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Posted: 12 Jul 2001 7:47PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 5 May 2004 7:45PM GMT
Surnames: Tayon, Iott
This is in reference to msg from christy crummy. The records I have indicate that Frank Tayon born January 1850 was married and had six children, Harvey F. (my grandfather), Augusteen "Gus", Gladys M "Dude", Archibald, Cornelia J "Neil", and Clementine M. "Clem". The records from the 1900 Census of St. Louis showed that Frank lived at 804 Vulcan St and had nine children, six living. The record showed that the wife's name was Camelia who was born September 1858. It is possible that Frank was previously married to Caroline Iott as I came across something to the effect that Frank and carolyn Iott were married 1 nov 1882. forget where I came across this). But she could have died and he later remarried Camelia. But I am stuck at Frank Tayon. If you have any other info or if this was helpful, let me know. thanks louis tayon.

Re: Iott/Tayon

Posted: 20 Feb 2010 4:08PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 21 Feb 2010 6:08PM GMT
Surnames: Tayon, Roberts, Pulitzer, Fisher
Don't know if this reply will reach you since you posted this a few years ago.
I am the great-grandaughter of Clementine Tayon. I remember my father talking about his aunts "Gus" and "Dude".
Clementine Tayon married William Munro Roberts Sr. who helped found the International Telegraph Operator's Union in St. Louis and later on become the lawyer for the Pulitzer family that owned the newspapers. They had one child, William Munro Roberts Jr., who was also an attorney. He married Wilma Rose Fisher, and they had 3 children, one of whom was my dad - William Munro "Monty" Roberts III (1936-1999).
My father always claimed that one of his Tayon ancestors (perhaps Frank) had been a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi, but I don't know if that is true. Supposedly, they were originally from Louisiana.
Clementine Tayon died when I was around 6 years old. She was very eccentric and loved to collect antiques.
Unfortunately, all the older members of the Roberts/Tayon clan are deceased and I'm afraid a lot of information is lost.

Re: Iott/Tayon

Posted: 13 Mar 2010 2:17AM GMT
Classification: Query
Sorry I didn't reply before this, I filed it to do and just forgot about it. I had heard the same info on the Riverboat pilot but can't find anything to confirm. The other names you mentioned are familiar as your father & grandfather. Not too many Tayon's around but can't get info beyond a certain point. If you hear of anything I am still around, and if I find something will pass it along. Thanks for your reply.
Louis Tayon
Chesapeake, Va

Re: Cornelia Iott & Frank Tayon of St. Louis, Missouri

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 12:47AM GMT
Classification: Lookup

Frank P Tayon
Died: Dec 13 1917, St. Louis, Missouri
Cause of death: Carbuncle
Born: Jan 20, 1857, St. Louis, MO (year is incorrect)
Occupation: Ship carpenter, construction
Father: Antone Tayon Missouri
Mother: Antonett Qein?? (look at online image- She died when Frank was little, so may be incorrect. Informant was Archie Tayon)
Burial: Mount Olive Cemetery

Cornelia Tayon,
Died Nov 14 1920 St. Louis, MO
Dause of death: Gastric enteritis
Born: Sep 8, 1857, St. Charles, MO
Marital status: widow of Frank Tayon
Father: Joseph Iott, Missouri- mother unknown to informant
Burial: Mount Olive Cemetery

Birth: Chas. P Tayon
Date: 03/27/1894 Place: 5615 Pensylvania Ave
Parents: Cornelia & Frank Tayon

1880 census Missouri, St. Louis, St. Louis
Frank Tayon, 31 MO, single, laborer, lived with the family of his married sister Catherine (also spelled Katherine - Mrs. William Martin)

1870 census- Missouri, St. Louis, Carondelet, family 1334
Tayon, Frank 20 M W, Missouri laborer
Tayon, Antoin 52 M W, Missouri laborer $1500

1860 census- Missouri, St. Louis, Carondelet, family 687
Hypolite Tyon 42 M MO Laborer $2000/$100
Hypolite Tyon 20 M MO
Antionette Tyon 16 F MO
Kate Tyon 14 F MO
Frank Tyon 12 M MO attending school
Amelia Tyon 10 F MO attending school

Name:Cornelia Iott
Age in 1860:2 Birth Year: Jun 1857- Jun 1858 Birthplace:Missouri
1860 census:St Charles, St Charles, Missouri, family 630
Joseph Iott 49 MO gentleman $2500/$500
Mary Iott 44 MO
Mark Iott 23 MO son
William Iott 19 MO
Joseph Iott 17 MO
Mary Iott 15 MO
Adelia Iott 12 MO
Thomas Iott 8 MO
Clementine Iott 6 MO
Cornelia Iott 2 MO

1850 census- Missouri, St. Louis, Carondelet, family 186
Antoine Tyon, 32 M Missouri laborer
Elizabeth 28 F MO
Leo. Gardie 23 M MO laborer
Margareth 15 F MO
Paulette 10 F MO
Antoinette 6 F MO
Catherine 4 F MO
Francis 1 1/2 M MO

Re: Cornelia Iott & Frank Tayon of St. Louis, Missouri

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 2:27AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 14 Mar 2010 1:07PM GMT
Surnames: Tayon, Tyon, Taillon
Thanks, its some new info. Looks like there have been several versions of the spelling of the name Tayon, Tyon, Taillon, not sure whether or not that was through the person recording the info or what.
Louis Tayon

Re: Iott/Tayon

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 7:08PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 15 Mar 2010 4:28PM GMT
Surnames: Iott
Which IOTT are you researching ? I have a bunch of IOTT's that lived at Deerfield and in Monroe Co. too !!

Eldon Hills @ Petersburg, Mi.

Re: Cornelia Iott & Frank Tayon of St. Louis, Missouri

Posted: 18 Mar 2010 6:13PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 18 Mar 2010 7:51PM GMT
Surnames: Taillon, Tayon
Have the feeling that Taillon was original spelling and was changed to Tayon to make it easier for native english speakers to pronounce. That happened frequently with french surnames.

Re: Cornelia Iott & Frank Tayon of St. Louis, Missouri

Posted: 18 Mar 2010 6:14PM GMT
Classification: Query
Ship Carpenter - so some truth to story I guess.

Thanks for all the info!
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