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Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 7 Mar 2011 5:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am trying to track down the mother of Adam J. M. Brown, who according to an entry in the IGI was born around 1789 in Hamilton Parish.

I believe his father was Adam Brown, a shipwright in St Georges, who probably came originally from Maryland. Adam Brown, a widower, married Mrs Rebecca Gostage nee Rankin), widow, on August 23 1793 at St Georges parish. Adam and Rebecca went on to have 4 children, Robert Richard Brown, Samuel Rankin Brown, John George Brown and Eleanor (or Helen) Meek Brown. They also had an adopted daughter, Ursula Pindar Richardson. All five of the later children appeared in Adam Senior's will, but Adam John Meek Brown only appeared in Robert Brown's will, mentioned as a brother.

I can't find any trace of Adam Brown's first wife, Adam J. M. Brown's mother. It may be that they married in Maryland before arriving in Bermuda, but Adam Senior appears in the 1789 Assessment as the tenant of land in Hamilton, which implies that they were in Bermuda at the time of Adam Junior's birth.

Any leads towards a name, date of death or any other details I've not mentioned would be gratefully received.

Many thanks for reading this.

Re: Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 9 Mar 2011 8:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
We have found a BRown family tree from the 1600's with Adam Brown listed as a descendant born 1763 in Carrollcounty Mariland, however, the tree does not name a spouse nor children.
We have found the five children that you have listed
in Hallett's Early Bermuda wills however, no birth of Adam J. M. Brown. We have his marriage and children.
How much of this info that we have found do you already have?
Sorry we could not be of further help.
Sincerely, Judy & Sara

Re: Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 2:26PM GMT
Classification: Query
Judy, Sara
Thanks for replying. I do have the Brown tree you mention, but I am trying to prove the link from Adam J.M. Brown back to this line. Your earlier tip about the Bermuda Royal Gazette editions on-line has provided much useful information on Adam Brown and his life and family, but I'm still drawing a blank with tracing his first wife/A.J.M.B.'s mother.
Do you have details of the birth and parents of Ursula/Ersilla Pindar Richardson, who Adam senior adopted?

Your help is much appreciated.

Re: Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 12:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
It appears that Ursula’s mother was Rebecca GOSSAGE, (GOSSIGE) Adam’s BROWN’s second wife.
Rebecca was born a RANKIN however, we cannot find her birth as yet.
In June 14,1783 she married John GOSSIGE in St. George’s – it states John is a bachelor and Rebecca is a spinster.
Early Bermuda Records by Hallett – page 164 RICHARDSON REGISTER.
GOSSIGE, John bachelor of St. George’s married RANKIN, Rebecca spinster of St. Geroge’s on June 14, 1783
As you can see they were married for FOUR years, so children should/could have been born
however, never baptized. Birth records were not recorded until approx. 1860 and therefore the church registers are all we have to go on.
GOSSAGE, Mr. John – of St. George’s burial - May 16, 1787

GOSSAGE, Rebecca – widow – married BROWN, Adam – widower – Aug. 29, 1793.
Note: It is apparent that Rebecca & John had Ursula and when John died, this child
was brought to the next marriage with Adam BROWN.

Bermuda Index A/K page 510
Miss Ursula P. GOSSAGE married William RICHARDSON both of St. George’s. Marriage
date Feb. 16, 1811.
Hallett’s book – Early Bermuda Records
page 393 – St. George’s Registers – baptisms
Children of William and Ursula RICHARDSON below:
RICHARDSON, Ursula, daughter of William and Ursula bap: 1812, June 14. by Rev. Holiday
RICHARDSON, Amelia Pindar daughter of William and Ursula bap. 1814, feb. 13 by Rev. Holiday
RICHARDSON, John Gossage son of William and Ursula Pindar bap. 1815, Dec. 24 by Rev. Hudson – comment: father a carpenter.
RICHARDSON, Mary Anne daughter of William and Ursula bap/ 1824, May 30 by Rev. Lough – comment: father a carpenter.

If you wish for us to go further with the RICHARDSONs let me know.

In case you are wondering who the children of Adam J. M. BROWN & Grace Sandiford
we can look that up for you.
cheers, Judy & Sara

Re: Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 7 Aug 2011 7:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
Like you I am working on our family ancestry: according to a letter (sent 1n 1986) to my aunt from a Mr.Christopher Browne, who was from Ontario, Canada,with the following info:
He says that Adam came to Bermuda from Scotland -Lanarkshire (Glasgow) or Ayreshire (Ayr). My great grandfather was Van Osdell Brown,who married Florence M. Cudemore and they had 2 boys & 2 girls, his father was Robert Lavis Brown Jr (1837-1876). He married Catherine Jane Lighbourne Fox in 1856 and they had 6 children. Robert Lavis Jr. R.L.Jr. was the son of Robert Lavis Brown (1810-1855) he married Mary Susan Morgan in 1832 and they had 10 children between 1833-1851. Robert Lavis Brown son of George Brown & Joanna Powell). He married Joanna in 1805 & they had 5 children. George was born circa 1785 and died in 1830. George Brown was 2nd eldest of Adam Brown, Shipwright of St.George's. He married a a Miss Virtue circa 1775 and they had 3 children: Elizabeth (c 1780) Adam John Meek (c1782) & George. Adam then married Rebbecca Gossage (nee Rankin) in 1793 and adopted her her daughter Ursula Pender from her first marriage to Goddage. Children by his 2nd marriage:Robert Richard Brown (1794-1846)Samual Rankin Brown(1797-1832), John George Brown(1799-1835) & Helen Meek Brown 1801-1851). Helen Meek Brown married Capt Joseph Woxin(military not naval) who died 1830 & whose tombstone is in St. Peter's Cemetry. Helen subsquently marreid David Wilkinson but he died in 1846 adn belived there were no children. Descended from Adam John Meek Brown, eldest son of Adam, who was also a shipbuilder) in Hamilton Parish. He married a Grace Sandiford in 1814 & had 10 children. His eldest son was William Thomas Burrows Browne. (note the change in spelling, as William Thomas Browne added it on and used consistantly. He had a son called Richard Webb Browne (1860-1921.
He says in his letter that Adam Brown came to Bermuda somewhere between 1865-1880.Adam had only one brother, George, who also settled in Bermuda and married a Jane Reece and they had one child, Mary Catharine Brown, who married Adam's son, John George (be her first cousin). George died in Trinidad(date unknown). A daughter of Adam John Meek Brown, Helen or Ellen Catharine married a William Henry Lennox adn they had 4 sons and 1 daughter between 1850-1860. Helen or Ellen Catherine (Brown)Lennox died in Ireland in 1869.
Have look at my tree:
Ellen Burton Brown
password: bermuda5

Re: Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 7 Aug 2011 8:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you so much for your information - I have sent you an email with a few more details I have.

Re: Adam John Meek Brown b1789 Hamilton

Posted: 12 Nov 2012 9:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi. I am descended from Rebecca ....her brother would have been several great grandfather Rankins ago. If you would like more information on that side of the family please let me know. Also I am looking for info on my Rankin relatives still living and the history that they might know. Kind regards.
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