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Conrad Girdner Obit

Conrad Girdner Obit

Thelma Waddell Wisecarver (View posts)
Posted: 27 Jun 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary

OBITUARY of Conrad Girdner
Died, at his residence in the 9th district of Greene County, Tennessee, of old age and a consuming sore, on the 12th day of May, 1882, Conrad Girdner, aged 95 years, 2 months and 22 days.
The subject of this sketch was born in Hedrick Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, on the 20th day of February, 1787. He was of German extract. His father's name was Michael. He was born in Northampton County. His father married Huldah Beach, and they had nine children, whose names were: David, Conrad, Joseph, Christena, Michael, Charlotte, Geroge, Mary and Naney.

The writer was at Mr. Girdner's residence the very last days that his memory was anywise good and was able to snatch from the mind of one who, only a few weeks before possessed a most retentive memory of past events which had come to his knowledge the past ninety years and I will give what follows in quotations in his own words:
"I was five years old when my parents, with the oldest and two younger than I, left Pennsylvania for the wilds of Tennessee with two horses and a wagon. They were accompanied by two brothers-in-laws one named Myers and the other Cook, and their families.
"I walked all the way from our old home to Flag Branch, in Greene County, where my father settled on one hundred acres of land. He afterwards added to it by purchase. The distance we traveled was seven hundred miles, and I now well remember every step of the journey. We left in February, 1792, and were fully seven weeks on the way. ---
When we arrived there was just a little cabin on the purchase, which property is now owned and occupied by the widow Perman. When we came the Indians were still in possession of portions of East Tennessee, and continued to annoy the white settlers til 1805, when a treaty impelled them to go elsewhere, and leave the white men in full possession of this portion of our wide domain.
"During one of the Indian wars Charles O'Neal, an Irishmen, taught school in our neighborhood, and I attended three months. He said he had taught thirteen hundred different schollars and that I was one of the very quickest to learn. But our facilities for schooling were very limited. I learned to read, write some and could cast accounts sufficently for my purpose through life. The elder children had to get up before daylight and break flax and perform other labor before school, in order to enable my mother to spin and weave cloth with which to clothe us.
I lived with my father til 1807, when I married Elizabeth George, daughter of Yost George, who came from Germany when he wwas but four years of age. I was twenty years old when I married. A portion of father's land was set off to me and I settled down for life. My wife and I had eleven children-six daughters and five sons-viz: William, Catherine, John, Delilah, Luther, Eliza, Mary Jane, Stephen, Alexander, Nancy and Sally.
"Years after my father came out grandfather, David Girdner came to Greene County {c1798) with a span of horses and a wagon. Grandmother drove the team and grandfather sat by her side. He died on the estate I now occupy, on Richland Creek.
"I was engaged in the war of 1812 under Gen. Andrew Jackson. And so was my father, though he was a man well stricken in years. He died in 1814, aged sixty years. After his death my mother married Lewis Ball."
During the recital of the above his mind several times wandered, and I had to give him rest. The next day he was incompetent to tell anything, and rapidly grew worse, til soon his mind gave way entirely.
I had intended to have drawn out of him and rescued from oblivion many facts in his knowledge which have gone out with his mind.
Mr. Girdner came to town for the last time in September last to prepare his pension papers. His mind was vigorous til about February, when it began to weaken, as well as his body. On his 95th birthday, February 20th, he gave a dinner party, which was attended by his son, Dr. William Girdner, his wife and some others. he had been very feelbe previous to that occasion, but seemed quite cheerful and much better on that day. He commenced growing worse till at last the once brilliant mind flickered out and he was totally ignorant of everything going on around him.

About fifteen years ago he was afflicted with a cancerous sore on his nose between his eyes, which he was admonished was dangerous unless he would submit to an operation, but he would not, and the sore continued to eat into his flesh till it consumed his nose and caused blindness, and ultimately spread through his whole system, till death came to his relief at the time above stated.
Subscribed here by: Thelma Waddell Wisecarver, sent to me by one of Conrad's descendants: John C. Cole

Stroud, Day Families of Greene County, TN

Thelma Waddell Wisecarver (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jul 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Ricker, Waddell, Stroud, Day, Harmon, Trobough, Myers
Hi Christie,
I don't tie in with your family as I descend from the Ricker/Waddell lines of South Greene Area.
My husband is the one that connects with the Day/Stroud/Trobough/Wisecarver/Myers Families...
I will be glad to share the info that I have on his family if you want it?
Happy Searching!

RE: MYERS Surname Connection

Chrystie Myers (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jul 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: MYERS
Gosh, I have almost all of the names you mention connected into my MYERS of east TN and western NC but I don't recognize any of the first names... my gggg was Jane STROUD, and I have DAY intermarried into my clans. Do you have any WALKER TROTTER HATCHER HOOPER CURTIS SALERS/SELLERS in there by any chance?

I am certain (have seen it one too many times) that these families are or should I say, were connected at one time because the population was not any where near what it is today per square mile and they just didn't have the resources to travel around like we do today.

Who were you're great grandparents? Where were they from?


Thelma Waddell Wisecarver (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jul 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Myers, Miers, Ricker, Wilhoit, Harmon, Trobough, Stroud, Wisecarver, Day, Carter
I am working on about three or four different Harmon lines in Greene County, Tennessee.
My husband descends from:John Harmon, Jacob Harmon,Sr., Eve Harmon Trobaugh, Sarah "Sally" Trobough Stroud, Sarah Addline Stroud Day, Sina Elizabeth Day Wisecarver, Hedrick Hooper Wisecarver, Sr.
Then, I am trying to find the parent's of Almira Miers Ricker, w/o David S. {Sidney?} Ricker. Almira was born March 25, 1830 in Greene County, TN and died March 04, 1892 in Greene County and was buried at Solomon Lutheran Church Cemetery aka "Cove Creek Cemetery".
Then, the William Myers that married Nancy Carter and was the parent's of Gabriel Myers that married Jemima Wilhoit and Ephy Ricker. I am really interested in Gabriel Myers descendants...
If you connect with any of these, I would love to swap info...

RE: MYERS Surname Connection

Chrystie MYERS (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jul 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Hi, Found your posting on genconnect/rootsweb today and wanted to ask you a question. Is it possible that we are on the same line here:

My great's were from Sevier, Greene, Blount, TN; (many more then these) but these were prob the main for my direct line going back to my ggg's whom were:

myself, dau of Thomas Andrew MYERS
Thomas, son of Ollie Jake MYERS b in TN d northern GA
Ollie, son of Andrew Jackson "Little Andy" MYERS & Hettie Caroline HUSKEY of Sevier Co., TN (Litte Cove / Gathlinburg), gdau of Lewis/Louis HUSKEY and Hulda T. HTACHER.
Andrew, son of Andrew Pleasant "Pleas" MYERS and Sara Jane MCCLURE of Elkmont, Blount Co., TN.

Wondering if you have any ties to my line above. Thanks

RE: MYERS Surname Connection

Posted: 8 Oct 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Edited: 24 Jun 2002 12:43AM GMT

I've love to work with your on your husbands line as I believe it is my line as well. I'll start by tell you that my MYERS were from Blount, Greene, Sullivan, Sevier, Knox and other counties in TN as well as Haywood CO., TN during the mid 1800's to early 1900's. I know that several descendants still reside in and around Sevierville, Gathlinburg, Little Cove / Pigeon Forge just to mention a few.

Hatcher lineage

Anne Wallingsford (View posts)
Posted: 9 Oct 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Hatcher, Frazier, Meyers
I have been able to trace James Lennox Hatcher born 1798 in Green Co.,Tn and his wife Rebecca Frazier this far. However, I am not for sure who his parents were, but believe they may have been John Hatcher and Sarah Meyers.

No information othe than that. Any clues would be a great help to all the Hatcher lines. Thank you

blount co. myers

ralph myers (View posts)
Posted: 16 Dec 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: myers, humphrey
don't know if this helps my dads name was william myers.
his dad was wade myers, married to a blanche mccarter.
don't know her dads name but have been told he was married to a cherokee indain woman. they lived around townsend tn.

Myers of East TN

Anne Wallingsford (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 2001 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Hatcher, Myers, Morris, Hayes
Thank you for your response. I have found my lineage through Sevier Co., TN back to Henrico Co., VA where William and his sons came from England. I also have the Valentine Papers and several Hatcher wills, census information and assorted other goodies. The Myers that I believed to be Married to Jameston Hatchers son has turned out to be a Morris instead. I did however find your Myers in the search for the one I was looking for.

I descend from William> Edward> William> Jameston> Jameston Jr.> John> James L.> Wiley> Andrew> Jacob> Harley Hatcher.
Harley was my grandfather.

Good luck with your search and keep on digging! I'm trying to do the side lines now. That is alot harder than direct lineage, especially the women. I have a terrible time finding the wives.

RE: MYERS of East TN

Chrystie Myers (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 2001 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary

Wondering if you found out anything else on your John HATCHER and Sara MEYERS? I'm piecing together a little bit more as I go, patience...

I just recently learned from the Sevierville Library that my ggg James Napoleon MYERS, m. to Margaret Caroline LINDSEY, might have been the son of a MOYER(S) Unk whom with a brother, "Reverand John MOYERS/MYERS" migrated into TN via PA. They settled ca1760 in the White Pine Community of what is now Hamblin Co., TN; but ended up in Wataga area of Greene Co. ,TN where James N. MYERS along with his 1st cousin, John A. MYERS (son of above Rev. John) were born. I believe John A. MYERS was m. to Nancy MILLER as shown in 1880 and 1900 census of Sevier Co., TN.

HATCHER: James Napoleon MYERS and Margaret Caroline LINDSEY had 11 children. One of their son's was Pleasant Andrew "Plessie" MYERS m. to Sara Jane MCCLURE; one of their son's Andrew Jackson "Little Andy" MYERS m. Hettie Caroline LINDSEY. They lived in Little Cove, Sevier Co., TN. Hettie, dau of Eliz. HUSKEY, Eliz. dau of Lewis HUSKEY and Hulda T. HATCHER. I understand that the HATCHER'S came in to Sevier Co., TN from the northern end of TN after traveling in through VA. Though some say their lines came in via NC.

Do you know how your HATCHER'S migrated in?.
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