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Lombardi (Proscino)Grandmother emigrated to Hamilton

Lombardi (Proscino)Grandmother emigrated to Hamilton

Posted: 4 Apr 2001 5:57PM GMT
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 1:10AM GMT
In 1895, my grandmother came from Alife to Hamilton. May have had sister in law in Hudson. Moved away, but frequently visited Hudson, N.Y. in later years.

Would appreciate any information.

Sister in Law in Hudson NY

Posted: 5 Apr 2001 10:48AM GMT
Edited: 3 Sep 2001 8:47PM GMT
Josie is Josephine Gagliardy the sister in law??

Hudson, New York

josie (View posts)
Posted: 23 May 2001 4:55PM GMT
Since I last posted a message, have found a lot mre things to confuse me even more. Been on the ellis island records page since it opened. In respose to your question, the sister in law is not josephine gagliardi, as far as i can tell. If you go to the lombardi message board, i just posted a note.(Family history,com.) As far as I can determine my Grandmother Concetta Lombardi came to Hamilton, N.Y. because either her Aunt Concetta Came a few years before I just do know. There is a missing link there, and I am just at wits end to find out. Theres no one here to ask. I am not even sure myu Mother knew . I just know trips were made to Hudson ovewr several years. In one research endeavor I found a Prosceno coming over at 16yrs, old in 1910 to stay with anUncle raffele Laurella- address 3 market place, Hudson, N,Y. I think this may have been a relative of my grandfathers(Prosceno)Nayway its loads of fun. Nay information would be appreciated. Contact me at McGonigal 3 @aol. com. Anytime. Josie


Posted: 23 May 2001 5:08PM GMT
Edited: 3 Sep 2001 8:47PM GMT
All I have found Josie is that a Concetta Lombardi is the mother of my grandfather John Gagliardi from D'Alife Naples Italy. So there's a Lombardi connection there.

Re: Concetta Lombardi

Josie (View posts)
Posted: 25 May 2001 10:45PM GMT
I think you are in the same boat I am in, there is really just no one around to ask. When my Mom was still with us, I was really just starting this , actually my Husband was , and he started to write thinks down, as my Mom gave little tidbits. I knew a lot, or so I thought, but boy have I opened a Pandoras box now. Do you know anything else about what would be your greatgrandmoth,she and my grandmother have to be related, I am pretty sure. My Concetta was born in1883 as I have said. Did you know that the surname LOMBARDI islike the name SMITH here. Very popular in Italy. I guess I am at a dead end here. Still cannot find out WHY she landed at Ellis and went to Upstate New York. There must have been some family there to take care of her. Thanks againfor being so prompt. Josie.......

Re: Concetta Lombardi

Posted: 5 Dec 2008 9:03AM GMT
Classification: Query
My great great grand mothers name was concetta Lombardi procino/ prosceno. Was this concetta married to a john procino ? If she was then it's possible we are related. Did this concetta have a daughter named Mary? Let me know what you think! Thanks star
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