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Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Posted: 18 Mar 2001 9:32AM GMT
Edited: 26 Dec 2002 2:36AM GMT
I live at Scotland, Arkansas and am related to the Rileys from here. I have lots of information. LaVaughn Jackson Nash, you must be related to Nancy Jane Riley who married Marshie (Mack) Jackson. Nancy Jane mother was Nacey E. Hall who was a sister to my grandfather, James E. Hall. I have some pictures, etc. on this family.
Mary Jean Hall My e-mail is

Scotland AR Rileys

Posted: 19 May 2001 8:43AM GMT
Edited: 25 Jun 2001 2:37PM GMT
Mary Jean, yes I am Floyd Jackson's daughter LaVaughn. In fact I am the only child he had. He married Lucy Rodden at Muskogee, OK April 14, 1928 and they lived at Scotland for at least a year. Are you the Mary Jean/Jane who researched the Hall family? Daddy had one of your books and it is a proud possession of mine. The Hall's are from Virginia aren't they? Originally, I mean. I would love to correspond with you. my e-mail is Please e-mail me. I have quite a few pictures, too. But mostly of my grandmother's generation on down. I have a picture of Aunt Alice and Grandmother Nancy Hall Riley. Do you have one of these? I often wonder what the older generations looked like. Thanks for posting. I missed it until today.
Are you familiar with David S. Riley's Riley Home Page? There is a picture of Jim, my g-grandfather posted there as his grandfather, Ninian/Ningon who died at Scotland and is buried in the Foster Cemetery. I have what I thought was the original of that picture that was Grandma's(Nancy Jane Riley Jackson).
Talk to you later.

Re: Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Posted: 27 Jul 2001 5:50AM GMT
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Edited: 14 Mar 2002 4:36AM GMT
Surnames: Givens, Williams, Hall, Jones, Egger, Kolb, Stanley, Riley, Massey
Mary Jean,
Can you tell me anything about a Samuel Riley born 1837 Tennessee, wife Nicey b. Tn. , I'm trying to find out her maiden name and if she may have been a Williams or related to the Williams family from Scotland, Ar. to deteremine why an Ephriam Williams, Elvira Williams and William Williams were found living with them in the 1870 AR. census. I can't find them after that. Or do you know of any connections of the Riley and Williams families of Scotland, Ar. ?

Samuel Riley had a brother , Hugh Riley who married Nancy Jane Parnell.

My grandmother was a Massey and her uncle John Hugh (Buddy)) Massey married Mary Jane Hall.

Thank you

Re: Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Mary Jean Hall (View posts)
Posted: 28 Jul 2001 11:47AM GMT
Sandra I haven't firgured this out either. But I do have data on Givens, Williams, Hall, Jonesi, Riley, and Massey. I also have pictures of these families. I have also done some books on Scotland, Ar. (Births, Deaths, & Marriages) and the History of Scotland.
Mary Jean

Re: Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Posted: 28 Jul 2001 3:51PM GMT
Edited: 14 Mar 2002 4:36AM GMT
Mary Jean,
Thank you for replying. I have your book on "Robert Hall" and in it it gives information that a "Sary Riley " was Robert Hall's first wife and if the information from charts I have found is correct I believe this wife (Sary Riley) of Robert Hall's was a sibling to the Samuel Riley whom I found in the 1870 cenus that the Williams children were living with. An 1880 census shows Ephriam Williams living in the household of "Riley Williams" listed as Riley's son. Riley Williams married to an Ellen Akin and they had three daughters, their daughter Nicey Jane married James Franklin Gardner, and Nicey's son George Gardner married Armintia (Mintie) Massey, she was my grandmother's sister. Nancy Lou Williams married Robert Walter Hall, and Riley Williams daughter Elizabeth was unmarried but had a daughter Josie who married a Richard Casinger and I visited with Doyce Casinger several years ago and he brought me a picture of my grandpa Givens with a lady named Minnie Hawkins, I don't know who she was or if she was related and Doyce didn't either he said.
Doyce tried before his death to help me with finding out something about Ephriam Williams connection to Riley Williams, but didn't locate any information that was conclusive.
A picture sent to me last year of Ephriam Williams by another descendant of Riley Williams again started me wondering if there wasn't a connection of Riley Williams and Ephriam Williams what the pictures of my grandpa Givens and his suspected father Ephriam Williams were doing in the posession of Riley Williams descendants. I know that doesn't mean they were related but it does lead me to believe that they did know Eprhiam Williams at sometime and he meant something to someone in their family for them to have kept his picture for so long a time among their belongings.

I was recently contacted by a lady who said her grandmother was Florence Mills Arnhart and that she was raised by an "Uncle Scott Williams" but she didn't know what the circumstances were as to who her grandmother's parents were or why she was raised by the Uncle and would like to find that out also. According to your Robert Hall book, Sary Riley was related to the Koone and Florence Mills Arnhart had a daughter who had a daughter who married a Koone and is still living in Little Rock Ar., I talked to her on the telephone, but think I had he confused and really didn't find out the information I was seeking from her. The reason I called her was that I had information from one of Riley Williams great grandaughters that this lady (Ollie Koone) had visited with her and some of her relatives while they were visiting relatives in AR. and at that time seemed to have some papers or some kind of proof of a relationship of Ephriam Williams and was a descendant of his, or related to Ephriam in some way, but I now think maybe it was her sister and not her because when talking to her on the phone she didn't sound too sure of any family history and did mention a sister who , I believe was deceased who had done some family history. I'm not sure Ephriam Williams ever married, I found an Ephriam Williams living in Texas in 1900 census, he was living in the household of a Scott Williams and was listed as single.
I believe one of Florence Mills Arnhart's descendants might know something about the whole story, or they may be like me, have the stories passed down and unable to find out what the true story is about their Florence Mills. Florence Mills grandaughter said that her grandmother always called herself "Florence Mills" which, in her words seemed very important to her.

Speaking of books, I have a pretty good start on one right here, sorry it's so long, but guess I want to get all the information out to you in just in case you might recognize a way to make any connections on these people that would help.

Did you do the book called "Scotland Folks" ? Or do you know where one might be purchased? Dulles Massey sent my cousin Melody some copies of some of the pictures from the book , I believe you met her in Scotland a few years ago.
Can you give me a list of your books and the purchase price and how to order them if you have any left ?


Re: Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Becky Massey Moore (View posts)
Posted: 28 Aug 2002 2:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
My father and grandparents are from Scotland Arkansas....My grandfather was James Massey and my grandmother was Sippie Morgan Massey.....

I would be interested in your book....I have had a lot of famiy in Scotland for years......

I was there about 3 years ago and visited with a relative...I think the name was Kincaid.....I found the cemetery that some of my relatives were buried in.....I wish I could think of the names...I remember one of the guys first name was Payne and I think the wife was Oweta......


Re: Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Becky Massey Moore (View posts)
Posted: 28 Aug 2002 2:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
I can remember hearing my grandmother speak of Mintie Massey so much...don't know how I am related, but I am sure I am related.....also, the name Dullas Massey rings a bell....
I know that somehow I am related to the Gardners but don't know how....I just remember my granma Sippie Morgan Massey speaking of all these folks. She was raised in Scotland Arkansas, as well as my Grandad, James Massey. My dad was Troy Henry Massey who was born in Scotland. He and my grandparents came to Oklahoma somewhere around the 1920's...

I have a cousin that is working on family history...Sounds like he would be interested in some of this information, also.


Re: Rileys from Scotland, Arkansas

Posted: 29 Aug 2002 1:06AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 26 Dec 2002 2:36AM GMT
Hi. My e-mail address is My address is Scotland, Ar. 72141. Send me an e-mail and I will give you my phone number. You probably visited Pugan and Ernestine Kincannon a( they live at Scotland) nd also Theordore (Payne) and Onieda Kincannon (they live at Little Rock). Pugan and Theordore have both passed away. Erestine and Onieda were both Morgans (cousins) before them married Kincannons. Dullas Massey is a cousin John Hugh Massey. Hazel Gardner's father was Thomas Edond Massey. I have a Hall book and also Scotland books ( births, deaths, marriages, etc. for sale. Also a history book obout Scotland. I will give the pices when you e-mail me (if you are interested). I have lots of stuff on Scotland. Here is the Massey stuff:
Mary Jane Hall (b. April 29, 1858 and died Feb. 4, 1933). She was a sister is my grandfather, James E. Hall. Mary Jjane married John Hugh (Buddy) Massey Nov. 4, 1877. John Hugh Massey born May 5, 1853 and died Sep. 14, 1928. Children:
1. A. J. (Jackie) Massey born Oct. 9, 1878 and died Oct. 6, 1898.
2. J. T. (Taltie) Massey born Oct. 21, 1880 and died Aug. 18, 1898.
3. Eva Edith massey born Oct. 4, 1882 and died April 29, 1968. Eva married March 12, 1901 to John Wade Hiland. John Wade Highland born Oct. 17, 1879 and died April 17, 1915. Eva married July 16, 1922 to Andy Crow. Andy Crow born March 29, 1875 and died Oct. 12, 1952.
4. James Oliver (Jimmy) Massey born Dec. 8, 1885 and died Nov. 8, 1946. James married March 7, 1907 to Sippie Ann Morgan. Sippie Ann Morgan born March 16, 1885 and died June 6, 1974.
5. Theordore Thurman Massey born April 7, 1888 and died June 28, 1961. Theordore married May 12, 1912 to Bell Henley - divorced. Bell Henley was born March 13, 1896 and died no date. Theordore married Sep. 7, 1922 to Bertha Violet Wells, born November 25, 1905.
6. Thodmas Edond Massey born Aug. 11, 1892 and died April 17, 1976. Thomas married April 2, 1911 to Lela Belle Gosnell, born Oct. 21, 1894 and died Jan. 28, 1947.
7. Robert Henry (Bobb) Massey born Nov. 28, 1896 and died march 13, 1980. Robert married May 2, 1923 to Buelah Belvia Thompson born Dec. 13, 1899 and died Oct. 18, 1979
Do you have the information on John Hugh (Buddy) Massey's parents and grandparetns? If not, I do!
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