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Rahe Family

Rahe Family

Dawn Smith (View posts)
Posted: 16 Dec 2004 9:41AM GMT
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Surnames: Rahe, Schneggenburger
I am looking for information regarding the Rahe family who came to America in 1850 from Germany. The Rahe family came from Hanover Germany. I am looking for information regarding Anna Sabrina Rahe and who her family is? If anyone has any information regarding this family please email me!!!!

Re: Rahe Family

Posted: 22 Dec 2004 4:27AM GMT
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Re: Rahe Family

Kristie Rahe (View posts)
Posted: 23 Aug 2005 2:03PM GMT
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Surnames: Rahe
I am working on the Rahe Faimly Tree, My grandfather started it and I am continuing. The only Clara I have is a Clara Josephine Rahe and she was born in the US, but I have the Ellis Island Ship logs on all the Rahes that came over. We can go back as far as Henry J Rahe Sr. If any of these name sound familiar please feel free to email me

Re: Rahe Family

Dawn Smith (View posts)
Posted: 23 Aug 2005 10:50PM GMT
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Surnames: Rahe
The only Rahe I know of is Anna Rahe and Rahe Walburga. They are both sisters. Anna was born January 17,1833 in Hanover and her sister were not sure. She died October 25,1915
This is all I know of.


Re: Rahe Family

Henry Rahe (View posts)
Posted: 31 Oct 2005 12:52AM GMT
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Kriste would like to know what you have from Elis Island.

Have the Rahe history in Indiana but have not found where they
entered the US.

There are several groups that came over from Germany. The first were Catholic and the second Lutheran. The group that came in 1850"s were Lutheran. Have the name of the small town where they all came from.

Re: Rahe Family

Dawn Smith (View posts)
Posted: 6 Feb 2006 3:42AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rahe

I read that you have the list of all the Rahe's that came over from Germany. Buy any chance come across Anna and Welamina Rahe. They both settled in Buffalo, New York and they both married the same person but different years, their husbands name is Jacob Schneggenburger.
Please email me if you have any information.

Re: Rahe Family

Posted: 7 Sep 2006 6:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 12 Sep 2006 4:53AM GMT
Surnames: Rahe
From what I have been able to piece together from a visit with Earl Rahe of Bluff's IL is that the Indiana Rahe's Entered the US in New Orleans. Wilhelm F. (Cristopf Fredercik Wilhelm is probably the same person) came to the US with his brother Andrew. They got separated working their way up the Missisippi - Andrew ended up in Indiana and met an untimely death according to Earl. Wilhelm ended up in New Hanover IL. Earl (now deceased) is a decendent of the Indiana Rahe's. He was 97 years old when we discussed this. I don't have and don't have time to track down documentation, but we have similar oral histories. with entering in New Orleans and losing abrother somehow. My dad tried to find imigration records in New Orleans, but they were lost for the time period in question.

Re: Rahe Family

Posted: 3 Mar 2008 8:09PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi. My maiden name is Rahe and my dad's family is from southern Indiana. My grandparents were Laura Busse Rahe and Arthur Christen Rahe of Aurora Indiana. My dad will be 75 next week and I just stumbled on this site - I thought I could surprise him with some unknown family fact. Do you have any information about my (I think) great Rahe grandparents experience at Ellis Island? Thanks!

Re: Rahe Family

Posted: 8 Mar 2008 9:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Sorry for being late geting back. My section of the family is from the Oldenburg area and later moved to Shelby county and Munice Indiana. The Aurora Rahe's I believe came over about twenty to Thirty years after the group that settled in Oldenburg.

I have a friend who went ot purduce and later worked at Lilly with me who has the same family name of Rahe and is from Aurora. His name is Frank William Rahe.

The family came from Germany and we traced our ancesters back to the 1600's. Theya re from Osnabruck.

Here is the history I have

Rahe Family Information:

Johann Hendrich Rahe Margretha Elizabeth Rute Myer (Tiamier)
Born 3-7-1800 Born 2-15-1802
Where Malbergen (Osnabruck) Germany Osnabruck, Germany
Died 8-5-1849 Died 8-5-1849
Where Oldenburg, Indiana Oldenburg, Indiana

They had four children:

John Henry – see below this is our branch of the Rahe family
Anton – Born 3-31-1836 – think this is the Muncie Rahe and your connection
Bernard – Born 1840

John Henry Rahe Wife Mary Suzanne Ruhlmann
Born – 11-10-1830 Born – 8-15-1835
Where Osnabruck, Germany Died 7-28-1901
Married – 6-25-1851 Where – Oldenburg, Indiana
Where – Holy Family Church
Oldenburg, Indiana
Died – 2-27-1908
Where Shelby County, Indiana
Buried at St Vincent Cemetery , Shelby County, Indiana


Henry Conrad Rahe * Adeline Krekler
Born 1-27-1878 Born 2-29-1876
Where- Oldenburg, Indiana Enochsburg, Indiana
Died 9-10-1935 Died 2-1960
Where – Shelby County, Indiana Where – Shelby County, Indiana

( adopted original family name was Kuhlman and son of Mary Ruhlmann’s sister)

Five children

Henry Herman – my father
Joseph Anton
Zita Marie
Edwin Henry
Mary Anna

My wife belongs to “ancestor dot com” and confirmed that William Rahe married Rosa Selimeyer on 2-7-1899. Documents are in the clerks office Muncie – marriage record 1827-1920 volume III N to Z


Re: Rahe Family

Posted: 9 Mar 2008 5:04PM GMT
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Bill Rahe is my uncle (my dad's younger brother)! There are 5 boys, Arthur (my dad), John, Bill, Mel and Marty. John still lives in Aurora, Marty in Cincinnati, Mel outside of Louisville and my parents are in Auburn IN. Bill and Stephanie live in Raleigh NC and on Sanibel Island. We're visitng their daughter, Rebecca, over Easter in NC. Thanks so much for the reply! I'm not a member of, but this is pretty neat!
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