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Posted: 5 Mar 2001 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 28 Jun 2002 1:49PM GMT
Would like to share info on:

Willoughby WHITEHURST b.1790-94NC-1832. He had emigrated from Pitt Co., NC to Leon Co, Terr. of FL 1820-1830. His brother, John W. WHITEHURST of Henry Co., AL became guardian of Willoughby's minor sons after Willoughby's death. Willoughby and John had another known brother, Pelatiah WHITEHURST.


A. My grandmother:Georgia Martha (Mattie) WHITEHURST (1881 Shady Grove, Pike Co., AL-1976 FL). marr. 1st Oliver Shepherd SHIPMAN (1884 Barbour Co., AL-1955 Macon, Bibb Co., GA) [my grandfather]; marr. 2nd William FLYNN; marr. 3rd Howard ALLISON.

B. d/o James J. WHITEHURST (1850 Henry Co., AL-1895). James had also resided in Crenshaw & Pike Co., AL. marr. Virginia SHEPHERD(1857 AL-1930 FL) d/o Georgian MCGEE (1836 GA-1918 GA) & Oliver Laban SHEPHERD(1833 GA-1863 CW). Virginia was step dau/o Irwin/Irving WHITTLE (1834 GA-1894).

C. s/o William WHITEHURST (1821 Henry Co., AL -1852)marr. Jane KILPATRICK (1822 SC-?)

D. s/o Willoughby WHITEHURST (1790-1794 NC-1852 FL) marr. (prob.) Elizabeth CRISP d/o Samuel CRISP of Edgecombe Co., NC.

Hope we can connect!



Posted: 3 Oct 2001 4:15AM GMT
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Edited: 22 Jul 2002 4:43AM GMT
Are there any Gay Whitehursts in your line - would have been born in the early 1900's - possibly in Alabama...


Posted: 3 Oct 2001 1:10PM GMT
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Edited: 28 Jun 2002 1:49PM GMT
Sorry, I have no WHTEHURSTs in my files named GAY nor do I know of any that were gay. Most of my WHITEHURSTs in AL originally resided in Henry Co..


Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Posted: 22 Apr 2002 4:06PM GMT
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Edited: 29 Aug 2005 11:15PM GMT
Surnames: Whitehurst Whitis Whites Whitas Whitass Whiters Whitus
Hello are you familiar with pg 57 of Rebecca Sanders Book
Richard Whitehurst the Grandfather of us all? If so how
does her placement of Willoughby fit in your information?
I have heard information that indicated that Willoughby, Ruben and Samulel all brothers were not included in the will of the Hilliary. They had been tenatively placed as being
Son of Batson. Brother of Hillary, son Of Simon who married
Agent Cox. The first maybe correct but the 2nd would require
This Batson of Beaufort Co NC who died in Hawkins (his will) county TN to have had to Wives of Which am not familiar with.i.e. a former marriage.
I believe that I am a descendant of this Batson via a
Thomas Joshua (Thomas)/(Joshua) Whitehurst (N.C.), Thomas Jefferson (Whitehurst) Whitis (N.C.), James Calvin
Whitis (KY.), Elbert Robinson Whitis (TX.), Donald Whitis

Any information you can furnish will be greatly appreciated
Donald Whitis GGGGrandson Batson (Whitehurst ) Whitus of the 1790 Beaufort Co NC Census.

I can be reached at
405-734-2050 office
405-799-4672 home

Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Nadine (View posts)
Posted: 22 Apr 2002 4:46PM GMT
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No, I have NOT seen pg 57 of Rebecca Sanders book,
-Richard Whitehurst the Grandfather Of Us All-? Could you e-mail a scanned copy of that page? I do, however, know from other researchers that there are errors in her compilation (as there are in almost all compilations).

Have you communicated with Diane Collins <>? Diane has/is researching the WHITEHURST families of Pitt & Edgecombe Co., NC and she may have info to aid your research.

I do NOT know the ancestry of my Willoughby WHITEHURST (1790-1794 NC - Feb 1832 Leon Co., Terr/FL). He is one of my brick walls!

According to AL & FL court records Willoughby WHITEHURST did have two brothers named John & Pellatiah WHITEHURST. Researchers/Desc of John & Pellatiah WHITEHURST, as far as I know, have also been UNABLE to document the brothers parentage. We do know from court, census & military records that the three brothers resided in the Pitt/Edgecombe Co., area of NC before immigrating in early 1800's to GA > AL & FL and that they also had family connections to Princess Anne Co., VA.

Any new leads would be greatly appreciated!


Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Posted: 23 Apr 2002 2:56AM GMT
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Edited: 30 Aug 2005 8:09PM GMT
I have not been in contact with Diane recently.
She was going to NC and so did I this past Jan.
I have not had a chance to analyze what I found there.

In regards to Willoughby, Rebecca's Chart show that
He, Ruben and Arthur are sons of Hillary.
Hillary is the brother of my Batson and Henry and
Nancy Cox and Sarah Campen.

She also has John as a Son of Willoughby.
Do you have down line information and I assume you
have the 1810 Census information on Willoughby.
of the

Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Nadine (View posts)
Posted: 23 Apr 2002 1:36PM GMT
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Your message posted to the board was truncated. Please repost your message to this board and/or to me <>.

Re: [my] Willoughby WHITEHURST
1810 US Census NC Edgecombe Co.:
Free White Male under 10 0
" " " 10-15 0
" " " 15-25 1 [Willoughby HOH]
" " " 25-44 0
" " " 45 & ^ 0
Free White Female under 10 1 [? dau]
" " " 10-15 0
" " " 16-25 1 [Elizabeth ?CRISP- wife]
" " " 26-44 0
" " " 45 & ^ 0
All Other Free Persons 0
Slaves 1


Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Diane Whitehurst Collins (View posts)
Posted: 24 Apr 2002 6:25PM GMT

Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Posted: 25 Apr 2002 2:58AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Aug 2005 8:09PM GMT
Rebecca's chart says that Samuel is the Brother of
Willoughby and Son of Hillery(Hillary)
I personally use Rebecca as a base line until I have
other substanial evidence that there is error. If you
have the evidence that Ruben is son of Samuel
I will look at the census and see if there might be two
Rubens or that there is a complete error and that
your evidences shows a more accurate picture. I hesitate
to say more true becase it is can't be mofe true however
all of any given information is based upon the available
information at the time. Based on other external evidence
Beckky acknowledged a Simon SR or at least a gap and I
have from other evidence established A Simon SR in front
of her Simon Son of Richard. This is established by a
court case and land records. I have shared this with
Diane. Also in the case of Arthur, ESIR and Benjaman
are also brothers and ESIR is not ASA.Beccky also acknowledged this. She is no longer able to see and has
not done any work for some time and all of her records
are in the hands of a Nephew who is going to try to
Copywrigth them. However, He can't Copywright public information. He might her Chart.
Well that's enuff for lecture tonight
Establish a Base Line and deviate when other Reliable
Validated Data is available. Help me
Are there two RUBENS?
Donald Whitis An OK Whitehurst
405-734-2050 work 830 CDST 1600 CDST (4PM) Oklhoma
405-799-4672 home




Re: WHITEHURST [,NC >GA > AL & FL] Willoughby upline

Diane Whitehurst Collins (View posts)
Posted: 25 Apr 2002 2:34PM GMT
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I recently found a Reuben Whitehurst on the 1790 Tax List in Craven County, NC. I have no idea who he is. It is possible that Rebecca confused the 2. I do know for fact that the Reuebn in her book (#95) was born in Pitt County & was the son of Samuel, not Hillary.

Reuben was born in Pitt County in 1787, the son of Samuel Whitehurst & Dinah Manning. This has been proven using deeds & power of attorney documents. Reuben was my ggg-grandfather on my father's side. The power of attorney's are for claiming the children share of the estate of Dinah Whitehurst {Manning}, Samuel Whitehurst Jr., and Samuel Whitehurst Sr. This leads me to think that Reuben's father may have been the son of Samuel Sr. - alas, no proof.
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