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ship manifest - help please - no penmanship awards here

ship manifest - help please - no penmanship awards here

Posted: 24 Apr 2013 2:16PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Porembski
Several items are not clear to me on the manifest, so I'm hoping to get help reading it.

Franciszek Porembski, Anastazia, ?Aniela?, Jan and Anna

Unclear on the following:

* Does that say Aniela? (They do call her Ann in another record)

*Anna's age. 11/12..does this mean she's 11 months? 10 days later I have the family in Bessemer, MI, on a 1910 census and Anna is listed as age 3.

*Jan's age is 9 on the manifest, but 12 on the census 10 days later. Why?

*Last Perm. res. Austria (which is really Poland in this case) City or town. ? First town is crossed out, which actually I believe is Piwniczna. But town written above/in place of I can't read.

*Is that $200 or 900?

*Been in the States before, if so, when? Does that say 1904/9? Does that mean Frank was here in 1904 UNTIL 1909, or AGAIN in 1909?

*Joining relative or friend, if so who/where? It looks like brother in law in Bessemer, MI..but the name is unclear. However, it seems his sister married a Michael Relich, so is it possible that says Maska Relitz?

*Place of birth. There's that town again, and another cross out of what I believe is Piwniczna. But what's it replaced with?

Re: ship manifest - help please - no penmanship awards here

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 3:58AM GMT
Classification: Query
i think he came first time 1904 to USA, whas there until 1909, goes home to pickup his family, and come back 1910
first time he lifes at Bessemer Michigan and the second travel also ends there, Bessemer Michigan at brother in law Maska Relitz - thats what i read

Re: ship manifest - help please - no penmanship awards here

Posted: 30 Apr 2013 9:33PM GMT
Classification: Query
I believe $$ is two dollars and the name is Aniela.
11/12 means 11 months old.
Children would sail with ages younger than they actually were to save money. Fares were lower. Maybe 1 year and 10 year were break points.

Person was in US from 1904 to 1909
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