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Looking for my great grandad, please help

Looking for my great grandad, please help

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 8:10PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Curtis, Whiteman
My grandad was adopted, and we are looking for his birth father who was an American soldier in the Navy. We only have limited information as my granddads birth mother had died when we found her.

His name is William Curtis, he was in the Navy and his arm band says 'SP' which we think means Shore Patrol. My grandad was born on July 2nd 1945 which means he was conceived in September/October 1944 and this was in England. My granddads birth mother was called Kathleen Hannah Whiteman and she was in the ATS. William knew Kathleen was pregnant but was shipped elsewhere and never heard from again. We estimate he was born between 1920-1926 (my mum thinks it was 1924) We also have a picture of him.

Ive come to a halt in my search and do not know where to go from here, if anybody has any info on where I could search please let me know

Thanks in advance

Hannah Wright

Re: Looking for my great grandad, please help

Posted: 22 Oct 2012 8:07AM GMT
Classification: Query
firstly, have you a copy of g/dads birth certificate as, sometimes, the "number"/rank/unit etc is shown

2nd What ships were "in port" at that time?

these can help to track down

Re: Looking for my great grandad, please help

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 11:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
A birth for an Alan C. Whiteman, mother's maiden name Whiteman, was registered in the September quarter 1945 in Coventry, Warwickshire. If this looks likely it might be worth getting the certificate but if the father had disappeared it is quite possible the father's name is not given. Do remember there were something like 2,000,000 Americans of various shapes, sizes and backgrounds milling around (mostly southern) England at that time and girls getting pregnant and the man "being shipped out and never heard from again" was a not uncommon event. You might do better to start from the other end and try getting American records as you do have his name and the date when he was in England. You say the he was a "soldier in the Navy" which is a little odd - if he was in the Navy he would have been a sailor and you would need to trace naval records, not army. I do wish you luck but the name is not very uncommon and if there were two (or more) William Curtis' in the US Navy in England at that time it might be impossible to know which was which. Hope this helps a bit.
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