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Catholic Orphanage of Florida

Catholic Orphanage of Florida

Posted: 13 Apr 2001 6:37AM GMT
Edited: 22 Jun 2001 10:45PM GMT
James Roberts born 8 Oct 1828.
Came from Spain as small child with several
brothers and sisters. Parents died on ship.
Raised by Catholic Orphanage-
Married a Jane O'Neal from Washington Co.
in Florida
Posted: 2 May 2001 9:27PM GMT
Edited: 6 Jan 2002 10:47PM GMT
hi. I'm trying to locate were my grandmother was too. Have found one in tampa, as far back as 1920 , but need to go farther.

Orphanages- James Roberts

Posted: 3 May 2001 4:43AM GMT
Edited: 22 Jun 2001 10:45PM GMT
My James Roberts came in a boat from Spain-
Would like to know where the boats landed and
then maybe an orphanage would be close by-
The Catholic Church doesn't even want to tell
me anything. Would love it if you can find
out anything- Keep in touch-

Old Orphanages in Florida

Posted: 3 May 2001 7:10PM GMT
Edited: 6 Jan 2002 10:47PM GMT
So far the only on I've found is near tampa, and don't know if it's ever been Catholi. My mother says the one her mother was in had sister running it. I keep looking some has to know.

Re: Catholic Orphanage of Florida

Posted: 14 Aug 2002 3:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Dorothy,

I am aware of an orphanage that was in or around Sarasota FL. It burned down years ago, I'm not sure what year. Apparently, "all" records were burned with it. I find that hard to believe since the courts have to approve the adoption and make it legal. I too am searching for someone from an orphanage in FL. My aunt. Her birth name was Elwanda Johnson, and her adoptive name is Wanda Jane Lytle. She was born around 1953. Good luck in your search. If I find out the name of the orphanage that burned down, I will let you know as well.

Re: Orphanages- James Roberts

julia leite (View posts)
Posted: 17 Mar 2005 5:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am assuming that James does not know his birth name. If he did, he could look up his entry through Ellis Island. It is unlikely that someone coming from Spain would enter the U.S. from any other port, although quite a large number came through the Port of New Orleans. Louisiana is a predominantly Catholic state. Perhaps you should be looking for a Catholic Charities Orphanage in Louisiana.

If you were to look up the local Catholic Charities office nearest you, the director there could tell you the name of the archives for Catholic Charities which I have forgotten, but it's in Illinois, I believe. Something like Palatine, Ill. I forget exactly.

The director can tell you the names and locations of Catholic Orphanages in existence for the time frame you are seeking.
He may even have more information.

I am 60 years old. I was in a Catholic Orphanage. They had me there, and I had already found the Orphanage and its records. I was seeking information on the Orphanage, which I received, along with some pictures which recalled memories even though I was quite young. Like the Sisters of Charitiy's coronets. I remembered them exactly.

Re: Catholic Orphanage of Florida

Posted: 1 May 2011 6:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi there. My father was adopted from an Orphanage in St. Augustine, FL in 1934, I'm trying to find his birth parents.
The Orphanage is on Lorreto Road.
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