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Goldie Vivian Martin-Crowe-Cummins

Goldie Vivian Martin-Crowe-Cummins

Posted: 26 Nov 2012 7:20PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Martin, Crowe, Cummins
looking on info concerning Goldie Martin-Crowe-Cummins
born in west virginia in 1923 lived in Franklin county ohio from 1930 until sometime after 1940. her first husband had the last name of Crowe but i dont know his first name or when they were married. she moved to michigan some time before 1947 but im not sure when. she also had a son named emmitt crowe but i cant find when or where he was born. any info would be appreciated.

Re: Goldie Vivian Martin-Crowe-Cummins

Posted: 5 Dec 2012 2:21AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Jennifer...

Not related, but think I can help here...

What I see for a Goldie [Vivian] Martin born 1923 in WV is this:

In the 1940 Census Goldie and her brother Walter are living with Val Modell Crowe and his wife Mamie in Blendon Twp (in Franklin County) and they're listed as Val's stepchildren.

[I also found a death certificate for another child that Mamie and her 1st husband Clinton C Martin had, a little girl named Galena C Martin who was born March 11, 1929 in Delaware County - died 8 days later on March 19 from premature birth.]

Back to Goldie - she married a guy named Emmett L Glaye on Feb 15, 1941 in Knox County, OH. That marriage record is online at THAT'S who Goldie's 1st husband was - not a 'Crowe', Crowe was her step-father. If she had a son named Emmett, he was obviously named after his father, but I haven't found a birth record yet for him.

Hope this helps some,


Re: Goldie Vivian Martin-Crowe-Cummins

Posted: 5 Dec 2012 4:35PM GMT
Classification: Query
thank you so much!!! i really appreciate your help! now im left with another question though. when she married donald cummins in 1947 in genesee county michigan her last name is listed as crowe and her eldest son who is still alive remembers his step brothers last name being crowe also. if you find emmett jr's birth record please let me know. thanks again for your help

Re: Goldie Vivian Martin-Crowe-Cummins

Posted: 6 Dec 2012 6:15PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hey again Jennifer...

I took a quick look at your tree, and see that you figured out what I suspected - that Emmett's last name wasn't really "Glaye", but that it had probably been misspelled and should have been "Glayes" or "Glaze". Good.

Right - Emmett Sr was born Aug 5, 1911 in Delaware, Delaware, OH. His father was John V Glaze, and his mother was Maud Skinner.

Emmett was 1st married to another woman, and here's where things get interesting! ;-) His 1st wife was Elizabeth F "Crow"! :-0 Ah-ha! I found their marriage record - they were married April 1, 1930 in Franklin County. Her father was Otis Perry Crow, her mother Maud Trout.

[Emmett and Elizabeth Glaze divorce, and on Feb 19, 1941 in Licking County (where she was born) she remarries a Frank Zollinger.]

Now, Goldie's mother, Mamie Ethel [Harvey] Martin marries Val Modell Crowe who is the son of Otis Perry and Maud [Trout] Crowe! Elizabeth F Crow, who married Emmett Glaze Sr is Val's little sister. Goldie grows up and marries her stepfather's sister's ex husband Emmett Glaze Sr and gives birth to Emmett Jr.....follow that? LOL!!

Now, how and why Goldie ends up using the surname 'Crowe' - well, I haven't figured that one out yet - I'll mull it over while I'm out mowing the yard...ha-ha-ha! Maybe they wanted to wash their hands of the Glaze surname for some reason and just used Crowe, I don't know. Maybe Goldie had a short marriage between Glaze and Cummins where she married a Crowe....I really don't know....

(to be continued...) if I come up with anything else,

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