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Francis Broward-Perch,Normandy, France

Francis Broward-Perch,Normandy, France

Mary Weisenburgh (View posts)
Posted: 24 Apr 1999 10:30AM GMT

I am searching for any information on my great-great-great grandfather, Francis Broward. He was born in 1755 at Perch,Normandy, France. He immigrated to American from Brest, France. I don't know if the spelling of his name was changed from Francois to Francis or if the name Broward was the same spelling in France.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mary

Francis Broward

Sue Broward-Partin (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jul 1999 10:31PM GMT
Mary Weisenburgh -- The information I have on Francis Broward may fill in some blanks for you and may not. I have records that indicate that he was from Provence, France. His wife's name was Sarah Bell Broward. The fourth his children was, John Broward, born 11-17-1795, died in December of 1870. John married Margaret Tucker on 10-15-1824, she died on 5-29-1869. They had 5 sons - Montgomery, Charles(?), Pulaski, Washington, and Napoleon Bonaparte. John and Margaret had 5 daughters, Maria, Caroline, Helen, Margaret, and Florida. Their son Napoleon, who was born in 1829, married Mary Dorcas Parsons in 1851. They had 2 sons, Napoleon Bonaparte II,and Montcalm, and 6 daughters - Josephine, Mary Dorcas, Emily, Osceola, Hortense, and California. Napoleon, II was born 4-19-1857 married Georgia Carolina Kemps in January of 1883. They had a son, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward,III on 10-29-83. Georgia Carolina Broward died on 10-30-1883. The son died on 12-16-1883. Napoleon Bonaparte,II re-married on 5-5-1887 too Annie Isabell Douglass. They had 7 daughters - Annie Dorcas, Josephine, Enid Lyle, Elsie, Ella, Agnes, and Florida. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, II went on to become the Governor of Florida from 1905-1909, and died on 10-1-1910. He had a stormy political career.

My father was Alfred Broward, his father was Clark Hammond Broward(dob-, whose father was Preston Broward(dob-1860). Preston's father was John Broward (dob-1822) and his mother was Adelle Reddick. John Broward's (dob-1822)father was Charles Broward, who was a son of Francis Broward and Sarah Bell Broward.
In the documents I have seen and read, I have never seen Francis Broward's name spelled any differently.
So, it would appear that we are somehow related to one another. If you have additional information I would enjoy and appreciate it.

Reddick/Tucker/Broward Families

Mary Sue Branaman (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jul 1999 1:16PM GMT
I saw the postings on the Message Board today pertaining to the families mentioned. I am a descendant of Willoughby Tucker/Caroline Reddick (Duval County). Caroline Reddick and Adelle Reddick were sisters. I will be glad to share what info I have on the families listed. Thanks!

Broward sur-name

Sue Broward Partin (View posts)
Posted: 21 Aug 1999 5:32AM GMT
Posted by: Judy Broward Jackson

I am Sue Broward Partin's sister. I received some info from Tina through this site. This is from the book History of Duval county by Pleasant Daniel Gold, 1928. It was found in the Jacksonville, Florida Public Library. pg. 271:
"Colonel John Broward was born at Georgetown, All Saints Parish, South Carolina, November 17, 1795 and died November 15, 1885. His father was Captain Fracis Broward and his mother, Sarah Bell Broward. The name Broward was originally Brouard, and later Breward, and is spelled Brewerd in the public land documents of the American Sate Papers prior to the change of flags. The Browards are of French Huguenot descent, the first of the family coming from Brest, France, in the latter part of the 18th century and settling in All Saints Parish, South Carolina. Francis Broward, the father of John Broward, served under Count Pulaski at Savannah. About 1800 he moved to Florida and settled on Doctor's Island (also known as Broward Island) near the mouth of of the Nassau River, where he received a Spanish land grant in 1816 by the United States government. Sarah Bell Broward was originally from Charlestown, SC. To the union of Francis Broward and Sarah Bell Broward 4(?) children - Charles who married Elizabeth Eubank, Francis, the third child of Francis and Sarah Bell Broward was Sarah Elizabeth who married William Eubank." The fourth child was John.

Another source (Napoleon Bonaparte Broward - Birthright of a Fighting Democrat) also references Francis Broward as a captain who fought under the leadership of count Pulaski in the American Revolution. The summer of 1779 saw Pulaski's forces suffering from fever and ague induced by constant exposure in the low, marshy sea-island country. Young Napoleon Broward remembered how it was related to him how Francis had made a succesful raid through the English lines into Savannah and secured a quanity of quinine for the hard pressed American troops.

I hope this is helpful.
Judy Jackson

Reddick/Broward family connection

Judy Broward jackson (View posts)
Posted: 30 Aug 1999 8:59AM GMT
I am Sue Broward Patin's sister. I would be interested in any infomation you have on the family connection. You can either send to the above e-mail address or post a message here. Thanks.

Mary Dorcas Parsons grave

Tara Baldree (View posts)
Posted: 15 Sep 1999 6:29PM GMT
I recently found a small graveyard in the back of my neighborhood that very few people know about. It is grown over and I could only count about 18 visible graves. I had wanted to do some research on it so I went to write down the names and dates of the graves. I stumbled upon one of Mary Dorcas Parsons. It read: "Mary Dorcas Parsons, wife of Napoleon B. Broward. 1836-1869". The name Napoleon Broward caught my eye since the small graveyard is located only a couple of miles from the Napoleon Broward Bridge. I believe that this grave contains the former Florida governor Napoleon B. Browards mother, according to what I have read on here. I would like to have a second opinion on this and also would like to know if anyone is familiar with this "hidden" graveyard. Any information is welcome and would be well appreciated.

Mary Dorcas Parsons Grave

Sue Broward-Partin (View posts)
Posted: 22 Sep 1999 8:16PM GMT
The records that I have indicate the same name for the mother of the former Governor Broward. I find her being born in Eaton, N.H. in 1836 and that she died in 1869. She married Napoleon Bonaparte Broward (I) in 1851, at the age of 15. She would have died when N.B. II was only 12, which agrees with information found in a reference book I once found. It indicates that he lost both of his parents around the age of 12. If the information on the gravestone you found correlates with this information, I would say that you have probably stumbled across the grave of Gov. Broward's mother. In which town/city is the graveyard located, and is the writing on the gravestone still legible? Wow, that must be an odd feeling for you. Thanks for sharing this information.

Mary D. Parsons Grave

Tara Baldree (View posts)
Posted: 22 Sep 1999 8:24PM GMT
Yes, I have since figured out that this is the grave of his mother. The gravestone is in excellent condition still, and is still legible. Other than the gravestones that appear to have been stolen, (yes stolen!) they are all still perfectly legible, just have grown "dirty" with time. The cemetery which I have found out to be called the Parsons family cemetery, is located in Jacksonville, FL. If you would like any more information on this just contact me and I will be more than happy to let you know what I have on hand. Thanks!

Francis Broward

Posted: 24 Sep 1999 8:11AM GMT
Edited: 9 Feb 2002 6:28PM GMT
Dear Sue:

I had a lot of the information you sent but I appreciated a couple of dates. N.B. II actually had 8 daughters and one son born to Annie Isabelle..The last daughter was Elizabeth Hutchison Broward and the son, my father, was Napoleon B. Broward III.

Do you have any documentation on Francis as to the french connection, names, places, etc.? I would greatly appreciate any info. Also, do you have any documentation that Francis fought in the Revolutionary War with Count Pulaski? I have contact with the woman who is head of the D.A.R. for Florida and she would like to put a monument up for Revolutionary War Patriots from Fla., but she needs documentation before this can happen. If you would like any further information on this line of the family I would be happy to send it.

Thanks, Mary

Francis Broward

Posted: 1 Jul 2000 9:51AM GMT
Edited: 9 Feb 2002 6:28PM GMT
Dear Sue:

Thanks for the information. In your message you said you had records that Francis came from Provence. Do you have any records showing he fought in the Revolutionary War? Would like to email you directly. I have found a background for Sarah Bell that if I am correct goes back to around 490.

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