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Need help - how to print family list

Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 4 Mar 2009 11:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi, I'm wondering how to print a list of all the people in one family line? Every time someone asks me for this info, I have to write it all down. The family group sheet doesn't list everyone, just a few people.

Is there a way to print this type of list/report?

Thanks so much!

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 5 Mar 2009 4:22PM GMT
Classification: Query
From's tree?

That's a decent question as the print options are so limited. I've tried using the "list view" and then narrowing it down to "last" name so the only people showing up share the same family name. Then I highlight all the names and use the "copy" and "paste" options to put the names in a Microsoft Word document.

From there I can edit the list a bit but it's not a real solution and you still have to massage the page format a little.

I think you almost have to have another program into which you can import a GEDCOM file exported from ancestry and then printing reports from the other program.

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 5 Mar 2009 8:13PM GMT
Classification: Query
thanks for replying.

that's a bummer. i was hoping I just wasn't figuring it out.

Hopefully they'll make that better in the future.

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 5 Mar 2009 11:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
You have to remember that the Ancestry Online Member Trees is *not* a genealogy program, it is merely a display application.

It is designed to display certain limited information and not designed to generate reports.

You need a full function genealogy program on your computer for what you are trying to do.

Ancestry isn't about to improve the Online Trees to the point that they can replace Ancestry's FTM genealogy program...after all, why should they?

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 6 Mar 2009 1:13AM GMT
Classification: Query
Sorry to be the newbie who doesn't understand all of this... so I should get Family Tree Maker and then it somehow works with the ancestry site??? Should I assume then that it somehow imports the data from into FTM and then from that program I can print more detailed reports?

Thanks for your help!! :)

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 6 Mar 2009 1:17AM GMT
Classification: Query
Not quite that simple.

You can find out a lot more about FTM by going into the Family Tree Maker discussion forums under "Genealogy Software", or you can use this link:

While you can create a GEDCOM file to download from Ancestry AND you can import it into FTM it doesn't really 'sync' very well.

I find it's impossible for me to enter data in one tree and then sync it to the other. I end up entering data into Ancestry and then uploading the entire / clean tree into FTM.

It's not a seemless process. But once your tree is in FTM you can then create and print reports.

There are other programs (free and not free) that can also import the GEDCOM file and will still allow you to print reports. I haven't used any of them so I can't advise one way or the other.

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 6 Mar 2009 3:24AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have used the free LDS Program PAF for 15 years.

It will do everything FTM does, including photos, notes, sources, reports, many kinds of lists, including "end of line", scrapbook, and costs nothing.

I "cut and paste" from an online source to the individual's notes.

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 6 Mar 2009 3:39AM GMT
Classification: Query

Ancestry's Online Trees will work with any gedcom generated by any genealogy program.

Before deciding on FTM research some of the other programs available, most are either free or offer a free trial.

Try them all and then decide which is best for you.

As has been said- the only way to update an Online tree is to either enter info by hand to the tree (and then also enter it into you genealogy program so they are in sync) or to enter info into your genealogy program and then upload a new revised gedcom to the Online Trees (and in the process loose all pictures, sources, invitees, etc that were attached to the old tree).

My solution is the second (but I don't attach pictures or sources to my online trees).

Re: Need help - how to print family list

Posted: 12 May 2011 4:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
How about right clicking on each list and choosing "Export to Microsoft Excel"?

Each time I do this, a new Microsoft Excel sheet opens and only the information contained on the sheet is copied. So I have to repeat this process for each sheet in the family tree.
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