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Daniels - Charles William

Daniels - Charles William

Posted: 4 Nov 2012 8:15PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Daniels

Would anyone know of Charles William Daniels born in Margret River. He left Western Australia in mid 60's to go to work in Brisbane as a plasterer. He had 2 daughter when he went to Brisbane but I am led to believe he had a drinking problem and may be divorced or has passed away. he served in the Army in WW@ and was a Light Horseman in PNG.

He returned to Western Aust shortly but his whereabouts is unknown to us. He has 3 sister. 2 live in West Aust and 1 lives in New South Wales.

Any information regarding Charles would be appreciated


Re: Daniels - Charles William

Posted: 4 Nov 2012 9:47PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Charles,
Your posts are like cryptic messages and I think you really need to get a subscription or something to help you sort out facts.

Is Charles the one born 1924 WA who married Joan Mavis MANTOVA in 1948??

If so,,they both went to QLD and were there by 1954 at 38 Holland Street, Bowman.
They appear at different addresses by 1958.
By 1977 at the same address as Joan is Carolyn Dawn, Julienne Rose and Larry Charles (all surname DANIELS)
Joan appears to still be in QLD in 1980.

I can also find no record of him enlisting for WWII...his father did though.


Re: Daniels - Charles William

Posted: 5 Nov 2012 12:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 5 Nov 2012 2:07AM GMT
Hi Charles,
If you are going to post the same family lookups on more than one board it is a good idea to link to your other queries..
It saves helpers from wasting time doing lookups that you have already had done on another board..

Also try to be as specific on all the boards..your query on the QLD Board gives more details than this query in WA.

Linking also to your main query
on Australian General Board lets people know where it began and what has already been done.


Re: Daniels - Charles William

Posted: 5 Nov 2012 10:04AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 5 Nov 2012 10:05AM GMT
Surnames: Daniels
Hi Kellie,

Thanks for the advice. I was not sure if they were linked as my Uncle disappeared 30+ years ago and was/is in Queensland and was/is in Perth.

I thought that by posting notices on each board people who were also looking for info in the relevant state not general board ? No ? So will try to be more organised.

My uncle I have his war record along with my grandfather record as they both enlisted. Granddad in Perth & uncle Charles in Northam.

As you can see by my current notices i am on a serious hunt right now, as I have migrated to UK just to work on finding family and given that my grandfather & grandmother both had 9 brothers & sisters each there is a lot to look for. Plus the fact that WWI also caused problem with lost records. I have not even started on my fathers side from Australia yet as too little info available but still looking.

All the help from members has been just fantastic as I am the trail of some living relatives right now.. So i am progressing thanks to you all

Charles in London

Re: Daniels - Charles William

Posted: 5 Nov 2012 8:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Charles in London,
It is very rare and usually takes years for people searching the same family to connect on the message boards. (more so when the people may still be living)

Posting on every state board just means all the helpers end up spending hours doing research,,only to find your query has already been answered on a different board and they wasted their time.
When this happenes a few times you will find that NOONE will be bothered helping as they know someone else has probably already answered you on a different board.
LINKING to your posts means that helpers can see what has already been done and continue from there... rather than everyone looking over the same material repeatedly.

You say ""As you can see by my current notices i am on a serious hunt right now""
COOL,,but really if you are on a serious hunt it would be a good idea to keep your tree updated.
That way people connected or those helping know where you are up to and what to look for.

What name did your Uncle enlist under for WWII?
I have checked National Archives and the War Memorial and cannot see him.

From Australian Electoral Rolls there is a chance Charles jnr went to NSW after he left QLD.
The problem you are facing is that deaths in QLD are only searchable to 1964 and in NSW to 1980.
Given that Charles jnr was born 1924, chances are he died after these dates.

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