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Posted: 28 Dec 1999 5:06PM GMT
Edited: 18 Oct 2001 5:20AM GMT
am looking for any information on the
Gallenberg family from Antigo, Wi. and from
Germany before that, last name used to be
spelled, Gallenberger.
any information would be appreciated.


kay gallenberg chandler (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 1999 4:52AM GMT
yes, same family; my parents were both born in antigo, as well as older sisters. my dad was from a family of 8, son of francis xavier and catherine wahleitner gallenberg.

in the late 1800's, my grandfather moved over to antigo from the white lake / kewaunee WI area, dropping the "er" from the name. all the relatives in antigo use 'gallenberg' while the ones to the east stuck with the 'gallenberger' ... we've done SOME research but not nearly enough. plan a trip to munich area this spring to visit the family village.

what's your story?



Posted: 29 Dec 1999 11:56AM GMT
Edited: 18 Oct 2001 5:20AM GMT
I've just started the research on my husband';s
side, was there a Leonard Gallenberg?
I'll pin my husband down, and get information
from him. He's not going to believe this!!

leonard gallenberg

kay chandler (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 1999 4:54PM GMT
if it's the same line, leonard was my dad's youngest brother; he had kids margie (my age), lenny @ 47-48, another boy and a younger girl, lucy, i think.
is that right?

leonard gallenberg

Posted: 29 Dec 1999 5:28PM GMT
Edited: 18 Oct 2001 5:20AM GMT
yes, that it right, I am Lenny's wife, his
sister's are marge, lucy, and he has a
brother, larry.
what a small world! wait till I tell lenny!


kay chandler (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 1999 5:36PM GMT
yes, it is small...our family wasn't always the best at staying in touch; my dad has been dead now over 12 years and the last sibling, our aunt Dot who lived in alaska, died last january. i have a cousin who is now in indiana, and we are probably the closest of any, because we had some common friends as teenagers and his ex-wife was a woman we knew first. i couldn't even remember when i saw lenny's family last; i seem to recall, however, when marge married a guy who worked at the same place as me ... he worked in the print shop at the school board... that HAS to be nearly 30 years ago, i'd say. my siblings don't even do a very good job of staying in touch; since our mother died 7 years ago we make sure we see each other at christmas but that's usually it except for 1 sister. do lenny's siblings all see each other?


Posted: 29 Dec 1999 9:04PM GMT
Edited: 18 Oct 2001 5:20AM GMT
lenny's family sees each other somewhat regularly
his mother was quite sick this past year and
needed surgery earlier this month. Lenny wondered
is your father, Ed?. He's trying to remember
you. He says this is bringing up memories!.
How much information do you have on the Gallenberg
family?. I just started on it, I always teased Lenny
and told him I was going to trace him all the way back
to Hitler!!!. He teases me about tracing my native american
side back.Lenny is also wondering where you
are living now. You would'nt want to put that
in this message as this is posted for anyone
to read. my e-mail is

Lillian Gallenberg - Fleischman of Langlade Co., WI

Posted: 15 Mar 2000 1:31AM GMT
Edited: 22 Apr 2005 9:22AM GMT
Do you have any info. on Lillian Gallenberg
who married Walter Fleischman about 1935 in
Langlade County, WI?
I am searching for her birth date and info.
about her children, etc.
Thanks! DeAnna


Posted: 15 Mar 2000 4:17PM GMT
Edited: 18 Oct 2001 5:20AM GMT
Hi, the name sounds familiar, but will have to check with
my husband's cousin on that one, she knows more than I do.
will get back to you either way.

Gallenbergs, Antigo,WI

Debi (View posts)
Posted: 23 Mar 2000 5:51AM GMT
I am originally from Antigo I have several realatives that still live there. If u get back to me on this, I will give u some of their names and maybe it will be helpfull to us all. We might be related! There are still several Gallenbergs living in that area, most still work potatoe farms. Some have made it bigger in the tractor industry.E-mail me back and i'll see what i can do.
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