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Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 20 Mar 2010 9:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McMahon
I am trying to locate the where abouts of Lewis E. McMahon. He was born in 1857 he said Iowa.The census listed him as a laborer. The BLM said he owned property Gooding. The last time I can find him is 1910 and he's in Hagerman, Lincoln Co. any ideas?

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 24 May 2010 2:43AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McMahon
I found the Hagerman Valley Family Tree and asked Linda Smith to contact you. She has information about his family.

Lewis's parents were married in Iowa but he was born Aug 1857 in Virginia. On 4 March 1889 he married Frances Dillon in Lamar, Barton Co., MO. This info is from the Hagerman Valley Family Tree.

In 1900 Louis was living in Big Flat, Owyhee Co., ID.
Louis E. McMahon b. IA, Aug 1857, employee, stock herder.

In 1910 he was living in Hagerman, LIncoln Co., ID but he was divorced.

He died 5 July 1917 in Gooding, ID according to the Hagerman Valley tre.

McMahon died July 5, 1917, Lincoln Co. per death cert 018516. Source: BYU Idaho, .

You can request a copy of his obituary from Random Acts Genealogical Kindness. go to, read guidelines, choose Idaho, choose ALL as the county and choose one volunteer.

Contact the Shoshone Public Library, .
Successful Searching!

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 27 May 2010 6:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McMahon
The information on Lewis's death as being in 1917-is not him. That death certificate belongs to an infant that died and was un named. I was able to view the death certificate.
What is Hagerman Valley Tree?
Now that I know that death date is not the right one I am looking to see if his property was ever sold by Lewis or did he indeed die and left no will and someone else took over the property? Did the country doctors keep records of house calls or visits? where would those be today? Was there a Grange? did he belong? Church he might have beloned to? Any ideas?

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 8 Jun 2010 4:44AM GMT
Classification: Query
The Hagerman Valley Tree was created by LindaSmithID and reflects most of the people who lived in that Valley. You can find this family tree on Ancestry.

You can contact the Shoshone Public Library, and ask if they have a volunteer who will look for Lewis in what they have for genealogy.

Unfortunately Lincoln County doesn't have a genealogy volunteer.

You can find what the University of Idaho has at .

You can contact the Idaho State Historical Society, Successful Searching!

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 8 Jun 2010 5:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McMahon
Hi Jac,
I went back and analyzed the family tree in the Hagerman Valley Family Tree and the father Lewis E. McMahon was born Aug 1857 in Virginia. I don't think that family ever got to Idaho.

Your Lewis/Louis was not married in 1900 but then was divorced on the 1910 Census. I'd check with the Owyhee County Historical Society, .

I'd also check with Lincoln County Clerk, 208-886-7641.

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 11 Jun 2010 12:36AM GMT
Classification: Query
You may have the census, I did not and needed for research:

The 1900 Census for (Murphy Hot Springs), Big Flat, Owyhee County, ID
Louis E McMahon, born Aug 1857 in Iowa to father born in Ireland, mother in West Virginia, living as employee in the home of Andrew Rogerson. Employed as Stock Herder.

The 1910 Census for Hagerman, Lincoln Co, ID
Lewis E McMahon, age 54, divorced, born in Iowa to father born in Ireland, mother in Virginia, laborer/farm, renting/house.

NOTE: Hagerman became part of Gooding County when Lincoln County was partitioned in 1913.

The BLM Land Patent:
identifies he obtained 116.1 acres on 10/1/1908. The land was in Gooding County, not a town in Twin Falls County.
The land description:
Township 9-S(south), Range 15-E(East), Section 2, the SW part of the SE Quarter
Same as above, with 5 parts additional in the Section 2
Section 11, 1 part
Section 11, 2 parts.

If you want to know where that land was actually located, go to:
Change State to Idaho, enter Township and Range and Section 2.

The next window has information on the location of the land in Gooding County. It was 1195 meters from Niagara Springs, 3005 foot from the Idaho Trout Hatchery, 1568 meters from the mouth of the Cedar Draw (creek/river).

Now in the center, click on "Switch to TerraServer"
--there is a "new link", just wait and it will go to it.

In the next window, click on the largest blue box (top left over the map) for size, then click on Topo Map (top right over the map).

In this new window is a plat map. The map is filled with Red colored squares, these are Sections. Toward the bottom in the middle, you'll see a red colored "1" in the middle of the Section. In the middle of box to it's left, left click with your mouse. In the next window do it again. You'll now see a red colored "1" in the middle. This is Section 2. A Section has 640 acres

His land was: Section 2, the SW part of the SE Quarter. So mentally divide this square into quarters. In the bottom Quarter, mentally divide it into quarters. So his land was the bottom left corner of that SE Quarter of Section 2. Basically about the middle of the bottom of that Section.

Now click on "South" You'll see the red "11" for Section 11. His land in that section was probably attached to the land in Section 2, so it was in Section 11, above the Snake river. You'll now see Niagra Springs. His land was north west of Twin Falls, and south west of Jerome. The Snake river divides Gooding County and Twin Falls County. In 1908, that area was in Lincoln County, then in 1913 was in Gooding County when that county came into being.

You can zoom out (Top left) and see an overall view. So, between 1908 and 1910, he moved north to Hagerman. It "appears" he left his land, however, that is unproven.

The Hagerman Valley Family Tree shows Lewis E McMahon marriage to Frances Dillion in Missouri in 1889. They had four children, Samuel born in Virginia in 1891, Mary born in Virginia in 1901, Anna born 1904. This is NOT the correct Lewis E. McMahon that was in Idaho in 1900. Other family tree's identify that Lewis as being born in 1865. Another shows him born in 1857 in Missouri. AND, if you have already reviewed the 4 Mar 1889 death as being an infant, that information is also wrong on this tree. People when you are doing family genealogy, do NOT just click on a leaf on There are FAR to many "genealogy volunteers" finding the wrong people and they get into the system. So, there is no connection to the person in the tree to the correct Lewis E. McMahon.

The link given for the University of Idaho doesn't work, as you probably witnessed. (the "uideaho" is the problem). I did a search on the site. For Research Help, you set up an you have to go there. There manuscripts had no listings for McMahon

The link for the Owyhee Co Historical Society didn't work; but it is just about visiting their museum:
I've found most historical societies won't do much research, those that do charge "donations". Based on the location of his residence in the 1900 census (out in the middle of no where); and, that he moved out by 1908, doubt there would be much information there.

There are two volunteers in Gooding County on the Random Acts OF Genealogical Kindness... READ THE GUIDELINES FIRST:
Perhaps Coy Jones is in a position to review county records. He may also have a knowledge of locations of burial records/cemetery records. (Most cemeteries across the land aren't transcribed, those that are have missed graves, broken or unreadible stones or markers, or totally missing).

County records: Since Gooding County came out of Lincoln County in 1913, you would have to look in both for records...unless upon creating Gooding County local records stayed there.
Marriage/Divorce. Marriage records for that time period would be at the County Clerk/County Recorder's Office. Divorce records would be at the Clerk of the Superior Court. Most States require local Court Clerks to maintain the archives of court records. They might have also heard probate there also.
Property: He lived in Hagerman during the 1910 census; but was renting.

Where is he? Since he had lived in Gooding County from 1900 to 1910, he "might" be there. But, he was still only 54 at the time of the 1900 census. He didn't appear to have roots.

Do you have his records prior to 1900? I couldn't find him in the 1880 census, but didn't look all that hard, didn't look previous. If he had most of his siblings still around in one area, he may have returned there. But, I couldn't find him at all in 1920 using a good number of different search techniques.

Ron Bestrom

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 12 Jun 2010 1:02AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for all your hard work Judy!
This guy is next to impossible! He abandonded his wife and child in VA. He does not appear in any census after 1880. There he's working on a farm. He's with the family that "bought" his bond after his parents both died in 1863. He was 5 when he was orphaned...he later regained his father's farm in MO. and 3 years later sold it when he married and moved to VA. From here he'skechy because he came back to his wife-in VA- and had 2 daughters;1901 and 1904.
He WAS born in Aug.1857 but not Iowa his sister was born there.He was born in MO. I don't think he knew where he was's different all the time...His wife was born in VA. His grandfather was born in Ireland...remember he was 5 when left alone and no one about to tell him facts of his family.

Re: Lewis E. [Luke] McMahon

Posted: 12 Jun 2010 6:37AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McMahon
mymy Ron you have been busy! I thank you!
This sounds like our Lewis. He never put his birth place the same in every census. He was orphaned at the age of 5 and there was no one to tell him facts of his birth or of his parents.
His wife in VA listed her self as "married" at the same time-when he said he was "divorced". The next census-he is single and she's widowed.
How sure are you that this is not our Lewis? We do know he went West and never returned. Fannie came out by buckboard to find him but failed so she returned to VA and never spoke of him again...In 1900 she is living alone. Sam, thier son, was indentured out as a servant to a family down the road at the age of 9. I heard the second son died as a small child, but we could never confirm this. The 1900 census said she had 2 children though in 1900..

He is in the MO census living with the family that bought his bond way back when he was a very young lad. He is listed sometimes as LUKE.
I think the boys,Lewis and his brother,James, both thought their father was born in Ireland and mother in Va.They were wrong on their father's birth place information-their grandparents were born in Ireland, but their father was born in PA. Lewis's brother has the same information listed of himself in 1880 Kansas census. The brothers were sent to different homes in different states. They had no one other living siblings.

Lewis's only brother lived in Kansas from childhood...then much later-moved to OK. Lewis E is never with/near him.

Some people have listed Lewis E. McMahon in their lines, but none, I have learned- have done any of their own research to get this information. It is all taken from what I have done on McMahon family. Some of this research I have shared with a few- others just put anything down that sounds good to them. I always include my sources.
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