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Dulac Plantation

Dulac Plantation

Linda (View posts)
Posted: 25 Apr 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Housiaux, Powell, Lifette, Hepler, Aitkens, Raby, Mauterer
Looking for information on Dulac Plantation.1904
Located Grand Caillou,about 16 miles from Houma.

Dulac Plantation

Posted: 12 May 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 21 Mar 2002 4:10AM GMT
Surnames: Buquet
I don't know much about Dulac Plantation, but know where it was, or is. I remember many years ago, I found some tokens, and they were redeemable at the Dulac Plantation Store. I had a great uncle, Aubin Buquet who had a store on the Plantation,and it was known as the Dulac Store, or the Buquet Store. Are you local, I am in Houma, La. There is a business there now, owned by Uncle Aubin's great grand daughter and his great great grandson.The lady is Judy Buquet Gibson and her son is Andy Gibson.They own Tidewater Seafood. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Re: Dulac Plantation

Posted: 31 Aug 2001 10:55AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Nov 2003 8:41PM GMT
Surnames: Mauterer, Giro
I do not know about Dulac Plantation, but am interested in any and all information about the Mauterer family. Willing to share info., which includes the Louisiana Mauterers, including Victor, b. Nov. 1869, living with wife and 5 children in Terrebonne Parish, town of Houma in 1900. Also, and especially, the line of Eugene E. Mauterer, (b. New Orleans, married Marie Pastereau) father of Edwin Albert Mauterer, (b. July 17, 1891, New Orleans, m. July 16, 1919, New Orleans to Elizabeth Giro, died April 3, 1963, New Orleans), and his wife and 5 children.

Re: Dulac Plantation

Posted: 6 Sep 2002 5:23PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Dulac
This is really going to sound strange, because my name is Shelley (Charnock) Wheeler, and we have never even heard of the name Godfrey DuLac, until my husband had a dream. He dreamed he was fighting in a war, had on a red jacket (civil war possibly?), and was shot. A woman with a mask on holding a child came up to him and they said to him, "you were a good man, Godfrey DuLac". I know this must make me sound crazy....but I'm really not! I do believe in God and for the most part, am normal!!!......but since he had the dream I've been trying to find out whatever I can about the name. It isn't like it's a common name around here, so I am curious? Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks, Shelley Wheeler

Re: Dulac Plantation

Posted: 7 Sep 2002 3:22AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Nov 2004 4:48AM GMT
Well, first let me explain. My last name is not DuLac, it is Buquet a good clean French name. My father's ancestors are from France, my mother's from Nova Scotia. Of course I am sure her real ancestors came from the European continent, France, also. Her family was one of the Acadian families run out of north east Canada by the English, because they refused to swear allegience to the King of England. Enough of that. The name Dulac is french for "The lake". And in the parish (probably your equivenient of county) of Terrebonne, where I live, there is a lake in the south central part named Lake Dulac. So, you see it basically is in essence, "Lake Lake". *G*. There is a plantation just north west of the lake, and it is Dulac Plantation. It is quite small now, and there is no longer sugar cane or cotton grown there. The relatives of mine who live on it have a couple of horses, a shrimp processing plant, and there is a U S Post Office. On what was once the plantation there now stands quite a few homes and numerous businesses, mostly affiliated with the fishing industry and the oil field industry. Dulac was owned by my great-uncle, Aubin Buquet. His decendants now own it. They in fact are the part of the family whom we refer to as the rich Buquets. Please do understand that we do not us the reference in a dark light. By that I mean there is no hate or dislike for our relatives. They bought the plantation so we never owned it. I hope this has helped in some way. I know of no one by the name of DuLac, thought it is quite possible that the surname does exist. I hope this has been of some use to you. I was surprised to see your post. I hardly ever post in message rooms. They are too slow, and I forget to check them. In this case it is one which pops up. Otherwise I might have never received your's. If I can be of any further help, my email is Incidentally, I am in the state of Louisiana. I did not notice where you are, if you posted it. I hope you and yours have a wonderful day and life. GJB.

Re: Dulac Plantation

Posted: 21 Feb 2003 6:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 19 Aug 2005 9:10PM GMT
Surnames: DuLac
DuLac appears to be a prevalent name in France, Canada and upper Minnesota and NY.

Many times dreams are a part of the entirety of things we have been exposed of recently, or many years ago in life.
The dream is a combination of many many things.

Looking at your dream I would say that your husband had recently seen some type of show about the English (Red Coats) or the Canadians (even Mounties wear that type of coat) and possibly in a movie or book he had read about this Godfrey DuLac, or his mind may have remembered books he read as a child which had many many illustrations by a DuLac.

There is also a DuLac Wisconsin, I believe.

I personally am searching for DuLac persons in Canada and upper USA since my friend is a DuLac and has never traced his family tree.

I am specifically looking in the Columbia Heights (Minneapolis), Minn area.

Sorry I can't help you, but I am sure it was just a compilation of things he has seen or read in his lifetime or not long before his dream.

Re: Dulac Plantation-Mauterer's in Houma

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 2:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello, Would love to connect and share info and find out more about the Mauterer's. You did not mention Arthur Mauterer of Houma. but, i believe they are all related. I do not have a lot of "old" info..but i believe it was Arthur Mauterer who had 10 children, in Houma, one of which was my grandmother. I don't know exactly, but believe my grandmother was born around 1898, so Arthur Mauterer was probably born 20-30 years before that. Please let me know if we can connect and write more. thanks,

Re: Dulac Plantation

Posted: 3 Feb 2010 8:04PM GMT
Classification: Query

Re: Dulac Plantation

Posted: 8 Apr 2012 2:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Mrs Wheeler but my name if Godfrey Buquet, not Dulac. You inquired, I think, about Dulac Plantation. It was once owned by my great-uncle, Aubin Buquet (deceased). Prior to his ownership, I believe it was owned by Mr. Ellis Lottinger (deceased).
BTW, Dulac is not really a surname, as far as I know, it is French for "The lake" or "Of the lake" The word "Du" in addition to "The, of the, some" has additional meaning in French, but in this case Dulac is a small village where a good portion of the population is American Indian. The name Dulac, I believe came about because the land where the plantation was is bordered by a lake; Lake Boudreaux, actually, but I think the plantation got it's name before the lake got its name.
Your husband's dream is quite weird. Regardless there is no Godfrey Dulac.
Have a good day, and Happy Easter.

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