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1900 Census lookup

1900 Census lookup

Posted: 9 Jun 2013 7:03PM GMT
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I am looking for a Hilda, born about 1888 in Halland (probably in the Varberg vicinity), with a sister named Augusta or Asta, born about 1894 in Halland. Unfortunately, I have no clues as to their last name.
Hilda emmigrated to the US in 1904, and Asta in 1912. i know it's not a lot to go on, but anyone willing to do a lookup for likely matches?
Thanks in advance,

Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 10 Jun 2013 5:44AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 10 Jun 2013 5:45AM GMT
Swedish Census 1900 has only one Asta born 1892-1896 in Halland county, but she has no sister Hilda born 1886-1890.

There are two Hilda born 1886-1890 with a sister Asta in Swedish Cenus 1900, but for one of them the sister Asta is older, for the other one she was born 1899.

There are several Hilda with a sister Augusta, this one is probably closest to your information:

Andreasson, Johan August
Hemmansägare [farm-owner]
b. 1858 in Fjärås (Hallands län, Halland)
Man, married, father

Back, Anna Elida
b. 1865 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Woman, married, mother

Anna Nathalia
b. 1886 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Girl, child

Hilda Amalia
b. 1887 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Girl, child

Nils Johan
b. 1888 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Boy, child

Albert Ferdinand
b. 1891 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Boy, child

Alfrida Sofia
b. 1893 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Girl, child

Augusta Linéa
b. 1895 in Värö (Hallands län, Halland)
Girl, child

Lingome N:o 6. ½ mtl Kronoskatte
Värö (Hallands län, Halland)

I haven't got time now to check if they emigrate.

// Bo Johansson

Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 10 Jun 2013 7:29AM GMT
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They didn't emigrate. Augusta died in 1918.

Värö AIIa:4 (1907-1928) Image 700 / page 316 (AID: v342054.b700.s316, NAD: SE/LLA/13467)


Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 11 Jun 2013 1:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks very much for checking. I guess it's possible that Asta and Hilda are cousins, not sisters. The information I am going off of comes from a letter a great aunt wrote that says that her mother had two cousins Hilda and Asta who came to the US and married the Pike brothers. They are my only link to definitively confirming my great great grandmother's heritage in Sweden.
One final question: On 11 Jun 1924, Hilda Pike arrived in Göteborg from NY on the ship Drottningholm with her kids Hilda, Frank and Virginia. They returned on 2 Aug 1924 on the ship Stockholm, and are listed as coming from Varberg. Would the Emibas CD have any additional information on who they were visiting? Their arrival/ departure were not recorded in the Varberg parish records.

Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 11 Jun 2013 5:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
The information in EMIBAS comes from the parish records.

// Bo Johansson

Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 23 Jun 2013 12:13AM GMT
Classification: Query
So, I think I have found Hilda and Augusta. If these are the right pair, they were nieces of my GGGmother, not cousins. I have one problem though - the församlingsbok for Dagsås parish ends in 1899, so I can't follow the family forward to when the sisters would have emigrated. In the past, I have had luck searching at the county level for more recent records, but the församlingsbok for Halland SCB also ends in the same timeframe. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?
The sisters are Hildur Gerda Maria Augustsdr b. 13 Apr 1888 in Ås, and Augusta Charlotta Augustsdr, b. 6 Apr 1894 in Dagsås. Parents were August Andreasson and Charlotta Gustafsdr (who was my GGGmother's sister).

Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 23 Jun 2013 6:09AM GMT
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Edited: 23 Jun 2013 8:07AM GMT
In Swedish Census 1900 they lived at Södra Led under Lindhoff in Lindberg parish, Halland county.

They are found in AD Lindberg AIIa:1 (1895-1905) Image 2000 / page 190 (AID: v380017.b2000.s190, NAD: SE/LLA/13247):

- August Andreasson, born 1857-01-06 Tvååker, married 1885-10-17.
- wife Charlotta Gustafsdotter, born 1859-01-28 Svartrå.
- d. Adelina Justina, born 1886-01-29 Ås, emigrated 1903-03-22 to Providence, N.America.
- d. Hildur Gerda Maria, born 1888-04-13 Ås, emigrated 1904-10-25(?) to N.America.
- d. Judit Helfrid, born 1890-04-03 Ås.
- s. Karl Fredrik, born 1892-02-28 Ås.
- d. Augusta Charlotta, born 1894-04-06 Dagsås.
- d. Anna Melina, born 1895-10-13 Dagsås.
- d. Brita Linea, born 1898-01-23 Dagsås.
- s. Gustaf Erik, born 1900-03-31 Varberg.
- s. Johan Ivar August, born 1902-06-28 Lindberg.
- d. Sigrid Olivia, born 1904-04-12 Lindberg.

Then in AD Lindberg AIIa:2 (1905-1916) Image 1670 / page 157 (AID: v380018.b1670.s157, NAD: SE/LLA/13247).

Here the father dies 1907-05-01, and Britta Linea dies 1914-06-01.

Adelina Kristina's illegitimate son Ralf Francis born 1905-03-20 Boston came from America 1906-12-28(?).

Hildur Gerda Maria came back from America 1910-08-26 and emigrated again 1911-02-10 together with Judit Helfrid.

Augusta Charlotta and Anna Melina emigrated 1912-04-27 to America.

Judit Helfrid came back from America 1915-03-28 and emigrated again 1916-01-22 to New York.

// Bo Johansson

Re: 1900 Census lookup

Posted: 23 Jun 2013 3:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Perfect, thanks so much for your help!
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