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The plains at Doe Creek

The plains at Doe Creek

Posted: 21 May 2014 4:55PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: My great great grandmother is Mary Ann Morris Wilkinson.
My great great grandmother died enroute to Utah in 1850. The only information we have about the burial place is on the plains at Doe Creek. Does anyone know where this could be?

Re: The plains at Doe Creek

Posted: 21 May 2014 10:20PM GMT
Classification: Query
Doe Creek exists in many states - it would be helpful to know her name, age, where they were traveling from, their ultimate destination, an approximately route they took, and any other information that might be useful.

Re: The plains at Doe Creek

Posted: 5 Jun 2014 8:35PM GMT
Classification: Query
My first thought from the statement "on the plains at Doe Creek" is that she may have been buried somewhere alongside the wagon train route, and not actually in a cemetery, as often was done.

Re: The plains at Doe Creek

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 5:16PM GMT
Classification: Query
Mary Ann Morris Wilkinson left Nauvoo in 1850 with the Benjamin Hawkins Company to travel to Utah. In the diary of Thomas Billington Nelson he states that there were three deaths on their trek west. The first one was a wife of a man named Wilkinson and she was buried on the East side of Chimney Rock. She was born 16 Nov. 1818 in Burwardsley, Cheshire, England. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Ash Hollow, Garden County, Nebraska

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 5:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 10 Jun 2014 6:38PM GMT
The collection states:

"We had good luck, no Indian trouble whatever, and only three deaths occurred in our company on the trip. The first one of these was a woman, the wife of a man named Wilkenson.

She was buried on the west side of the mouth of Ash Hollow.”

Ash Hollow

"Ash Hollow is a picturesque wooded canyon in Garden County, Nebraska, three miles southeast of Lewellyn. A branch of the Overland Trail ran northwest from the Lower California Crossing of the South Platte River a few miles west of Brule, and descended at Ash Hollow into the North Platte Valley. The hollow, named for a growth of ash trees, was centered by Windlass Hill to the south. Wagons had to be eased down its steep slope by ropes. Deep, trough-like remains of the trail are found approaching the crest of Windlass Hill and down its face ...

... There is documentary evidence of burials in the immediate vicinity of Ash Hollow, but only a few marked graves survive. The most noted is that of Rachel Pattison, who died June 19, 1849."

Re: The plains at Doe Creek

Posted: 31 Aug 2014 9:49PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: Wilkinson
Mary Ann Morris Wilkinson was my 4th great-grandmother. At the time of her death she was travelling with her husband Allen (age 31) and their small family. My 3 Great Grandmother was 3 years old at the time she died. They were traveling in the Benjamin Hawkins Company (150 wagons when they began their journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs). There are many sources to choose from, but the one I found very interesting is a journal entry by Thomas Billington Nelson who gave the following: "three deaths occurred in our company on the trip. The first one of these was woman, the wife of a man named Wilkenson. She was buried on the west side of the mouth of "Ash Hollow"."

I've been trying to locate whom of the family wrote her death place as on the plains at Doe Creek. Their oldest son at the time was 10. Young family! Anyways, this member of their company made mention of her. The reason I know he is talking about her, was this was the only Wilkinson Family on the trip in that company.

During that era, many people died of Cholera, there was a battle between Sioux Indians and the US Army there. Doe Creek and "Ash Hollow" may be describing the place she died and the burial site as "Ash Hollow". Of course, I'm still researching this and will be glad to share any evidence I uncover. Please share if you find anything more to pass on. :)
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