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new relative

Posted: 7 Sep 2009 12:57AM GMT
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Hello Dear,
first of all I should introduce myself. My name is Victoria Lucia Cammann I am 18 years old and live in Western, Germany.
Probably we are related due to our last name. First of all- there are only about 30 people left in Germany who are named
Cammann. Everybody has to confess it is not a really popular even more a uncommon lastname name. As far as I know- I
can do some more researching but the orgins of you last name are set in Celle, Lower Saxonia, Northern Germany. My
grandmother from my father´s side she had an titel of nobility and used to be called von Cammann. Well, for some reasons
we lost or title and now we are called Cammann. For unkown factors we only bought that "von" in the second world was I
new we are having ancestors in New York, NY- these people are my grandfather´s cousin.Back in Germany I have a
genealogical tree and maybe we can match with some names. We are also a slighly royal, because my grandfather´s cousin
he used to be a baron (von Witzke) in the second world war- still alive. As you can see the second world war has played an
important rule to your family.I hope you have some more information-


PS: The name Cammann it is def. from Germany due to the double n at the end- untypical for America!

this was sent to me by Vicky i am so grateful

Re: new relative

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 9:10AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Christine

I have Cammanns in my tree - quite a number, births from 1795 to 1850. The later ones in the East End of London, the earlier ones from, I suspect Germany or the Low Countries. They were watchmakers I think.

Andrew West

Re: new relative

Posted: 8 Sep 2012 12:19PM GMT
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i have been slow about searching cammann name lately but i will keep posting things as i find them thank you for your post

Re: new relative

Posted: 24 Feb 2013 7:05PM GMT
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Surnames: cammann
deidrich cammann from germany is as far as i have gotten on the family tree he was born in hanover and married to amanda palmer so far this is all i have found
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