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Joseph REIMER from Germany

Joseph REIMER from Germany

Posted: 19 Jan 2000 5:20PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 18 Sep 2006 8:25PM GMT
Surnames: Reimer, Zwaschka
My great grandfather Joseph Reimer emmigrated from Bremen, Germany in 1868 with his sisters and wife(Margaretha Zwaschka)They left their farms in Bohemia Austria which was Sudaten/german at the time. Their hometowns are just over what is now the Czeck border., not far from Furth-im-Wald,Bavaria. I have much more information if you desire. Thank you.

Margaretha Zwaschka REIMER

Posted: 22 Jan 2000 7:16PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 18 Sep 2006 8:31PM GMT
Surnames: Reimer, Zwaschka

Do you have any information on Margaretha in the "Old" country? I am trying to track down the history of my name.


Dick Zwaschka

Zwaschka's of Germany and Bohemia

Posted: 23 Jan 2000 4:39PM GMT
Edited: 18 Sep 2006 8:32PM GMT
Surnames: Zwaschka, Zwaska
Dear Dick;
I kind of have a "boatload" of information on Zwaschkas. We know a fair amount of them living allover Germany. One of our very best friends and relatives is a Maria Zwaschka living in Berlin. She speaks English too. All the Zwaschkas I know derived or came from the Bohemian Sudatenland just over the Bavarian border is present day Czekoslovakia. I have a book(written in german) that details this Zwaschka line back into the 1600s. It's an amazing book for a genealogist and much i=of my family is in it. There area a number of Zwashcka's living in Wisconsin but much of that family changed their name to Zwaska in the 1930s. I also know some Zwaschkas on the west coast but we can not prove they are related. I know of a few different families that are not related. May I ask where you are from?? And your family line?? I'll be happy to share more, if you like. Mark Reimer
Posted: 23 Jan 2000 10:41PM GMT
Edited: 25 Jun 2001 5:58PM GMT

Thanks for the reply. I am one of the west coast Zwaschkas, however, we are full time RVers and currently staying in Mesa, AZ. I can trace my tree back to Peter (b. 09 Mar 1848), Anderas (b. 13 Sep 1804), Wenzel (b. 12 Jun 1774), and Adam (b. 1747). Some of the Wisconsin Zs are related as decendents of Andrew (b. 12 Nov 1852). Peter came to America on 4 Nov 1867 with his sister Margaretha (b. 11 Jan 1839) and a Joseph Z which I have no information on - in America or Czech Republic.

Looking forward to any thing you can share. Let me know where you are (off the message board) and maybe we can come by for a visit.

Posted: 27 Dec 2000 4:33PM GMT
Edited: 2 Jul 2001 11:55PM GMT
Do you know if your Joseph Reimer had a brother named
George Reimer? I have a letter from John Reimer, son of George
that says that George Reimer had a brother Joseph Reimer who
financed his trip from Austria by boat to New York and they
settled in Menasha, WI (later moved to Neenah and Oshkosh)
George was born in Hungary but was a roving carpenter who travelled to Wien, Austria
where he met his wife Barbara...
Let me know...thanks

Joseph Reimer

Posted: 28 Dec 2000 6:21AM GMT
Edited: 12 Jun 2006 8:35PM GMT
Surnames: Reimer, Spatz
My Joseph Reimer had numerous sisters, who also emmigrated with hime to the U.S. in 1868. I have no mention in writing of any brothers, My Joseph was the son of Johann Reimer and Maria Spatz. My Reimers originated from a farmstead in the heart of Metzling(now Meclov)at the time, Bohemia, Austria. I do know of a Cecil Reimer (from Atlanta)who has a Grandfather Joseph W. Reimer, who emmigated from Parisau, Bohemia, Austria, maybe ten minutes from Metzling. I do not know that extended family but maybe could find out more from Cecil, It is certainly worth a try. There is a Heimat(re-union) of these Sudeten Germans, held at Furth-im-Wald on the Germany/Bohemia border coming up this June. This Reimer will be attending for his 3rd time.(with other American Bohemians)Please e-mail Mark at for more specific info on Bohemia and Reimers, if you wish. Thank you.

Joseph Reimer

Posted: 28 Dec 2000 1:46PM GMT
Edited: 7 Jan 2002 3:47AM GMT
My Joseph Reimer was born in Bohemia in a village called Parisau in 1867. He came to the U. S. when he was 16 in 1883. He settled in Crawford County, Iowa and went on to farm in Woodbury County,Iowa and Kimball, South Dakota. I don't believe this was the same because his middle name was Wenzel.
Thank you for replying.

George Reimer

Posted: 28 Dec 2000 5:08PM GMT
Edited: 24 Sep 2002 2:05PM GMT
Dear Christina; I forgot to tell you about the George Reimers that I do know of. There was an engineer George Reimer that was somewhat famous in Germany for his engineering was in a high degree. He had married some royalty also. I have a picture of a Reimer re-union in Metzling, Bohemia around the 1930s. He seeems to be well into his 50s or maybe 60 years old by then. I also have an uncle George living in Wisconsin right now. He is a jolly old Irishman (from his Mom) and had red hair, when younger. Mark

jospeh reimer

roxanne campagna (View posts)
Posted: 19 Feb 2001 12:55PM GMT
HI! I your brother's Donald daughter Roxanne
Have you found any more info on what town in Austria
Your father Joseph was came from?

Joseph Wentzel Reimer

Posted: 20 Feb 2001 9:32AM GMT
Edited: 7 Jan 2002 3:47AM GMT
Grandpa Joseph came to the USA in 1883 at the age of 16 from Parisau, Bohemia as I wrote in message #131.
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