entire county). Some combined towns made up an entirely different name. Some are now called "Municipality of Whatever". It's really confusing, even to people who live here.

It looks like Quebec has regions, however, a mailing address would be only the town (or city) and province, eg. Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

In the old days, records were kept by parishes and a larger city like Montreal or Quebec (ha! more confusion....the capital city in the province of Quebec is Quebec !) had many. I can understand you wanting to include the parish and or region in your research.

The names in Quebec are LONG and almost everything is ST. or STE. something. You should post to the Quebec>General board for better information on the proper order.

If you decide to add additional info and are short on space, all Canadian provinces have a 2 letter postal abbreviation. eg. ON for Ontario, QC for Quebec (used to be PQ for province of Quebec), NS for Nova Scotia, etc.

The Drouin records on Ancestry are great if you have ancestors from Quebec. Good luck!

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 7 Mar 2010 1:41PM GMT
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This is the information I am looking for! Thank you so very much. So far, my family all seems to be in Quebec but I'm certain by now they have spread all over Canada as they have the States.

I am trying to make my research as simple for the next person to pick up and carry on with as I possible can. Right now that person is my 17 year old daughter, who has already said she wants all my notes and my program of information when I am gone.

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 7 Mar 2010 2:12PM GMT
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This post was deleted by the author on 17 Mar 2012 2:42AM GMT

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 7 Mar 2010 2:45PM GMT
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Unfortunately for my family, no one saved much of anything beyond photos, which I already have copies of. Also, I grew up without my extended family and nearly everyone from my grandparents generation is now gone. We are left to wonder and search for everything, not an easy task.

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 1 May 2010 6:58PM GMT
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Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 11 Sep 2010 8:37PM GMT
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Trois Rivieres city is on the north side of the St Laurence river mid point between Quebec City and Montreal in the formerly named county of Shawwinigan county across the river on the south from the city of Nicolet and again formerly Nicolet county and could possibly still be named Nicolet. A very beautiful city as most of Quebec Province clean and pristine. Send me your e-mail and I will try to send you a picture of that region of Quebec.

Re: Recording names of locations in Canada

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 2:37AM GMT
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In case your relatives came to Westren Canada the Provences Manitoba (MB), Saskatchewan (SK), Alberta (AB). They did not carry over county system but went to Rural Municipality's or R.M's for the local goverment area. Eg. R.M. of Elton.
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