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Where is Miroslav/Misslitz?

Where is Miroslav/Misslitz?

Posted: 24 Apr 2013 9:15PM GMT
Classification: Query
Can anyone tell me in what time period was Miroslav known as Misslitz? When did it become known as Miroslav? I am trying to pinpoint what was the name of the place when my ancestors were there.
Also, I have been looking at but have not been able to find anything pertaining to my family. It is a source for north Moravia. Am I looking in the right place if my ancestors lived in Miroslav? Your help in clearing this up is very much appreciated. Maymie

Re: Where is Miroslav/Misslitz?

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 4:20AM GMT
Classification: Query
Miroslav is in southern Moravia, so you have to look at

Opava archives is really only for nothern Moravia.

Re: Where is Miroslav/Misslitz?

Posted: 7 Sep 2013 3:39PM GMT
Classification: Query
It is not possible to specify a date when the name of a village changed, because it never did. "Misslitz" is the German name for the village, used by the Austrian government. The Czech name was "Miroslav" and was used interchangeably, depending on who was talking. In the late 1800s (1870 on, maybe), the Czech names started to be used in official documents, such as baptismal records.

You can go back a few decades, and both the German and the Czech spellings would show variations from these two spellings. You cannot say "they used Misslitz on the document so they must have been there in 1850" or "they used Miroslav on the document so it must have been after 1890". The style of handwriting on the document would give you a better indication of the timeframe than the spelling.

It's like Prague -- that is not the Czech spelling, Praha is.

More importantly, when I go to see if any Miroslav records are on actapublica, the first ones showing up are Evangelical. If your ancestors were not Catholic, then you might be in luck there. The second choice yields the Catholic records.

If you give a name and a date, even if approximate, the posters are willing to give it a try finding an original record. Which brings up the question -- why is it important to narrow down "when" the name changed?

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